The wedding of Severus and Dora was a much anticipated event and for more then just the couple and his son. The weeks following the end of the tournament and the death of Cedric had been hard on most of them. Harry had been grateful when the year ended. He and his dad usually spent some time at the school in the summer but not that year. Harry had been as bothered as his dad was by the headmaster's seeming lack of remorse over his death. Harry like his dad was also concerned about the headmaster and the way he had always looked at Harry. He was quite happy of two months away from the man. A week after Harry's birthday the wedding was to be held. The Malfoys had thoroughly insisted on hosting it since her parents' house did not have the same kind of gardens and Severus had never used Prince Manor. They were taking off for a honeymoon for two weeks that evening and Harry would be spending the time at the Burrow. He had not gone at Easter and not this summer yet, George had come to visit. He knew he could not avoid seeing Molly and Arthur forever. Actually they were coming to the wedding anyways.

Harry was up in the guest bedroom helping his dad get ready. Severus was more nervous then he had ever been. He loved Lily but they had never married. Lily would always have a part of him. And would always be with him in the form of their son. But Tonks, or Dora as he called her, was the love of his life. He had asked his son to stand by his side as his best man, Sirius standing for his cousin, and Harry had been absolutely honoured.

Severus kissed his son on the head. "Thank you for being here cub. You know how important it is to both me and Dora that you are celebrating with us."

Harry had tears in his eyes. "I love Dora and I love you Dad. I want you both to be happy. I would have been hurt if you had not asked me to be here with you."

Closer then many fathers and sons Harry and Severus always had a strong bond. Severus assured him that would not change. And Harry believed his dad. Dora loved him like a son. And even when she got pregnant that would never change. The couple told Harry since the war was done they would start tonight trying for a baby. Though Harry was thrilled having Aurora who was nearly three and Max who was four months, he was excited with the prospect of siblings from his dad.

They headed down into the gardens where Lucius smiled when he saw them. "I'd be insulted but I guess I can understand why you chose your son instead."

Severus smirked and hugged his best friend. "I do recall oh Lord Malfoy that we have asked you to officiate the wedding. That should be a big enough honour."

In the wizarding world a lord could officiate the wedding. Not their own, as Severus was technically Lord Prince. Sirius had joked they should let him. Severus had practically choked on that and Tonks had compromised by asking her cousin to stand up for her instead. Harry was technically Lord Potter though he would not come into the title and full inheritance till he turned seventeen. He had been shocked to learn he had inherited the title and a massive estate from James even though he was known not to be the man's son. It turned out when he did the blood adoption he had also legally adopted Harry and left him the entire estate. Harry was technically also entitled to the title Lord Prince and his father's family money down the road but he assumed with the Potter money going to him, most of his dad's would go to any siblings his dad gave him with Dora. And he was more then fine with that.

Severus took his place up front but he looked at Narcissa as they were waiting. "You and your sister really outdid yourself. Thank you for all of this."

Narcissa smiled from her place front row. "It is not every day my only niece and her only daughter get married. Andromeda and I could have done no less."

The already ornate rose gardens would have been beautiful with simply the gold chairs and runner but there were topiary trees filled with different colored roses, added along the way as well as ribbons and doves tied in them, a huge arch of roses under which Lucius, Severus and Harry and soon Sirius stood. A huge tent with dance floor waited off in one of the other gardens with a six course meal and five tier wedding cake waiting for them as well. It was far fancier then Severus and Dora would have planned on their own but it was such a beautiful job and when he watched his dad's eyes when Dora was escorted by her parents down the aisle, her hair bright pink in happiness, Harry knew his father had never been happier. Or Dora for that matter.

Lucius started. "Do you Severus Tobias Snape take Nymphadora as your wife and bond, united in body and soul, until you are parted by death?"

"I do."

He turned to Tonks. "And do you Nymphadora Danae Tonks take Severus as your husband and bond, united in body and soul until you are parted by death?"

Tonks was in tears. "I do."

Harry stepped forward and handed a ring to Tonks. "Take this ring and claim my dad as your husband while I stand witness."

Tonks slid the ring on Severus' hand. "With this ring I claim you as my husband and bond."

