A/N: This is my second reply to the Disney Quote Challenge. The bolded lines are all from 'Peter Pan', the boy who never grew up. Thank you for reading!

The sun was setting as it did every evening when Luna Apparated into the graveyard where her mother was buried. She loved this time of the day more than any other – the sky was filed with such a variety of light, mystical colors. Each shade was different, just as the people in the world were. She knew that her mother had loved the sunset as much as she did, and always selected this slate of time to visit her grave.

She began her walk down the rows of tombstones, smiling and acknowledging each and every soul present. Sunset was the time in which every departed figure came back to visit the Earth they'd loved so – Dad told her this, and Luna always believed Daddy's words, no matter what.

Finally, she found herself at the proper grave, the one with the everlasting irises perched in front of it. In slanted, eloquent cursive, the writing on the stone read, Maria Renee Lovegood – Keep On Dreaming.

Luna beamed whimsically, and plopped herself down on the fresh grass in front of her mother's grave. Resting her chin in her hand, she opened her mouth to speak.

"Hello, Mum. How are you today?"

She paused, as if Maria's spirit was speaking back to her. Without any hint of having heard a voice, Luna continued briskly, "I have to grow up tomorrow, Mummy. You see, Rolf and I are to be married. I suppose a married woman can't frolic around any longer, and that's why I have to grow up.

"But I'll still dream and believe, Mummy, just like you always told me to. People say that once you grow up, you can never come back, but I'll never understand that. Children are believers, and I'll always be a believer. Rolf always will too – we're two little children at heart, honestly."

Looking at the pinkish sky above, Luna spoke once more, almost to herself. "That's a lovely sky…" Peering down at Maria's grave, she pondered thoughtfully out loud. "Sooner or later people have to grow up. But I believe that they can only grow up according to looks, never their souls. We're all children at heart, every one of us, you know…"

She slipped her feet out of her boots, and squished her toes through the soil nearby, letting the earth cake her toes. Leaning back with her eyes closed towards the sky, she mused out loud, "The world would be so much happier if people saw the children in them, don't you think, Mummy?"

With those final words, Luna tugged one of the immortal irises from in front of the tombstone and poked the flower behind her ear. Smiling down at the tombstone once more, she swiped around in a circle to Apparate, and just as her figure disappeared, the sky seemed to smile down, and the laughter of the world's children sounded, no matter what their ages.

They were all children, no matter what.

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