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What was art? Deidara claimed to know the answer.

Art is a bang, yeah.

Deidara accepted all kinds of art, even if they conflicted with his own views. He just wished that others would do the same.

Sasori rejecting his art was something that angered Deidara greatly at first, but when the time came, he learned to accept it. At least Sasori believed in art.

Most of today's famous artist had been rejected and were only appreciated after they died, Deidara knew. He just hoped that one day, he'd go with a bang, and the others would remember him, thinking "That Deidara, he was a true artist in the end".

Deidara just wanted someone to appreciate his art, and when he met Hidan, he thought that maybe Hidan was willing to accept it, because in a way, the Jashinist was no different: he wanted someone to accept his religion rather than mocking him for it.

He had found someone who was not only close to his age, but also very passionate about something, even if it wasn't art, and Deidara listened to Hidan talk about Jashinism for hours, watching the way Hidan's face lit up in happiness and pride that someone actually wanted to know about Jashin. He was angry when Deidara declined converting, though.

While their personalities were nowhere near alike, Deidara and Hidan were, in a way, so similar – Deidara wanted to die to become one with his art, and Hidan wanted to find his religious salvation in death.

Deidara was the first in Akatsuki to witness Hidan do his ritual a few hours later, and he watched intently as the silver-haired man closed his eyes, face concentrated and beautiful, and stabbed himself in the chest, the pike going straight through so blood started gushing out from his chest and back.

Deidara waited, waited for that one fleeting moment that he would be able to see Hidan's life go out in his eyes, the one moment that Hidan would become true art – find salvation.

But it never came.

He later learned that Hidan was indeed immortal – or rather, invulnerable – and regarded the Jashinist sadly.

He later asked Hidan why he didn't just quit praying and sacrificing so his God would take away his immortality. Hidan looked at him as if he had two heads. "Then I wouldn't want to fucking die. Would you still plan to fucking blow yourself up if art was living eternally?"

He wouldn't.

He pitied the religious fool who prayed for a salvation that would never come – at least not until he defied his belief and gave up his immortality.

Art was irony. Irony was art.

Irony was that Hidan died before Deidara did.

Art was that that Deidara went out with a bang only a short while later.