"I wish to remember nothing," Ganondorf stated firmly as Midna, Link, and Zelda entered the room.

"Are you sure?" Din asked with a teasing lilt in her voice. "This is the first time since the Awakening that you would enter the world of the living with no prior memories."

His hands balled into fists, and his voice trembled as he fought to keep his tone civil. "I already told you. I wish to remember nothing. There are no memories I want to bring with me into the next lifetime. I wish…to rest…"

"Sister…" Naryu addressed Din.

Din held up her hand. "Very well then." She motioned toward the wall, and the Door to Yomi opened. Ganondorf stalked through without a word.

The other two made the same choice, curious to find out what he would do if he had no memory of his ambitions.


For hundreds of years, three individuals sleepwalked through a never-ending cycle perpetuated by the Goddesses. Each carried a piece of the deities' golden treasure, continually seeking their own goals but always coming together as the Goddesses had ordained. This cycle of life and death, destruction and regeneration, powered the land of Hyrule and moved all who lived within it.

But after so many lifetimes, the souls of the three Bearers began to recognize patterns in their lives, and became tormented by images of their past. Finally all three broke free of their bonds and the long-broken Triforce was restored.

The Goddesses reacted with joy, proud that their children had awakened into a higher consciousness. But their brother Onima, fearful that mortals would challenge the role of the gods, attempted to bend Hyrule to his will and reduce those living in it to mere puppets.

Midna, ruler of the Twilight Realm, the land of the dead, explained Onima's plans to the Three Bearers. They journeyed beyond the borders of both Hyrule and the waking world to challenge him. In his house they fought the demons of their past lives, forgotten promises and old wounds that never healed. Onima thought it would be easy to separate them, for one of the three had long been regarded as Hyrule's enemy; but in the end, all three had the same goal.

When the three finally reached Onima, the Goddesses revealed themselves; and with the Three Bearers then sealed him away. When they returned home, the Goddesses explained that they could choose in their next lives how much they wanted to remember, always knowing that they would return to Midna's kingdom at the end of each cycle.

Every time they faced a different danger, a different challenge, but always held together – even when fighting each other – as part of the Goddesses' Chosen Three.