Sirius handed a ring to Severus. "Take this ring and claim my cousin as your wife while I stand witness."

Severus slid the ring on to her hand. "With this ring I claim you as my wife and bond."

Lucius loved saying the last part. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. Severus you may kiss your bride."

Severus did not need to be told twice. He pulled Dora into his arms for a long passionate kiss. Harry and everyone else erupted into clapping. Harry and Sirius signed the contracts as they were presented as Severus and Nymphadora Snape for the first time, and Dora reminded them the last time. She had hated to have to use her full proper name during the ceremony. She swore she would never be as cruel to their children as her mother had been in naming her.

Harry hugged them both before they all headed for the reception area. "I am so happy for the two of you. Welcome to the family Tonks."

Dora kissed him on the cheek. "You are officially my stepson but I have considered you my son a long time now. And you here means as much to me as your dad."

They had emphasized in the planning they wanted to make sure that Harry felt like he was involved. He was a son to her as well. This wedding was about their family. Harry had been surprised when lilies had been included in the centerpieces. Dora had insisted on them. Her husband's first love would always be a part of their wedding and marriage because of her son. And Dora had respected that and wanted to make sure that her stepson knew that from the very start.


After a beautiful reception Severus and Dora said goodbye to their guests and spent a few extra moments with Harry. They had made a suggestion he could come with them but he had laughed. He was happy to be a part of the wedding. And he definitely wanted to be a part of the family. But he was not going on the honeymoon. He knew the two of them would go at it like rabbits. Besides he wanted them to com back pregnant. And for that he needed them to have their privacy. Besides he had been avoiding his boyfriend's home long enough and was looking forward to two weeks at the Burrow. Bill and Charlie would be around a lot and while Percy had moved out he had a home in the same town so he would be near as well. Harry was accompanying them home that evening after the wedding was over.

Severus drew his wife into his arms when they were alone. "I hope you like where I am taking you. Lucius paid but he at least allowed me to choose."

Dora laughed. "Our families don't know how to take no for an answer but the wedding was beautiful. And I know you will have planned something perfect."

He had gone through enough brochures and pamphlets to make his head spin. They had been both muggle and wizard. Lucius and Harry and others had helped him sort through them. It was Harry who had helped him to decide in the end. There had been two top runners but the other Harry really wanted to see as well. And Severus thought that they could take a family vacation at Christmas perhaps and go there. Now it was safe he hoped to let his son see more of the world. He had only been to Bulgaria really and Severus knew he really had the money to be able to show his wife and son the world. He had not needed his brother and in laws to pay for the wedding and honeymoon but Dora was right, they did not take no for an answer.

As they were whisked away he hoped they had been right in their choice but when she opened her eyes and he saw her smile, he knew he had been. They had gone for a muggle option though they would use apparition to see more. Neither was the romantic sandy beach honeymoon type. Something more unique suited them both.

Dora turned to look at him and drew him into a long tender kiss. "We are in the mountains some where but which ones I have no idea. It is beautiful though."

Severus led her inside for he was anxious to try out the bed. "The Rocky Mountains, Lake Louise in Canada to be exact. I thought you would like."

The beautiful out doors location with activities all year around seemed the perfect non traditional place for them to honeymoon. Though Harry had thought it was cool he had been more excited by the prospect of Africa which had been the other option. He and Dora were renting a beautiful chalet along the lake for the next two weeks. He thought that there was plenty to keep them busy if they ventured from bed but that they would be able to enjoy the solitude of the remote chalet.

Dora smiled when her husband had her down on the bed ad was about to make love to her for the first time married. "We are really going to do this aren't we?"

Severus knew she was asking about trying for a baby. "We are unless you have changed your mind and you want to wait a bit longer before we do."

Laughing she pulled him back down on him and assured him she had not changed her mind. They both wanted to have a second child. They were happy the war had ended before they married. They were delighted they could start their married life trying for a new baby. As he made love to his wife Severus for a moment thought of his son and his worries about him. But they slipped away. Both he and Dora would watch over Harry in the fall and make sure he was always safe. These two weeks were about him and his new wife celebrating finally being together.