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Note: //Bakura through mind link//

Ryou slowly trudged upstairs to his room, exhaustion and fatigue making his limbs cumbersome to move. He and his friends had just got back from Egypt. Yami, or Atem was his name, had lost his duel with Yugi and was sent back to his own world. And all the Millennium items, including his own Millennium ring, were destroyed.

"It's over," he mumbled to himself. "It's all over." Indeed, it was all over from Duelist Kingdom, to Battle City, to the whole soul-stealing Orichalcos mess, and finally to the Pharaoh's memories. He and the others had been through a lot but now he was just glad their adventure had ended.

And, to Ryou's relief, the evil spirit of the ring or whatever was finally gone, all gone. Ryou finally had complete control over his body and there was no longer the feeling of the threat of his consciousness being smothered anymore. He was free, completely and finally free to do whatever he wanted.

And right now all he wanted was to sleep…

Their flight had just gotten in forty-five minutes ago. It took fifteen minutes for everyone to say goodbye to each other (and to get Téa to stop crying) and thirty minutes for the taxi cab to reach his house. The house, though, was still completely empty; Ryou's father still away at Egypt for an archaeological dig. How ironic that Ryou never came into contact with him while he was there.

Finally, Ryou had reached the door that led to his bedroom. It took a moment for his heavy eyelids to stay open long enough for him to find the doorknob…

But he did and he twisted the knob, opening the door. He then stepped into the dark room and reached his arm out to flip the light switch on. As soon as he did, he heard a voice speak from the corner of the room.

"About time you got here..." That voice! That awfully familiar voice! The one that had plagued his mind for so long. Suddenly, Ryou's eyelids didn't feel as heavy anymore as they flew open to see the tomb robber leaning against the opposite wall of his bedroom.

"You?!" Ryou exclaimed feebly. "I thought you were dead!" Bakura frowned.

"Dead? Not likely, hikari." He shrugged himself off of the wall and stepped toward Ryou. Ryou, however, took a step back.

"W-w-what are you doing here? What do you want?" Bakura stopped.

"Me? I don't want anything."

"Not even take over the world?" Ryou demanded. Bakura scoffed.

"That purpose is gone now."

"Then why are you here?" Bakura shrugged, looking absolutely bored.

"Your guess is as good as mine." Bakura began walking toward him again.

"Stay away from me!" Ryou shouted, his voice going up a few octaves. Bakura sighed.

"Just relax, Ryou. I'm not going to hurt you." As if to prove this, Bakura hopped onto Ryou's bed, picked up the nearby remote control, and turned the television set on. Ryou stared at him as he idly browsed through channels.

"Hey! Who said you could get on my bed and watch my TV?" Ryou demanded but then suddenly closed his mouth for fear of Bakura doing something dreadful to him.

But to his surprise, Bakura simply shrugged again and, keeping his eyes on the screen, asked, "Is there anything else to do around here?" Ryou didn't answer him but stared at him for a moment.

Maybe he's not here to hurt me, Ryou though5. Thinking quickly, Ryou grabbed the phone beside his alarm clock and dialed Yugi's number while bounding down the stairs. It rang three times before Yugi answered it.

"Hello? Game shop," came Yugi's cheery voice. But there was a slight edge to it. However, Ryou was too worried to notice.

"Yugi? It's me, Ryou."

"Hello Ryou. What's up?"

"I have a slight problem-"

//Why are you all the way down there? I can hear what you're saying anyway, // interrupted a voice from inside Ryou's head, Bakura's voice. Ryou gave such a start of surprise that he dropped the phone.

"Holy mother of Jesus Christ!" Ryou exclaimed suddenly. He bent down to pick up the fallen phone and darted up the stairs and back toward his bedroom. But Bakura was just sitting there as he had before. Not even moved an inch.

"How did you do that?" Ryou snapped. Bakura turned his head slightly to look at him.

"Do what?"

"Speak inside my head." Bakura shrugged. Ryou had just about enough with all his shrugging.

"It's called a mind link. All the yamis and hikaris can talk to each other telepathically.

"That's insane!" Ryou accused, his face growing wild with fear. Bakura shrugged yet again before turning back to the TV.

