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Dear Nate,

Maybe you're wondering why Shane had this letter. Well…As you know, Shane was my best friend, and he was one of the few people that knew about this. Don't be mad at him. He wanted to tell you. Trust me, he did. But I didn't let him. He just was being the best best friend and the best brother ever, and as you, he suffered a lot, and he is suffering even more now.

I know you must be confused and angry. And I'm very sorry that I never told you the truth. It's just that things wouldn't be the same if I had.

I never thought my life will change so much. Knowing you were the most important event in my life. I never imagined how love would have felt, then I met you. And damn it felt good. You and your brothers are the most amazing people ever, even Jason.

You don't have any idea how I felt every time I lied to you. How I felt every time you asked me to stay with you and I said 'yes' knowing that that would never happened. You never knew what was happening, But everything I am, everything I had, EVERYTHING, is for you and to you. You wake up my scents. And I just want to kiss you, to hug you. And there was a certain time where I thought that luck was on my side, but what I didn't realized that it wasn't luck, it was YOU.

I still remember that day in your music video premiere. Only Jason, Shane, You and I. It was so weird to see my face on it. It was different. Each scene in the video, didn't seem like a video to me because I remembered the exact moment of them being played in real life, by you guys. You made the song me; you guys made it happen to me.

That day I started being strong, but not brave. I started to understand the things that fear didn't let me see. That day I thanked love, because everything was prettier if it was written with your name on it.

Sorry for everything baby. Thanks for everything baby. Thanks for the beautiful moments we had. Thanks for showing me how great life could be. Thanks for making me feel like a princess in an enchanted fairy tale, by you, it was all possible. Thanks.

I love you,


Nate's eyes couldn't believe what they were reading. But still, he was crying. He never thought his perfect relationship would end with a letter. Or that it would have this end. He read it at least 5 times before he looked up to Shane and Jason. But this time he didn't see Shane. Jason had an indescribable expression on his face. He opened his mouth to talk, but nothing went out. Then he closed it and walked through the room to hug Nate. As soon as he hugged him, Nate broke down. He hugged Jason with all his strength and started crying as much as he could. Then still crying his eyes looked at the floor. Shane was there, in the floor. With his kneels up to his chest. He had one hand on his head pulling his hair very strong. Strong enough that any other people would yell with pain, but Shane didn't mind about that in that moment. His other hand was as a fist on his mouth. His eyes were looking nowhere. Like they were lost. Like he was blind. He was drowning in tears with pain. Finally he could cry in front of his brothers. Now that he didn't have to hide his pain, because they were all feeling the same. Frankie entered the room with Emily. Her make-up was all over her face. She couldn't believe it either.

Their life just had change in many ways they couldn't imagine. And the pain would never go.