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My head was aching and sore as we took off, and only grew more tired as I feared the restless sleep. Had I actually fallen asleep and dreamt once more about the demise of my family and were I to wake up screaming and sobbing, I would have been humiliated and devastated in front of the entire plane.

Instead I sat anxiously, trying too hard to focus on forgetting my headache and weak body. A few long hours later and the plane began to land, descending roughly and stopping at our final destination. Emmett and Rosalie stood as the flight attendant began ushering out our cabin. Rose grabbed a few bags as did Emmett as they began walking. I contemplated standing up and my body ultimately refused as I tried to push myself upwards but failed.

"Bella?" Rosalie called worried. She dashed back to our seats as she knelt in front of me. "Are you okay?" I nodded weakly as I stood up, using all my effort, only to grab the chair in front of me for balance, holding desperately to not fall.

Without saying anything, Rosalie handed Emmett her few bags as she easily put my arm around my shoulder and supported most of my weight as we walked through the gate and into the airport as I weakly stumbled. I could see family members waiting anxiously for their loved ones, and all I could think about was how desperately I wished our family was in that mob. We walked in the line, moving slowly, hearing greetings and cheers as I stared tiredly at the ground as Rose all but carried me to the line that the family was waiting behind.

Not even seconds passed as we passed that line that I felt two cold arms snake around me and pull me from Rosalie and cradle me. I gasped, realizing the comfortable fit of my body contoured to his as the bronze hair reflected in my eyes as I looked up at his perfect face. I reached my hand out like a child, touching his face, as if I didn't trust myself to be awake. He closed his eyes at my touch and shifted his cheek in my hand so that his lips could brush the skin. I gasped at the small amount of electricity as I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, inhaling his aroma and filling my senses with it. I felt a surge of warmth on my face as I was shifted in his arms and his lips brushed my cheek, kissing it sweetly and pulling away chastely as I opened my eyes in shock, watching the smile on his face twist into my favorite crooked smile that I loved so much.

"Ready to go?" He asked quietly, speaking for the first time.

"Where are we going?" I asked, feeling my brows knit together as my already tired mind raced faster than it wanted.

"Home," He said simply as he began placing me back onto the ground. I nodded, unwilling to ask any more questions, despite the hundreds filling my mind. I felt my body become vertical as my feet reached the ground. He grabbed my hand as I swayed and felt my body nearly collapse as my knees gave out, sliding easily down to the ground by Edward's leg while he grabbed luggage with his free hand.

Too fast for human eyes, let alone my tired thought process, Edward was down on my level, making sure I was still in one piece despite the smooth fall. I saw Carlisle kneel in front of me as the feeling of a hundred eyes bore into my body as we made the spectacle of me falling.

"Bella, are you feeling okay?" Carlisle asked slowly, moving his finger in front of my face as any doctor is trained to do in the ER. I nodded as I tried to stand up, but Edward held me on the floor.

"Just tired," I mumbled.

"You've had days to sleep," Edward said, partly joking, but mostly scolding.

"Couldn't sleep," I murmured honestly against his shoulder as I snuggled closer to him.

"Have you been sick?" Carlisle asked as he placed his hand on my cheeks and forehead.

"On and off," I muttered, shrugging, figuring it best not to tell them about my lack of diet.

"You're in horrible shape," Edward scolded as he scooped me up into his arms.

"Don't blame Rosalie or Emmett," I begged as I felt him begin to walk.

"Of course not," He said simply.

"I missed you," I sighed, as his grip comforted me and I could already feel myself drifting to sleep.

"You have no idea," He sighed back, kissing the top of my forehead.

I looked up from his shoulder, only to see us at another ticket station as Carlisle bought two tickets to Anchorage and six to Seattle.

"What's going on?" I asked, my voice growing more and more distant, but still genuinely confused and curious. "Why did plans change?"

"You're tired," His velvety voice soothed, "Just go to sleep." I could barely argue as I nodded and curled closer to his chest. I felt his chest expand and contract with each breath, only soothing me further as I felt myself drift further and further away.

