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Chapter 8

Inman walked in while Sally and Rubi walked out. Ada took the fire out for the weather was warming up. After she put out the fire Ada started to open the windows. Inman walked over to Ada side to help when he asked, "How're you filling? You're still a little pale." Ada took a deep breath and looked out the window while saying, "I'm a little better still sick but alright." Inman put his hand over Ada's, "Let's go outside to get some fresh air."

Ada nodded and walked out to the porch Inman behind. The weather was warming so that was a sign that spring was coming. Then that reminded Ada, "Inman, everything is planned for the wedding. But, you need to find a tux or ask Sally to make you one. We only have a few weeks until the wedding." Inman turned to Ada, "Don't worry. I have my pa's tux. He had left it to me in his will. Funny really, my plans were planned to never be married just to be an old man for the rest of my life. Until I meet you. I guess my pa thought different."

Inman kissed Ada lightly on her lips before she asked, "Why didn't you think that you would ever be married. You're charming, handsome, and loving." Inman laughed, "Thanks for the compliment." He put his hands on Ada's waist to pull her closer and asked, "Have I told you that I loved you today. And how beautiful you look in this light?" Ada blushed, "No, not today." Inman said, "I love you Ada so much. You also do look beautiful in this light the sun coming down. It looks like God had sent me my own personal angel from heaven."

With the words coming out of Inman's mouth it was making Ada's body melt all over. Her heart beating faster by the second, then she said, "I've something to tell you. So, please stop making me lose my focus." They had reached the creek behind the house so Inman sat down on a rock with Ada beside him, "What is it?" Inman getting a little worried. Ada took a deep breath hold her tears, "You know how I've been getting sick all of a sudden and dizzy. Inman nodded little confused to where this was going, "Well, Sally came to visit this morning. When you went into town with Georgia, and well, I did it again after lunch."

Inman frowned confused, "I don't understand where this is going…" Ada sighed crying, "I'm pregnant. I don't know yet but I've got all of the signs for it. That is was Sally says. She said that she did the same thing when she was pregnant with her boys." Ada whipped the tears way and said, "Please don't be upset. I know that you have been worried about the wedding. As of me, this wasn't planned." Inman put a hand up and said, "Calm down. You don't know if you are going to have a baby yet. We can go to the doc in town so you can get check out."


Ada took a deep breath and asked, "What did you want to say? You've been acting nervous since you came back with Georgia." He looked surprised at the question and said, "Oh…well, ah, yeah know how you don't have a ring and all?" Ada nodded not understanding. Inman put his free hand through is thick blonde hair and took something out of his pocket and kneeled down to one knee, "Ada? Would you take the honor to be my wife?"

Tears started pouring down Ada's face again, "Yes, Inman I would love to be your wife." Inman stood up slowly from the ground (injures from the war.) and put the ring on Ada's ring on her left hand, fourth finger. She looked at the ring admiring the design, "You paid to much didn't you?" Inman shrugged, "You derive the best." Ada looked up at Inman, "Money doesn't matter to me. As long as you're with me I don't care what I get."

With that Inman reached for Ada and they both locked into a kiss, passionate, but loving. The Inman asked, "Do you fill like going into town to see the doc? He doesn't close til late." Ada hugged Inman tightly, "What if I'm expecting? What are we going to do?" Inman looked into Ada's eyes serious, "I will be there every step of the way." Ada smiled and then they both started to go to the buggy still waiting in front of the house and after Inman helped Ada on to the buggy Georgia came out ready to put way the horses, "Where're going into town. We should be back in a few hours." Georgia nodded and Ada added, "There is some fresh baked bread on the table with some butter I churned this morning. You and Rubi can help yourselves."

Georgia nodded again in understatement, "You'll be careful now. Miss. Ada, Inman". Ada smiled in thanks and Inman tipped his hat in good-bye and they were off to town.

The streets were starting to empty and stores were closing for the night. Before Inman and Ada reached the doctor's office she said, "We might have to wait until in the morning." With hesitation, "We can still check to see if Doc Barker is in." Ada nodded with nervousness. After a few moments both Inman and Ada walked to Doc Parkers office, with one knock a teenage girl with pajamas answered the door asking, "Can I help you?" Ada said, "Yes. Is Doc Baker in?" the teen girl looked at both Ada and Inman, "What's the emergency?" Ada took a deep breath, "We need Doc Baker to examine me. It's no emergency."

The girl opened the door a little further, "Come on in. You will have to wait a few minutes he's in the back room with another patient." Once they were seated the teen girl went back up stairs to bed. Two seconds pasted and the doctor came out with a small boy in his father's arm, "He should be fine for tonight but if there're is any problems just call for me." The parents then left with they're son, and said goodnight.

After the two parents left the doctor looked at both Ada and Inman and asked, "What can I do for you?" Ada blushed, "I need to examine me. I'm not filling that well." Doc Baker rubbed his hands together, "Come in the back room and I will examine you." When they walked into the examining room the doctor asked, "So, what the symptoms?" Ada sat on the table and said, "I can't hold any food down, I'm tired all of the time."


Doc Baker sighed and said, "Lay down please, my hands maybe cold sorry." Ada did what she was asked and Doc Baker started to examine her, "Can you unbutton your dress for me?" Ada unbuttoned the middle of her dress and Doc Baker started examining again then asked, "What's the matter?" Doc Baker stopped the examination and said, "It's seems like you're six weeks along in pregnancy." Ada started crying and laughing, "Sally was right. Just by my actions this afternoon." The doctor washed his hands, "I assume that you knew that you were with child?" He looked through his spectacles waiting for an answer.

Ada carefully jumped off the table. Doctor Baker hurrying to her side, "You need to be more careful Miss. Ada." She nodded and finished buttoning up her dress, "I will. Can I go now?" Doc Baker walked over to his medicine cabinet and took out some vitamins for you. Take them twice a day once at night and another in the morning." Ada sighed and walked out Doc Baker following, "You need to come back in two weeks so I can examine you again."

Inman stood up from his chair, "So? What is it, anything wrong?" Ada smiled, "Seems like Sally was right. I'm with child." Inman eyes went into surprise and then hugged Ada tightly around the waist, "We're having baby?!" She nodded in joy, "Yes! You're going to be a dad!" Inman whirled Ada in a circle and he started laughing with joy then Ada said, "Stop, you're going to make me get sick. I'm still a little queasy." Doctor Baker laughed, "I've never sine some act as happy as you are Inman." Ada laughed again, "We planned on starting a family just not this early. I mean after the wedding a few years. It just means that we're starting a family a little earlier."

After a few moments of conversation Doctor Baker said, "Well, if you don't need anything else. I'm retiring for the night." They said their goodnights but before they walked out Ada asked, "Who was that young girl that answered the door when we arrived?" Doc Baker looked over his shoulder, "Oh, my granddaughter Mary is visiting me for a month while her parents go to New York for a trip." Ada nodded, "Well, if you would like Mary can help me and Rubi along with Rubi with the farm. Like you said I'll need to take it easy." The doctor smiled sleepiness, "She will be there around nine o'clock." Ada smiled, "Thank you. Goodnight doctor."

Once Inman and Ada stepped out Doc Baker locked the door behind them. They looked at each other and then Ada said, "Lets go home."