AN/ I hope you liked it! Sorry it took me so long to get this out, I know a lot of you were wondering if the last chapter was the end--but this is most definitely it :) This was hard for me because I normally don't A) Ship Hotch and Prentiss, B) Ship JJ and Will, and C) Write Will as a good character. So, I would love to hear what you think, criticism it totally welcome.


JJ's eyes fluttered as she woke from the drug induced sleep. Her first thought was that she must have died, that her earthly existence was over and she was now encased in a bright, painless one. Hearing the softly beeping machines, she was alerted that she was, in fact, still alive. 'Good, I have too much to do to die' She thought to herself with a smile.

Turning to examine the room in the light, she realized that she wasn't alone. Will stood in the corner trying to help Garcia as Henry squwacked loudly, Morgan was pacing the room, and Rossi seemed to be staring off into space. Hotch and Emily weren't there yet, but she assumed they either had been, or soon would be. My family. She smiled.

"Hey, look who's awake!" Morgan said as he turned once more and began walking the short steps toward her.

"How are you feeling sunshine?" Garcia asked, racing towards her.

"Like I was hit by a bus." JJ admitted, laughing slightly, then immediately regretted it.

"I'll go tell the nurses you're awake." Rossi smiled and left the room.

"Come on mama, let's go grab some coffee." Morgan insisted, allowing the couple time alone as Garcia handed Will his son and left the room.

"We'll be right back." Garcia promised as she left the room, then threatened slightly "Don't go anywhere."

"You're parents are on their way down from Pennsylvania." Will started once they were alone, then seemed to be overcome with emotion.

"Will--" JJ started, feeling emotion flare up inside her at how broken Will appeared at the thought of losing her.

"JJ, I was so worried." Will said honestly as he sat in the chair next to her and handed her their son.

"I know. I was too." She admitted, allowing a tear to fall down the side of her face at the realization of how close she came to never seeing her son walk, or talk, or ride a bike.

"The doctors said that the bullet nicked some of your organs, but they stitched you up as good as new. You are very lucky." He could feel the tears well in his own eyes as he thought again what it would be like to raise a son without his mother.

"I love you." JJ admitted.

"I know." He kissed the back of her free hand lightly, grateful to have one more day with the woman he loved.

"I need to make sure she's ok!" Emily insisted as she avoided the anticeptic that the nurse, Alice, tried to apply to the small wound on her cheek.

"What you need is to ensure that your wound is not going to get infected." Alice retorted angrily, she had delt with her fair share of FBI agents, and this one was no different, insisting that she knew better.

"You heard the woman." Hotch agreed, eyeing Emily cautiously, "stay and make sure you are ok. Then we'll find JJ."

Alice flashed Hotch a look of appreciation. Dealing with stubborn FBI agents was never easy.

"Alright, ma'am I just need to stitch you up and you'll be good to go." Emily was informed as the nurse grabbed the necessary items.

"I hate hospitals." Emily muttered as the nurse began the stitching.

"So does everyone." Hotch pointed out, smiling softly that even as she was being stitched up she was still the same Emily.

"We don't necessarily like having you here either," Alice muttered slightly as she finished up the stitches.

"I'll remember that for future reference." Emily quipped and fielding a disapproving look from Hotch asked, "can I go now?"

"Your doctor cleared you to go, so I don't see anything stopping you." Alice smiled as Emily practically bolted out of the room with Hotch at her heels. "FBI Agents." Alice shook her head disapprovingly.

Stopping her slightly before she bolted into JJ's room, Hotch looked lovingly into Emily's eyes. Eyes that hours ago he had wondered if he would ever see again. "Emily," he started softly, emotion choking up his voice, "I was so--"

"I know." She cut him off, kissing him lightly. After the ordeal, all she had wanted to do was to run to him and let him hold her securely in his arms, but right now she still had something to do. "I was too." She admitted, smirking softly before she opened the door to JJ's hospital room.

"JJ!" Emily sighed gratefully as she entered the small room. "I'm so glad you're okay."

"Me too." Will agreed, smiling at Emily in an attempt to show how grateful he was for her efforts to save the woman of his dreams.

"Guys, I'm fine!" JJ dismissed casually. "I'll be back to work in a week--"

"Two." Emily interrupted seriously, there is no way she's going back to work so soon.

"Three." Hotch and Will said in unison, and looked to each other in admiration.

"Fine!" JJ snapped playfully, knowing that the three people in this room were probably the most over protective friends a girl could ask for--other than Garcia--"I'll be back to work in three weeks and I'll be good as new." JJ was impressed that it was only three weeks, she was sure that they'd keep her out for nothing shorter than a month.

"Can I ask you one favor?" Will asked, a mischievious glint in his eye, but otherwise his face was a mask.

"Sure." JJ looked at him perplexed.

"Next time you go to hang out with the 'girls'," He drawled, "make sure you have your gun. Or better yet, avoid any possibly dangerous situations--or even better, why go out at all?"

"If I remember correctly, it was you telling me that there needed to be some 'male bonding' between you and Henry." JJ quoted, chuckling softly though it made her side ache.

"At the visions of Henry growing up without his mama, I'm pretty certain we don't need any more time alone." Will assured her, looking down at the woman he loved and the baby in her arms.

Hotch placed his arm protectively around Emily's waist and pulled her closely as the pair watched the small family. Emily wrapped her arms around his, grateful for the comfort he provided. She was happy that they made it out of the situation alive, and as protective as Hotch was acting now, she was grateful she hadn't told him that morning the secret that would have threatened to ruin everything. Watching her blonde friend and baby sitting happily, she couldn't help but imagine what it would be like when her own child was placed in her arms for the first time. She wouldn't have long to wait to find out.

"Hotch, there's something I have to tell you." She whispered.

"What?" He asked.

I'm pregnant, she thought, but instead decided not to interrupt JJ's moment with her family, "I'll tell you when we get home." She smiled coyly.