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Chapter 1


The day started out like any other day for a 17 year old girl getting ready for school. She throws on a t-shirt and jeans and runs out the door without a backwards glance. She waits at an abandoned bus stop, watching as cars go by in the early hours of the morning. Waiting, like an innocent senior, for her bus to take her to high school, yet again after 2 months of vacation. She waits for her only transportation seeing as she can't afford a car, then again she can't obtain a license. Which is what happens when you've failed Drivers Ed. over 15 times. To make things more exciting, it starts to rain, drenching her in cold water right when the bus stops in front of her. Oh and you ask who she is, climbing up the bus steps? Yeah, That's me. Kagome, Kagome Higurashi.

So my ride to school didn't go as planned. I didn't make a big entrance while boarding the bus, unless you count making squeaky noises to my seat and dripping all over the aisle. Anyway, on the bright side I was greeted by my best friend, Sango, who saved me a seat in the back, who has known me since elementary. Summing up Sango for you, she is your average teen……PU-LEASE. She is a beautiful girl with flowing wavy brown hair, mysterious brown eyes, shaded by long black eyelashes, and tall, 5'8 to be exact. She is a punk rocker and loves her eyeliner. If she could, that would be her ultimate weapon. You can say she looks odd, and doesn't care what people say about her, except Miroku, pretty much the love of her life, but we'll get to him later.

"You're really wet," Sango, being Sango always has to point out the obvious.

"Thank you so much for enlightening me." I said giving her a mean look.

"Stop being such a snooty pants," she said. She got a little chuckle out of me. I was just a little uneasy seeing as this was my last year of high school.

When the bus rounded the corner, showing Saden High in all it's glory, I held my breath, and Sango just continued her story of summer vacation that wasn't spent with me. I mean, high school can be very intimidating. Sure I've changed a little over summer, but not enough to have people bowing at my feet, I mean why would they? All because I was a senior and the school was my empire didn't mean I knew how to rule. I wasn't a beauty, I was just…normal.

Out of my daze, I see Sango passing a hand in front of me.

"Kagome! Why aren't you paying attention? If I had to suffer without you for half a summer, you have to suffer listening to what I did."

"Fine, what did you do?" I tried to put in as much excitement as I could, while watching as the high school loomed in front of me.

"Oh girl please! You wished I'd tell you about my summer," she said.

Getting off the bus was a hassle. I'm a very clumsy person, so my slippery shoes didn't help any. I slipped on the first step, and waited for collision until a pair of arms shot out and grabbed me. I looked up and saw the face of Ayame, my other best friend. Ayame, let's see. Well, she is a beautiful, crazy punk, with bright red hair in pigtails, ever changing green eyes, and an awesome personality.

"Watch your step there, hoe." Yea that's Ayame for you. She's had the same uniqueness since grade school.

While I regained my balance and fixed my hair, Ayame and Sango shared hugs, then they gave me a knowing glance, and we all attacked each other, laughing. You can say we're the 3 musketeers, the 3 blind mice, you get the point, we're still trying to come up with a name.

"Great! Another year of boring teachers talking crap," Sango, saying it like it is, and pointing out the blunt truth. "But at least we have guys to make it all worthwhile," she finished with a smile.

"You just say that because you're the only one who has a boyfriend." Ayame pointed out.

"That's not true. What about Hojo and Kags?"

"Actually, Hojo and I didn't work out," I said in a low voice.

"You say this now!" They said in unison.

"You didn't ask. Besides, it just wasn't there for me, I guess." I knew they didn't understand. The truth is Hojo and I were supposedly the 'perfect' couple. He was very sweet; he pretty much was an awesome guy, but not my type. He used to say he loved me, but the feeling was never shared.

"Lets just drop the subject, people are crowding the lockers and we haven't gone yet." That got them to start walking and take their attention off me. We began talking of our summers, and how much we missed each other. Once we got to our lockers, Sango tried to 'inconspicuously' look for Miroku.

"Sango, we know you want to see him. Let's go find him," I said dully.

"Thank you, thank you!!!" Sango said in a very high, squeaky voice, and ran off. Miroku and Sango had been together for three years now. He was 6'3, had dark brown almost black hair, dark violet eyes, always wore skinny-ish jeans and a band t-shirt, and according to Sango he was a great kisser. He had a good sense of humor, and shared the same taste of music as Sango. His only flaw seemed to be his wondering hand that always groped girls asses. As Sango spotted him she ran screaming his name and they connected in a passionate embrace followed by a kiss, while Ayame and I watched from afar.

"They are so cuddly," Ayame said.

"It's not our fault we're alone and bitter," I said grinning.

"If anyone asks we're alone and loving it," we both began to laugh until the warning bell cut us off.

"I guess we better get to homeroom. I don't want to be late on the first day."

"Too bad we don't have the same homeroom," Ayame said sadly. I gave her a hug goodbye, waved at Miroku and Sango, and walked off. Walking to homeroom got me thinking. I didn't go from a dork to a model in 2 months. Sango and Ayame were more in tune with everyone, I was more closed in. They were beautiful girls and I was just not. My hair was wavy and it was black reaching down to my waist. I had light brown eyes, fair skin, and I was tall, like my friends.

I walked into homeroom, and all eyes were on me. When people noticed who it was, they lost interest and looked away.

The late bell rang and the day had begun.

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