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~Renee's POV~

I sat next to my husband, waiting for the arrival of my daughter and Edward. When I looked at him, I could see his face was full of anger, but what I saw in his eyes told a different story.

"I knew it," I proclaimed.

"Knew what?" Charlie turned to face me.

"The real reason why you refused and still refuse to let Bella and Edward to be together."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, I think you do. You feel betrayed by our daughter."

"And why is that?"

"Because she didn't come to you from day one and tell you she was seeing Edward."

"That's not true," he defended.

"Yes, it is, and do you want to know the ironic thing about it? She didn't come to you because she was scared that you would refuse to let them be together. And when she did tell you, you did exactly that." I could tell I was right by the way he shifted around on his thorn to face me.

"And how do you know why our daughter hid her relationship with Edward? Did Bella come and tell you?"

"No, and I'll admit I'm a little hurt she didn't come to me either. But I would have feared the same reaction from you. I had hoped I was wrong."

"So, what now?"

"Now, I think you need to let our daughter make her own decisions. She's not a little girl anymore. She's seventeen, soon to be eighteen." I could see on his face he was not fully convinced. "At least hear what she has to say this time, instead of barking orders at her."

He took a deep breath and as he let it out, the royal announcer walked into the room. "Princess Bella and Sir Edward are here, Your Majesties."


Edward and I walked into the throne room with Andrew following right behind us, the smug smile still plastered on his face. My heart was pounding so fast I felt like it would burst out of my chest.

When we reached the room, my father and mother were sitting on their thrones, waiting for us. Edward bowed his head to both of them, but I refused to acknowledge either of them, especially my father. I was still angry with him for everything he had done and now I feared what he was going to do or say next.

"Bella," my father began, standing up, "I am very disappointed in you for deliberately disobeying me."

"Edward was just doing his job. He came with me because my body guard fell asleep." I pointed with my thumb toward Andrew.

"Don't blame this on Andrew. Tell me the truth. Are you seeing Edward again?" Was he seriously asking me this question?

"Oh, of course I have. Because the last couple of months I've spent locked in my room crying my eyes out and starving myself has been all a big charade to cover up how happy I was."

"Don't get smart with me, young lady." My father's face was turning beet red. I didn't care though. I was not afraid of my father. "What am I going to do with you?" He began pacing back and forth, which was something I noticed he did a lot when he was thinking.

He finally stopped, and turned to face Edward. "And you- "

"This isn't Edward's fault, so don't blame him." Anger boiled inside me. I wasn't going to let Edward take the blame. If anything, it was my fault for making him come with me tonight, when I knew my father would be furious if he found us together.

I did something I hadn't in months: I looked into my father's eyes. That's when I noticed what I hadn't before. I saw the hurt and betrayal there, and it was because of what I had done.

The anger I had felt before subsided. My voice softened, "Tell me, honestly, why you hate me and Edward being together? I love him, and he loves me. Shouldn't that be enough?"

"The truth?" He sighed and then looked at me, anger no longer there, "The truth is when you told me you and Edward had been seeing each other but didn't tell me from the beginning, I was hurt."

"Dad, I'm sorry. We never meant to hurt you. We were just afraid that you would get mad and forbid us to see each other, and of course you did when we finally told you."

"I wouldn't have if you had told me from the beginning. But I shouldn't have gotten angry in the first place anyway."

He looked from me to Edward. "I'm sorry. From the moment I noticed you had feelings for my daughter, I made you feel like you weren't good enough for her, but that's not true. I couldn't ask for a better guy for her because I know how much you love her."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Edward bowed his head. When he raised it again he saw my father had extended his right hand out for him to shake, which he did.

I smiled to myself, knowing this was the end of all our problems and we could finally be together. I looked at Edward and saw his eyes were lit with happiness. I wanted to leap into his arms, but my father had just agreed to let us be together, and I didn't know if he was ready for PDA just yet. Instead we only stood close to one another. Edward's hand brushed against mine, making my heart flutter.

My father finished with his apology and then told us we could go. As soon as we were out of his sight, Edward took my hand in his, and we walked together down the corridor, showing that we no longer had to hide our relationship.

We reached the hallway leading to my room when we ran into Alice and Rosalie. They stopped when they spotted us and looked at us dumbfounded; their eyes grew wide when they noticed Edward and I were holding hands.

Alice was the one to finally say something. "Okay, why are the two of you holding hands in public? What happened? What did we miss this time?" She turned to look at Rosalie. "Why is it that we always sleep through the good stuff?"

Edward and looked at one another and just laughed. I realized how good it felt to smile again, and how long it's been since I laughed like that. When I finally composed myself I looked at my two best friends and told them everything they missed.


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