"Just ask your friend, Yugi." Upon the mentioning of his friend, Ryou remembered the phone in his hand and put it up to his ear, turning his back to Bakura.

"Ryou, Ryou? Are you there? Who are you talking to? Is everything all right? Ryou?"

"Sorry Yugi but I was interrupted," Ryou apologized.

"By who? Your dad isn't back from Egypt, is he?"

"No, no. He's not but Bakura is." Yugi paused momentarily.

"What do you mean? He's not controlling your mind again, is he?" Yugi asked, terrified.

"No, he's-" But Ryou stopped himself and turned around to gape at the spirit disbelievingly. Ryou had been about to say "he's sitting on my bed." But that wouldn't have made much sense because he was a spirit. And a spirit wouldn't be able to sit on a bed tangibly, much less pick up his remote control.

So he wasn't a spirit anymore…

"Ryou? He's what?" But Ryou didn't respond to Yugi. Instead, he jabbed a finger toward Bakura.

"You have a body!" he exclaimed. The corner of Bakura's mouth twitched upward into a small smirk.

//You're catching on, // his thoughts sneered. Ryou shivered at the mental contact.

"He has a body?" Yugi gasped.

"Yes!" Ryou said breathlessly into the phone, his words coming in a rush. "He's sitting on my bed and watching TV. When I got home he was just standing in my room, as if he were waiting for me."

//I have been waiting for you. // Ryou ignore him.

"Isn't he supposed to be gone from our lives, like Yami?" Ryou asked. Yugi seemed to hesitate.

"Well, Ryou, you're not going to believe this but when I got home, Yami was there waiting for me as well." Ryou's eyes widened, his mouth hanging open in stunned gape.

"But wasn't he supposed to go back to his own world or something?"

"I guess but I'm not sure-" Yugi paused for a moment. "Hang on Ryou, Yami wants to talk to you." There was a muffled shuffling and after a moment later, Yugi's darker half spoke.

"Hello, Ryou?" came the deeper, more masculine voice.

"Yes? What is it Yami?"

"You said that Bakura was there, in his own body?"


"Are you sure?" Ryou sighed, his exhaustion coming back to him.

"Unless I'm going crazy. Hang on a second." Ryou lowered the phone away from his ear and slowly began advancing toward Bakura, a determined expression plastered on his angelic face. It took all but a few moments for Bakura to realize Ryou wasn't speaking on the phone anymore as he slowly drilled his attention away from the mesmerizing screen and onto his hikari that was getting closer and closer.

"Ryou," he said in a low warning tone, shying away from him. Ryou continued toward him however and, with a sudden thrust, Ryou jabbed his index finger just below Bakura's shoulder and, just as quickly, jumped back away from the yami. Bakura blinked and his shocked face settled into a scowling expression.

"Did you just poke me, Ryou?" he demanded. Ryou turned away from him and put the phone back to his ear. "Hey! I just asked you a question-"

"Yeah, he has a physical body," Ryou said to Yami.

"Of course I have a physical body, you complete moron!" Ryou continued to ignore him.

"Hmm…" came Yami's contemplative reply.

"And you have a physical body as well?" Ryou asked.

"Who are you talking to? That washed-up has-been, the pharaoh?" Bakura continued to rant.

"Correct," Yami said, replying to Ryou's question. "But I can't make heads or tails of it. The only thing I can figure is that Bakura and I were given a second chance to live as mortals. I wonder if Marik is the same way…" Yami's voice trailed off in thought.

"So what? Does that mean I'm stuck with Bakura for the rest of my life? My dad is still in Egypt, I don't think he would be too happy to find out that my evil counterpart is living with us, once he gets back that is."

"Don't worry, Ryou, we'll figure out something but now he'll have to stay with you until we do. Call us if he does anything… not nice." Ryou sighed.

"Okay Yami. See you around I guess."

"Bye, Ryou."

"Bye," he mumbled before issuing a loud yawn and turning off the phone. After he did so, he turned back to Bakura who was glaring at him contemptuously.

"Well, I am offended," he scoffed. Ryou ignored the statement.

