A/N: Well, it seems like a 400-word drabble... But it's really just another fluffy, light-hearted sweet nothing.

Just Another Morning

He didn't even know when getting up early in the morning started getting difficult.

Lelouch opened his eyes to the blinding rays of morning sunlight and decided to close them again, groaning slightly.

No, he didn't want to get up just yet.

Maybe it was because of the fact that he knew there won't be any school today. No warehouse to invade, no empire to conquer, no rebellion to lead.

Maybe it was because of the fact that he knew Nunnally is alright and happy. Suzaku is doing well and content. Kallen, Milly, Rivalz, Nina - Ohgi, Toudo, Jeremiah - all of his friends are safe. There was no threat. Brittania, Japan, and the rest of the world is at peace and harmony.

Maybe it was because the sky outside is so bright and blue, the sun was shining beautifully, the birds were chirping their usual happy songs, and the wind that blew from the window was relaxing. Surely, one would find it unable to detach himself from the tranquility.

Lelouch opened his eyes once again and looked at the time on his desk clock. Seven was still early, specially for someone who had all the time in the world. He succumed to the soft sheets of the bed and buried his head against his companion's green locks.

She smelled of flowers with a whiff of vanilla. It made him smile.

Maybe it was hard to get up because he knew she was lying here with him, tucked safely and warmly in his arms, a small smile playing on her lips. He liked the way she slept peacefully beside him, embracing her yellow stuffed toy. He liked the way her long green hair was just sprawled carelessly around her.

Maybe it was because of his habit of staring at her every morning. He liked to play with her hair, to carress her face and to see her little smile grow just a bit warmer as he did so. This time he realizes that she's awake and that she just decided to stay like this for just a while longer. Sometimes, she abandons her plush and rolls over to hug him instead - and he should admit that he likes it twice as much that he feels like not leaving bed the whole day.

He didn't exactly know when getting up early in the morning started getting this difficult. It had always been a hard task to withdraw his arms from her waist, feel her scent move inches away from him and to sit up and do what he has to do.

Because she was with him.

And because all was right in the world.

So he doesn't get up at all - he simply lies there, with her - not until she demands breakfast, that is. After all, this is just another morning.


[ Let's try living through the day known as today

For as long as we can without facades... ]



A/N: O, hail the sappy romantic in me. I just.. couldn't help it. That quote in the end is from Continued Story by Hitomi.