"I love you, Isabella," He whispered as I descended into the best sleep I had had for days.

After what felt like days of uninterrupted sleep, I found myself once again in the embrace of my angel. I looked up sleepily at the dark surroundings as I found his perfect face peering down at me, smiling. I yawned as I stretched in his arms as he walked through the pitch black room.

"How are you feeling?" He asked quietly.

"Hungry," I said happily. "Can we get food wherever you're taking me? Another hotel perhaps?" He laughed as he nodded.

"How about I get you settled in our bed in our home, and I bring you some things I picked up?" He suggested. I squinted desperately to look around the room to see the extravagance of this house, but was only met with pitch darkness.

"This is our home in Alaska, I just need to turn the generator on." He chuckled.

"That would explain the freezing temperature," I giggled. Edward walked faster to the room, placing me on a bed that I could hardly see as he dashed away.

"Edward?" I called out anxiously, finding the pitch black completely frightening.

"I'm lighting a fire, love," He called back. "I'm still in the room," I only nodded as a sudden flame erupted in a brick structure across the room causing me to gasp.

"Are you okay in here while I grab you something to eat and turn on the power?" He asked as he neared the door.

I nodded as I grabbed the large blanket around me and covered myself up, despite the jacket I didn't remember wearing already warming me some. The fire flickered, illuminating the room. The bed I sat on was a large four poster bed, elegantly designed and covered with a silky comforter and Egyptian Cotton, gold linens reflecting the embers surrounding the room. An large shelving structure occupied an entire wall. The room undoubtedly belonged in a Cullen household.

The door was illuminated by the hall lights, sending in the littlest flecks of light into the still dim room. Less than a few seconds later than the initial click of the hall lights, the room in which I sat was brightened and there was a tray in front of me full of fresh fruits and dishes that could be bought at a food market. I smiled as I picked up the fork, biting into the warmed mashed potatoes and the vegetable medley. Despite the lack of flavor, I nearly engorged the entire tray before shoving it away, unable to eat any more.

"When was the last time you ate?" He asked scolding me.

"With or without purging involuntarily?" I asked seriously. He shook his head as he took the tray and placed it on a table across the room, moving quickly and sweeping me up in his arms.

"You should have taken better care of yourself," Edward warned as he cradled me on the bed.

"I wasn't not sleeping or not eating on purpose," I sighed. "I just couldn't."

"And why not?" He questioned, eyeing me suspiciously.

"Fear, I guess," I mumbled quietly. "Something still doesn't feel settled about this whole thing." Edward laughed a dry, pained laugh as I pulled away to look at him.

"What?" I whined as he shook his head, smiling.

"How is it that you are so in tune with everyone and everything around," He began in astonishment, "yet, I cannot tune into you for even a glimpse of what is going on in there." He said smoothly as he tapped my temple for effect. I blushed and cradled back into his chest.

"Is that why plans changed? Was I right?" I said, unwilling to look at his face as he answered.

"Yes," He said quietly and honestly. My heart raced as I stared at the burning embers.

"Are you okay?" He asked quietly, holding my hand as it sat lifeless on the bed. I nodded slowly.

"Will he find us here?" I whispered.

"Not for a while," He responded.

"And then?" I asked.

"We run," He says honestly again.

"I'm so sorry," I said breathlessly.

"Never apologizing for giving me an opportunity to be with you a second longer." He whispered strongly. I felt my eyes fill with tears and I only nodded, the silence soothing as the fire crackled.

"I'm sorry you gave up your life for nothing," He whispered, his voice clearly pained.

"I didn't give it up for nothing," I promised, "I gave it up for you and for our family. And I would do it again in a second." Edward remained silent as we sat and I fell back onto the pillows.

"Are you afraid?" He asked slowly.

"Not as long as I'm with you," I assured him. He entrapped his hand in my hair as he twirled it softly, humming my lullaby making it simple to lull to a gentle sleep, unable to worry about the problem at hand.


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