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Once upon a time….

That's how all faerie tales start, right?They contain kingdoms and 'happily ever afters and princes falling love with the beautiful princess...I guess that would be me, though too plain to look the part, I am Princess Isabella Swan of Volterra, or Bella, to my friends and family.

As for the whole prince charming thing, I didn't have one. Instead, I had the next best thing, my own knight in shining armor.

I'm obviously not your usual fairy tale princess...especially because I don't even get my own 'happily ever after.'

But I think I may be getting ahead of myself, so let me start at the beginning.


I woke up to my ladies in waiting like I did everyday. They helped me pick out an outfit to wear and left it on the bed. Then they went to draw my bath.

I stretched and rubbed the sleep from my eyes, slowly getting I out of my comfortable king size bed and into the bathroom. I undressed and got into the Jacuzzi bathtub. It was nice and warm just the way I liked it.

After preparing for the day, dressed in ridiculously dressy designer clothes I was expected to wear, I made my way downstairs, to the main dining room.

"Morning daddy," I said as I sat down at the long table. "Morning mom,"

The maid came over and set my plate down in front of my. Mmm, french toast and bacon, my favorite.

"Good morning, Bella. What are your plans for today?" My mother asked.

"Well you know that Alice and Rosalie are coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks and knowing Alice she'll most likely want to go shopping." Alice was the shop-a-holic. Her closet was probably bigger than her bedroom.

"That sounds like fun. Make sure to take Edward with you." Rene said.

Edward Masen was my bodyguard. His father, Edward Masen Sir worked for my father as a bodyguard as well. Edward and his mother lived in the palace in the servants' corridors. Sadly, when Edward was just eleven years old his father died of a heart attack and a year later his mother caught a raging fever. She did not overcome it. My father said he could stay if he promised to become a bodyguard like his father when he was older. He agreed, of course not wanting to be shipped off to the States to be with extended family in Alaska. My parents had raised Edward like a son, though I never thought of him as my brother, but as my best friend.

After I finished eating one of our maids announced that, "Lady Alice and Lady Rosalie have arrived." Alice wasted no time and pushed her way through the archway, running to me and enveloping me into a hug. Rosalie strode in smirking at Alice's excitement. I understood why, of course. It had been a long time since I'd seen them last.

"Hey Bella it's so great to see you. We have so much to catch up on." Alice bounced up and down as she spoke. Same old Alice I was glad to see she hadn't changed a bit.

"Hello Bella," Rosalie laughed, tossing her beautiful blond hair over her shoulder.

We went up to my bedroom where outside the door was Edward. His auburn hair was messier than usual while his piercing green eyes still held their friendly warmth. His navy suit made his pale skin appear even lighter.

"Good morning, your Highness, ladies. What are your plans for today?" He asked. Always the gentleman.

"Shopping of course," Alice said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "But first we have some catching up to do."

I told Edward that we would see him later before closing the door. Rosalie and Alice leaped onto my bed, with me following close behind.

"Wow, is it just me or has Edward grown hotter since we saw him last?" Rosalie asked fanning herself.

"I don't know, I haven't noticed," I told her, but I could feel the blush on my face. The truth was I had noticed, but Edward is my friend or at least he was before he became my bodyguard.

"Oh come on like you expect me to believe that." Rosalie mocked offense.

She stared at me with a knowing look until I said "Okay so maybe I have, but it doesn't mean anything," I needed to change the subject.

I noticed that Alice had been uncharacteristically silent this whole time. "So…. Alice how's your husband, Jasper?"

"He's great. Oh…. and I have big news," she started bouncing up and down again, a smile growing on her face.

"What is it?" I asked, curiously.

"I'm pregnant," she said and the smile on her face grew bigger, if that was even possible.

"Alice that's fantastic, congratulations! I'm so happy for you." Rose and I practically attacked her with a giant bear hug.

"I'm about two months," Alice said the smile never leaving her face.

"Well I'm happy for you," I was happy for her. She had found someone who loves her and makes her happy. I remember when she told me how she knew Jasper and her were soul mates after the first time she met him. She was right.

"So Rose how is Emmett?" I asked her trying not to have her change the subject back to me when a silence overtook the room.

"Good, still the same old Emmett. Now stop trying to change the subject. Why don't you ask Edward out?" Rose didn't get it.

"Because, Rosalie. Edward and I never even talk anymore and he always calls me 'Your Highness' now, no matter how many times I tell him to call me Bella." I explained.

"Forget about it," Alice said changing the subject now and I was very grateful. "You know what you should do while Rose and I are here? Throw a party. OOOH! LIKE A BALL!"

"Alice you're a genius," Rosalie agreed "So what do you say Bella?"

"Alright, but this means we'll need to go shopping in Paris for dresses." I laughed, knowing we didn't have to, but they'd freak out.

Both Alice and Rose screamed with delight. I covered my ears so I didn't go deaf. I walked to my bedroom door and opened it and found Edward. "Edward please tell the pilot that we are going to Paris for some shopping and to have to jet ready as soon as possible."

"Yes, your Highness," then he took off down the hall. I rolled my eyes at his choice of words.

I closed the door and went to sit back down on my bed. Rosalie gave me a questioning look and said "Bella, has Edward been out there this whole time?"

"Yeah, why?" I didn't understand what she was getting at. I mean Edward was always out there.

"Because he probably heard everything we said. Everything you said."

"Yeah, so, what's your point?"

"My point is that he heard you say you thought he was hot and that you could never go out with him." Well it's hard to go out with someone who doesn't seem interested in you, I thought.

I was about to say something when Edward walked in "The jet is ready your Highness."

"Thank you, Edward."

We left for Paris minutes later. Edward came as well, as my bodyguard, nothing more.

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