Richie walks to Judy's room holding a Red Ranger in his hand. "Hey Judy, want to play?"

She looks up at him from her floor next to her doll house. "Richie, I don't like playing with Power Rangers."

"Okay..." He walks back to his room feeling a little sad that he doesn't have anyone to play with.

Harriet walks into the living room with a tray of refreshments and places them on the living room table. She then starts fluffing the pillows on the couch.

Carl walks in the living room, wearing a tie. "Do we have enough shrimps?"

"This should be enough."

Carl walks over to the table and looks at the refreshments. "Enough? Those itty bitty shrimps? How are they going to taste it? Harriet we're going to need a lot more than that."

"This is the only batch that I made."

"Well make some more."

"We don't have any more, Carl, unless you would like to fish some up yourself."

Carl slightly pouted. He begins examining the couch with his eyes. "Harriet, we can't display these pillows, where are the other ones?"

"I had to wash them and what's wrong with these pillows?"

"They seem so old and tired."

Harriet folds her arms. "Kind of like your attitude."

Carl begins to realize he's being a bit bossy. "Honey I'm sorry. It's just that I want to make a great impression for the Gonzales when they come over."

"Exactly who are they again?" Harriet sits down on the couch.

"Well, Aaron Gonzales is my new district manager. Word around work is that he's looking to promote a couple of officers." Carl starts grinning. "Oh Harriet I hope it's me."

Harriet smiles. "I'm sure you'll get promoted Carl, you're one of the best officers they got."

"Thanks Harriet." He smiles back at her.

The doorbell rings and Carl begins panicking. "Oh! There here, there here. Is my tie on correct?" He looks down at his shoes. "Do these look like they match?"

"There fine Carl."

"Are you sure? Because it seems like one of my shoes is purple instead of black. Maybe I should change. What do you think?"

"I think you should answer the door."

Carl nervously smiles. "Oh, right."

He opens the door and see Aaron Gonzales along with his wife and son.

"Mr. Gonzales, hi! Come right on in."

Mr. Gonzales smiles. "Hi Carl." He holds out a hand for Carl to shake. "You can just call me Aaron."

They walk into their home and into the living room.

"This is my wife, Becky, and my son Julian."

Julian has fine curly hair, his dad's skin tone, and his mother's blue eyes. He's about the same age as Judy but a little shorter.

"Nice to meet you both. This is my wife Harriet."

They all greet each other and sat down.

Judy and Richie walk downstairs and into the living room. Judy notices Julian and immediately starts to fix her hair a little with her hands. She looks at her dad "I didn't know we had company."

Carl smiles. "This is one of my daughters, Judy and my nephew Richie. This is my district manager Aaron, his wife Becky, and their son Julian."

Aaron and Becky greets them both.

Judy starts smiling. "Hi Julian."

He doesn't respond back.

Aaron looks at his son. "Well aren't you going to say hi back?"


Judy continues smiling at him while running her fingers through her hair. "Hi"

Harriet and Carl both look at each other.

Richie goes over to Julian. "Hey, do you like Power Rangers?"

"I guess so."

"Would you like to see my Power Ranger transformers?"

Julian shrugs. "Sure."

Richie and Julian run upstairs and Judy tries to follow behind them. "Wait, I like power rangers too!"