Title: Memory

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Screeching pierced the arctic air. The screeching from the lifting of the Fire Nation ship's ramp could be heard across the Southern Water Tribe village. Kanna and the other tribe members were relieved. The raid was finally over. The Fire Nation raiders were gone. Their village would be at peace again.

"Kya!" Hadoka screamed in horror.

Those words echoed through Gran-Gran's head. It took her back to a time when she lost the person who was dearest to her, Hama. She remembered watching as her lover was pushed along by a Fire Nation soldier, up the ramp to Fire Navy ship, never to be seen again. Her face had a frightened expression. It had been rare to see Hama's face in such distress. Kanna believed her dear friend's reaction was because of her concern for her son.

She remembered when they first met. Kanna kept to herself for the most part. She was afraid that the Southern Tribe people would judge her because she ran away from her engagement. Hama got her to open up and Kanna was relieved to have finally made a friend. Hama accepted her for who she was; Kanna never expected that anything like that would happen.

In time Kanna learned that many of the villagers in Southern tribe were more like her than she thought. Hama had a son named Hadoka. It wasn't out of the ordinary to have children, but no one in village was quite sure who the father of the boy was. But everyone kept their mouth shut; most figured it had to be a horrific event to Hama and didn't want to bother upsetting one of the best water benders of the tribe.

Kanna muttered softly that she would keep Hadoka safe. She wasn't sure if Hama noticed her mouth moving but after all that Hama done for her it's the least she could do. The ship began to sail away, Kanna began to weep. She felt like she was never going to see Hama again.

"Gran-Gran," cried the last waterbender of the village disrupting the old Water Tribe woman's thoughts.

Kanna wrapped her arms around Katara to comfort her over the young child's loss of her mother. She wept along with the child. She missed Hama she couldn't help to think of how proud Hama would be of Katara's abilities. How could she hurt Katara more and tell her that she wasn't her grandmother? She wasn't even sure now if Hadoka knew that she wasn't his mother. He was very young at the time and neither of them spoke many words about it.