"It looks like you're going to be staying here for a while." Bakura sniffed. "So if you're going to stay here, we're going to set some ground rules-"

"Rules were made to be broken," he said quietly. Ryou's fatigue made his temper flare.

"Well if you don't like it, then you can leave and find somewhere else to stay!" Ryou snapped.

"Looks like someone's not in a good mood," Bakura speculated with a frown. Ryou ran his fingers through his long, white hair.

"Look, I'm sorry. I'm just tired is all. So do you want to stay or not?" Bakura contemplated him for a moment and as he did so, Ryou caught a flicker in his eyes. Of course he would stay, he had no where else to go, that much Ryou knew of.

How ironic that with all the trouble Bakura had caused him, Ryou was worried about having hurt Bakura's feelings. Well, Ryou did admit, if you got past the Bakura wanting to take over the world part, Bakura was really like a kitty. A fat, spoiled, sensitive kitty. (Though, Bakura wasn't really fat- the exact opposite actually.)

"I guess I could stay," Bakura finally said at length.

"Okay then. I'll just have to find a place where you can sleep-"

"What's wrong with here?" Bakura suddenly outburst, gesturing toward the bed.

"Bakura, that's my bed."

"We could share it," Bakura said with an evil grin. Ryou's mouth fell open, cheeks turning a bright red. Surely he had just misheard what Bakura had just said…

"What's the matter, Ryou?" he asked, still smirking. "Afraid I might bite?" He made a chomping noise with his teeth. Ryou's cheeks' color transformation continued to a deep scarlet.

"Uhh… no… t-that's okay. I'll just s-s-sleep on the floor," he stammered in a small whisper. In a daze, he walked to his closet and began rummaging through it for an extra blanket. He finally found one crammed on the top shelf. After he managed to free it from within the depths of the closet, he walked up to the television set and with a small press of a button, it clicked off. When Ryou turned around, he was met with a scowl from Bakura.

"I was watching that," he grumbled. Ryou tried to muster a very stern and parental expression onto his features.

"It's bedtime, Bakura, and that means we go to sleep now. Okay?" Bakura sighed impatiently.

"Fine, whatever," he mumbled, throwing the remote on the floor, causing the batteries to pop out of it.

"Bakura! Pick that up! We do not throw things around here." Bakura's mouth slipped into a frown, his eyes still glaring.

"Make me," he said before flopping himself down on the bed, face-down. Ryou sighed, becoming more light-headed by his fatigue. He stared at the dismembered remote with a blank face for a moment before deciding that it wasn't worth the energy; he could put it away tomorrow.

With a final sigh, he went over to the light switch and flipped it down, causing the lights to extinguish. Then he picked out the corner furthest away from Bakura and settled down into it, covering himself with the old blanket he had found and resting his weary head on his arm. He blinked, realizing that his eyelids were once again very heavy and difficult to keep open. Gratefully, he closed them and the buzz of his mind was clouded with a shroud of lethargy…

Then suddenly, Bakura groaned. Quite loudly. Ryou's eyes flew open, annoyed at the disruption.

"Bakura, go to sleep," Ryou said in a thick, almost incomprehensible voice. Before Ryou heard Bakura's grumbled response, he had already and finally nodded off to sleep.


"Ryou," said a distant, faraway voice, practically indistinguishable. Ryou uttered a soft moan. In its own way, the moan was supposed to say: "Go away and let me sleep."

"Ryou! Wake up!" said the voice, louder and more impatient. Ryou squeezed his eyes, recognizing the voice as Bakura's. No surprise there…

"Go to sleep, Bakura," Ryou mumbled, rolling over to his other side, turning his back to the voice of Bakura. Ryou's shoulder was slightly shaken by a tentative hand.

"Ryou, get up!" Bakura hissed. "I have a problem…" Ryou sighed and reluctantly rolled over and opened his eyes to face Bakura.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I can't go to sleep," Bakura said. Ryou sat up, propping himself on an elbow.

"Why not?" he asked, perplexed. Bakura seemed to grow annoyed.

