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~Chapter One~

::Max's POV::

We were in England—UK, to be exact. Why? Because we wanted to go somewhere new, we wanted to get away from it all, and because Angel and Nudge have learned how to pump up the Bambi eye power.

It was cold—like, super freezing if you're 20,000 feet in the air. I could hear the Gasman's teeth chattering from twenty feet away. Iggy was stuffing his hands in his backpack, attempting to warm them up. Angel and Nudge were discussing where we could go for the summer—Disney or the Grand Canyon? (So not helping). Fang was busy trying to put another scarf on in mid-flight, wrapping it around his neck and head, his hair sticking out of the wrap in odd tufts. I suppressed a giggle and tucked my many hats and scarves around my frozen ears.

The wind was picking up and blowing snow into our faces. "Flock!" I yelled above the roar, "If we're separated, meet back in France, top of the Eiffel Tower!" I couldn't see their heads nod, but I think they got the message.

The snow was now blinding. Someone reached out and grabbed my hand from below, linking us together. I clutched it tighter and tighter and the wind whipped around us, almost tearing my wings from my back. "Ahhh!" I yelped as another sharp burst of pain shot through me. "Pull in your wings!" Someone yelled. I prayed (very quickly) that we wouldn't go splat and did so.

The wind was roaring past, snow stinging my face and ankles. The cold, oh the cold, it was almost unbearable… And the Fang was there, his strong arms wrapped around me. I almost smiled if it hadn't been for the fact that I had absolutely no idea where the rest of my Flock was.

He landed and pulled me to my feet, holding me as I shivered violently. "Holy good god of gravy, what was that?" I whispered. "A blizzard," Fang said simply. I backed up and looked him up and down. "You okay?"


"Thanks for saving my butt there."

"No problem. It isn't hard to miss."

I slapped him and turned to walking deeper into this snowy wonderland to find the rest of my Flock. "No, wait! Max! We're on a—" I fell face first off of the ledge and into a snow mound, "—roof! Sheesh, watch where you're going." Fang jumped down and helped me up and I brushed off the snow. "Thanks so much!" I said sarcastically. Gah, men…

"So, when were you going to tell me we were on a building?"

"Uh, before you fell off it?"

"Good plan, good plan… Now, where in the h are we?"

"Would it kill you if I said I don't know?"

"No—I'm expecting it."

"Good. 'Cause I don't."

"Which is, you know, just peachy."


I sighed and shook my head, wondering who we could trust enough to ask for directions. Well, Max, you just fell off a roof. Someone has to live here or you would have fallen through it. Thank you magical little voice in the back of my head. "Let's check inside," I murmured quietly. Fang nodded and followed me around front.

Turns out 'around front' meant around huge walls to a castle thingy. What, did some sort of king live here? I really wouldn't be surprised…. Fang wolf-whistled, "Nice pad."

"Ya' think?" I asked, sarcasm dripping from my words and freezing in the below zero temperatures. I poked Fang's arm, "We need to get inside. Hurry up."

My god, how BIG was this place? We passed window upon glowing warm window, proving that someone was indeed home, but no door. The wall seemed to stretch on forever…and ever…and ever…. I started getting tunnel vision, my feet becoming heavier and heavier as the cold pressed down around us…. Fang was losing his step….

We're in trouble, was my last thought before I hit the snow and everything went black.


Duh, duh, duuuuuuhh….

And this, folks, is why you don't go walking around outside after a blizzard in below zero temperatures without proper equipment. Catch my drift?

Max and Fang…sigh…wonder what will happen to the Flock? Hmmmm…

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