AN/I'm trying to branch out, so this story will be markedly different from my others. First, it won't be about JJ--at least not on purpose. Second, Will isn't least not yet.

"Ok, are you sure you're going to be all right with him alone for the next three days?" JJ asked Will, her normally controlled eyes filled with worry. She stood, rocking their son in her arms as a soft snow began to fall.

"JJ, you need some time alone. Without Henry." Will drawled. "We'll be fine. It's only three days." He attempted to take the baby away from her, but she easily avoided him.

"Maybe I should just cancel this all together." JJ insisted. "It's too soon. I'll just tell them I can't. I don't know what I was thinking, I should never have agreed to this in the first place." She shook her head in disbelief. Why would she have thought she was ready for this? She needed to be home with her son.

"Jayje, he's three months old, and you haven't left his side for more than ten minutes. You haven't slept in ages--this little girlie junk is time you need." Will said sweetly as he kissed her. "Plus, you have to go back to work sometime. Let's just think of this as a trial run."

"Fine. I'll go. But don't be surprised if I call you every ten minutes." She said, reluctantly handing the baby over to his father.

"I'll be looking forward to it. A boy needs male bonding time with his daddy." Will cooed to the small baby in his arms. Right on time, a heavy knock sounded on their front door.

"That's them. Are you sure you're going to be all right?" JJ asked again. Sighing, she moved towards the door and the incessant knocking.

"Jayje, I will knock this door down if I have to." Penelope Garcia threatened from the other side of JJ's door. "I have Emily here to do it too." She added as an afterthought.

"I'm coming." JJ quickly opened the door to reveal her two friends, still bundled up against the cold outside.

"Don't tell me you're not coming because I will pack for you and carry you to the car myself." Emily threatened as the women entered her home and removed their scarves. Both women were getting a little frustrated with JJ's constant cancelling on their plans at the last minute. They knew that she was partially compensating and trying to be the mother that she hadn't had, but it was still frustrating. The new mother had refused to leave her son, but the friends knew how frazzled JJ really was. This 3-day spa trip was exactly what she needed--even if she didn't know it yet.

"Look, we've got to get going. Em's got to run into the bank for the cash deposit, and then we are off to the lap of luxury." Garcia moaned in pleasure as she followed JJ into the bedroom where her bag and necessities were.

"Hey Em?" Will asked, looking up at her as Emily allowed the little boy to wrap his tiny hand around her finger.

"Yeah?" She asked, not looking up at him.

"Take care of her. She needs this."

"I promise." Emily smiled up at Will as JJ returned from the bedroom, Garcia in tow.

"Let's roll!" Garcia said excitedly.

"Em, are you sure about this?" JJ asked doubtfully. Maybe this wasn't the right time to do this, and Emily was so nice to offer to pay for it, but she already missed Henry. Emily was a great driver, but it was just starting to snow.

"Ambassador's daughter, remember? I've got connections and a trust fund. Trust me, I'm sure." Emily assured her, pulling up to the bank.

"Maybe I should call Will--"

"Jayje, it's been four minutes. I'm sure nothing drastic has happened." Garcia scoffed at their blonde friend as Emily smiled.

"Run into the bank with me, I've just got to withdraw the money for the deposit and we are good to go." Emily commanded as she turned off the car. This spa required a cash deposit, and to her horror, she had to actually enter the bank.

Standing in line to speak to a teller, Garcia laughed to herself--they almost looked normal. There they were, friends about to go to the spa. Not 'special agents' who saw blood and death everyday. Not specialists in each of their respective fields. No. Today they were just normal women out for a small vacation. Garcia chuckled even further at how JJ continued to nervously check her phone for messages from Will.

"I'm pretty sure he hasn't called yet, honey." Garcia scoffed. JJ turned to retort, but was immediately interrupted.

Suddenly, shots fired into the air of the bank, startling the three women. JJ immediately reached for the gun at her side that wasn't there. Emily's reaction was much faster and more effective, immediately unholstering her gun and leveling it in the right direction.

"NOBODY MOVE!" A man in dark clothing shouted. There were three others behind him, one woman, two men. All with semi-automatic rifles and bullet proof vests. The man leveled the gun at Emily. The man took a step towards her and commanded firmly, "Put down the gun."