"I don't know why- I haven't been mortal before," he snapped. "My stomach is making these weird noises and it feels strangely empty somehow. And I can't go to sleep because of it." Ryou blinked.

Bakura hadn't been mortal before, hadn't needed to tend to the needs of a physical body. His stomach was bothering him so Ryou could only guess that Bakura was hungry.

"You're probably hungry, Bakura." Bakura blinked as well.

"Hungry?" Ryou sighed again and clumsily got to his feet.

"Come on, let's see if there's anything to eat in the kitchen." Ryou stumbled his way blindly through the darkness of the room and made his way out into the equally dark hallway. Ryou patted his feet lightly in front of him, testing each step. After a minute of searching, Ryou found the top of the stairwell. He heard soft footsteps behind him after he had slowly and carefully descended from the topmost step, hand firmly grasping the railing.

"Ryou, I can't see a thing," complained Bakura's voice from behind him. Suddenly, Ryou felt the shape of Bakura bumping into his back. With a muted oof, Ryou momentarily lost his balance and tripped down the next two stairs. He managed to catch himself by grabbing the banister again.

"Bakura!" Ryou said sharply. "Watch where you're going! I could have fell and injured myself!" There was a huff of impatience from behind.

"Watch where I'm going? Now how, pray tell, am I supposed to do that if I can't see a thing?"

"Just…I don't know, be more careful!" Bakura continued to grumble inaudibly behind him as Ryou continued his way down the stairs. About what seemed like halfway down, Bakura spoke again, still close behind.

"How come you didn't just turn on the light?" At that, Ryou felt as though he could have slapped himself for his own stupidity but still defended his own pride.

"Well I'm so sorry. I'm half dead from sleep and you expect me to remember these things! Why couldn't you turn on the light, Einstein?" Ryou managed down three more steps before Bakura replied.

"I don't know who Einstein is," he mumbled.

"Never mind, it's just an analogy. Look, I think we made it down finally." Ryou extended his foot out, expecting the ground floor but only coming across thin air. Ryou drew back his foot. Okay, he was mistaken, so they still had a few more steps to go. He reached down to another step-

//I thought you had made it all the way down,// Bakura thought smugly. The mind link contact made Ryou jump, much like his first encounter with it, so he tripped down the last few steps and fell flat on his face. He could hear Bakura laughing above him.

"That wasn't funny," Ryou said through clenched teeth as he sat up and got to his feet. He went through the open living room doorway and was in the kitchen.

He turned on the nearby light, illuminating the dark room. Blinking from the bright light, Ryou walked over to the fridge and opened it. Rubbing his eyes and stifling a large yawn, Ryou peered into it.

"What would you like to eat, Bakura?" Ryou asked. Bakura appeared silently beside him. Bakura had eaten before, Ryou knew he had. When Bakura had taken control of his body before, he had to eat so eating shouldn't pose much of a problem.

Bakura gazed into the cold contents of the refrigerator with a silent boredom.

"I don't suppose you have the living souls of the tormented, do you?" Ryou's face paled as Bakura turned to smile at him, playfully. However, his smile disappeared after seeing Ryou's expression.

"Only joking, Ryou. Don't worry. Hmm…I'll just take strawberry yogurt." He reached in and took a serving-sized cup of yogurt and went over to the kitchen table. Ryou was about to protest- yogurt was his favorite and he didn't want Bakura to eat it all- but decided against it, figuring it would be better just to make Bakura happy. Ryou closed the fridge and went to retrieve a spoon from one of the drawers. He handed the spoon to Bakura who took it and studied the piece of metal curiously.

"I'm going back to bed," Ryou told him slowly. "Please don't make a mess of everything and put everything away when you go to bed. Okay?" Bakura shrugged, opening the yogurt innocently.

"Fine, whatever." Ryou watched him a moment as he took the first few bites before turning his back on him to go back to his room.

Maybe he is harmless, Ryou thought resolutely as he went upstairs, the light from the kitchen guiding his way. And maybe it wasn't a good idea to leave him alone either, Ryou nagged to himself. However, as Ryou settled down into his corner, he realized that, for the moment, he was too tired to care and would worry about what Bakura would do until the morning.

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