I have decided to write a sequel to 100 Years Later! Repeat, I am writing a SEQUEL!!!! It's entitled A Song For Every Year. I'm going to try and write 100 songs-one for every year they weren't together! I will not, however, be writing one hundred chapters, so you can all breathe again. If you have any ideas for lines in songs, please tell me!

This is going to be about Bella and Edward's "life" together and how they cope with being Violetta and Anthony. It'll include BOTH weddings, twists from both "lives" and lots of new songs! If anyone has any ideas for plots and random happenings or just ideas in general, please tell me!

Oh, and two things related to my last posting:

1. I found that story I was talking about. It is now completed and is completely brilliant. It's called Fifty Years Later by. Read it-it is completely masterful.

2. Apparently I can sing! I have landed a part in my school's musical production and a friend of mine (who is, in my opinion, the best singer in all of Australia and last year won a nation wide competition in songwriting) has asked me to sing one of the songs I have written, with her accompanying me on piano at some of our school's music shows. I am so excited!