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Being A Hostage is A Tough Job

Victoria strolled in, her ferocious appearance giving the impression of a Devil's Angel in a black leather jacket and pants embellished by a scarlet red corset and stiletto boots. She was beautiful in an exotic queen of the jungle kind of way.

"What's all the commotion about? Did James kill someone again?" she asked upon entering the room.

"Again? He killed someone again?" Alice squeaked. I shushed before she could call attention to herself, and squeezed her hand, in camaraderie.

The bank's atmosphere was tense and rifled with the fear and frustration of both the robbers and the hostages. The robbers were in the corner huddled together whispering. James began to pace as Edward and the others talked. My eyes followed him and the gun he held haphazardly. His barely contained violence was it's own living breathing entity, a vicious beast, stealing all the oxygen in the room. The phone rang and I startled at the sound; I knew it was my father, calling to find out why there had been gunshots and was anyone injured. At first everyone ignored the noise, then it switched to the answer machine and I heard my father's voice call out Edward's name before a thunderous boom echoed throughout the lobby of the bank and the phone flew across the floor. Everyone jumped at the sound and turned to look at James who had already gone back to his pacing, his gun at his side.

"Would you stop shooting things," a familiar perturbed voice said.

My head whipped in Alice's direction to see the shock and fear in her eyes. She knew she had gone too far this time, but only too late. My breath caught as I felt a presence standing before us. I knew it was James before I looked up and saw the gun pointed at Alice's temple.

"Sure hon, I'll stop shooting, just after one last thing… a dark haired, yapping midget," James said menacingly sweet. Every heartbeat in the room stopped, with the exception of James and maybe Victoria, as he cocked his gun and touched it to Alice's temple. I thought Edward would intervene but I was surprise who did.

"Would you please stop fooling around, we have things to do…" Victoria growled, impatiently, as if dealing with a petulant child. James tilted his head towards her, then smiled at Alice and he walked over to Victoria. He pulled her long crimson mane back, which tilted her head for his rough animalistic kiss. After he broke the kiss abruptly, leaving Victoria looking dizzy with lust, he resumed his pacing.

Alice's hand was surprisingly still in mine and the grip was slick with sweat. She grabbed me around the shoulders and hugged me tight. Her arms crushing me, as her body trembled with fear and adrenaline.


The robbers continued their conversation and I caught bits and pieces.

"Diamonds…"Edward whispered, as I assumed he clued Victoria into what had transpired.

"Shit, what the fuck…how are we…" James, or at least I think it was him since the voice was louder and more vulgar than the others, bellowed

"We can…cash…vault…" Jasper seemed to offer.

"Jasper, you will…James, you and me will go to the vault…."was the last thing I heard Edward say before the group dispersed. While Victoria returned to other group of hostages, Edward called my father to let him know everyone was unharmed, before heading towards the vault room with James. This time Jasper was the one who remained.


He was tall and handsome, with straw blond hair and enigmatic blue eyes. Something about him was compelling and soothing, like a child's favorite teddy bear offering familiarity and comfort.

After the others left, he started pacing, then he would sit down at one the desks before he resumed his pacing. Again and again, he sat down in a different chair before he continued to pace around the room. It was like a demented version of Goldilocks and the three bears or musical chairs without the music.

As he walked around the room he would glance at us, the hostages huddled on the floor. At first he had ignored us, favoring his thoughts, but as time went on he seemed more and more interested in us, more specifically me. I couldn't understand why. Had Edward said something? Did he know my father was police chief? Was he some sick psychopath? Even more dangerous than James? Like a skilled assassin, quiet as the night?

No, that didn't seem right. For one, the more logical reason being Edward seemed to not only trust, but seek his council. He wouldn't ask a psycho what he thought, would he? The other reason, the completely illogical and out-right, unstable reason, I felt like I could trust him. I could feel his controlled power and violence, but did not think he would unleash it on me. Yet, his eyes seemed to always search for me.

I sensed he was at war with himself, his thoughts hovering over the line of indecision, but eventually he jumped the line and strolled, slowly over to our group. He seemed shy almost, unsure of what to say. He opened his mouth, just as Jessica started babbling.

"Hello Handsome, why doncha join us? I'm Jessica, this is Mike, the bank's manager, Bella…I think, and the yapping midget also known as Alice. We were just about to play Scrabble, before that psycho shot up the bank, want to play?" she invited.

He seemed mildly annoyed by her, but accepted the invitation all the same. He sat down next to me and glanced up from beneath his lashes. It wasn't a heated look like the ones Edward had given me before, or the one's Mike attempted, but a curious look. Like he never saw a brown haired, brown eyed girl before. Like I was some new experiment, a mouse in a labyrinth. It was a little discomforting, causing me to fidget. I think he noticed because from then on the glances were more casual.

"Who said we were playing Scrabble? If I remember correctly, I thought you were too dumb to play Scrabble. We'll play…Monopoly" Alice said as she searched through the boxes of games.

As Alice set up the board game, Jessica tried to get Jasper, but this time he paid her no attention, and instead turned towards me. Again he seemed nervous. He opened and closed his mouth a few times before I decided to throw him line.

" Hi, I'm Bella" I said as I extended my hand. He stared at it like it was a two headed snake and couldn't understand why. At first, I thought it might be a language barrier and that he didn't understand me. He hadn't spoken a lot in the last few hours, so maybe he couldn't speak English very well. Then I remembered his Texan accent and thought it might be that he was shocked that I would want to shake my captor's hand. I went to pull back my hand when he suddenly grabbed it and shook. I looked up to see him smiling.

"Hi, I'm Jasper. So uh…How are you?" he finally asked.

"Um, I'm fine, I guess… all things considered. You?" I said trying to be polite. My mom always said I'd say thank you to my kidnapper, I guess she never realized the truth of that statement.

"I'm good actually." He said more confidently.

"Well now that everyone is good, lets play."


An hour later, I realized I really liked Jasper. He was intelligent but not in a smug or stuffy way; if you didn't understand something he explained it in a way that left you fascinated and salivating for more. He was a breath of fresh air, with his compelling anecdotes of the civil war, his area of interest. "You're a really good teacher, why aren't you some big hotshot history professor, instead of robbing a bank?" I asked him finally.

He laughed and said, "How do you know I'm not? I could be this great professor at a school in New York, having affairs with his barely legal students…Now that would be the life…" Alice and I both rolled our eyes in response.

"Oh please. Barely legal? You're barely legal. What are you, twenty-one, twenty-two?" Alice joked.

"Actually, I'm twenty-five. What are you seven?" He responded.

"I'll have you know I'm eight and a quarter." Alice laughed, returning to the game. "So who winning?" she asked.

"You are Alice…and I think you knew that already." I said.

"Oh… yeah. Well who's next?"

We played for a little while longer, before we became famished. Jasper and Edward, decided to call my father again. This time my father demanded to speak to a couple of the hostages to determine if we were alright. Mike acted all tough, while Jessica gushed. Alice was her usual self, chatting away with Charlie, like it was just a normal conversation, before Edward took away the phone and handed it to me.


"Don't call me Dad," Charlie cut me off. "It might cause them to focus on you, and that's the last we need," he continued. " Are you okay?"


"How is it in there?"

"Uh… Well its very tense…"

"That's an understatement, Bella. What about the gunshots? Is anyone hurt? Did Edward shoot anyone?"

"No, no one is hurt and it wasn't Edward," I answered. Edward made a motion to wrap up the call, and I said "Okay, I've gotta go."

"Be careful baby. I love you"

"I…Me too," I said quietly before I handed the phone to Edward who then confirmed the food order and hung up.

"Food's on the way."

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