Chapter 01

New York is a city which never sleeps. The most important reason is that people are getting not too much sleep either. But there's one thing which can't hardly be asleep; crime. Crime means work for the NYPD. If they have a homicide, they know who they can call. 'We have a 419, please call CSI…'

Stella Bonasera was taking a shower when she heard the incoming message on the police radio. She listened to the police radio everyday and most of the times she was the first one on the crime scene. She stepped out of the shower and she looked in the mirror. Many people asked her how she could do this job. Most of the days death came really close to her. She learned to live with it and now she loved her job. She had nothing else; no family, no pets and no boyfriend. Well, maybe she had someone, a great friend; Mac. She helped him after his wife died at 9/11. She liked almost everything about him, but the only bad thing about Mac was that he couldn't forget something. Stella thought that wasn't a bad thing for his job. He was a real workaholic, sometimes too much. So there you have the bad thing. Stella wouldn't mind if she had a relationship with Mac. But could you have a relationship with a job like this? That was a question with an unknown answer for Stella. Well, maybe for now…

Stella was early in the lab today. She enjoyed the silence in the lab on an early morning. The only thing you could hear was the ticking of mass spectrometer. After she went to her locker she walked by the offices. In one of the offices she saw movement. Was that Mac?

Mac Taylor was already in his office. He didn't go home last night, because of a really important case. Important for him, that was for sure. This was one of the nights in which he wanted to solve a case so badly that he worked so long that he felt asleep on his desk. Mac was just awake and he thought that he heard footsteps somewhere. He had something with footsteps, he knew exactly which footstep matched which person. And he knew this strong, but also light footstep. This was Stella, his best friend. Stella was there for him when his wife died. Without her he had never entered the lab again. But there was also Peyton, the woman he was currently seeing. It's so hard, he didn't know how to tell Stella this. He slowly sat straight and tried to make an awake impression. Stella knew him too well to know that he worked the whole night. Stella entered Mac's office.

'Good morning sleepy head. I can see you worked the whole night while you had to lie in bed. Do you know the word sleep, Mac?'
'Good morning to you too, Stella. I do know the word sleep but I think my body doesn't sleep I think. One thing was good in my night. I solved the murder from our Jane Doe and she's not Jane Doe anymore.'
'Mac, that are two things. I want you to go home and get some sleep.'
'I'm fine, Stella. I'll promise to you that I'll go home early and that I get some sleep tonight.'
'Of course you will, or otherwise I'll kick your butt home.'

Mac laughed and was trying to fix his tie. But his tie wasn't really working with him. Stella stepped to Mac and sat on his desk to fix his tie.
'You're in a good mood today, Stella.'
'Yeah, I slept really good last night. The neighbours are pretty silent these days…'
'Well, talking about sleep is teasing me. I will go home early after this shift, you know I break no promises.'
'That's right, I believe you.'
'Are you seeing someone at the moment, Stella?'

Stella stopped with fixing his tie and looked him straight in his face. Mac looked back and he didn't know what to think about Stella's look.

'No, why are you asking that?'
'Well, we didn't go out for a couple of months. And tonight there's a really good band in a club not far from my house. Do you want to go with me?'
'I thought you promised me to get some sleep tonight?'
'Yeah, but this is some relaxing too. And you worked also very hard the last weeks. You deserve some relaxing too.'
'Well, okay. But if you fall asleep in the club…'
'No, I won't!'
'Than that's a deal, let's go to work now'

Stella and Mac walked out of Mac's office to the locker room. They got their kits and walked to the car.