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I live in a nice, cozy apartment here in DC. I don't need anything bigger, and, after this case, I wouldn't want anything bigger. Suburbs scare me now. They really do after this case.

See, there was a murder in one of those perfect white-picket-fence neighborhoods that have the perfect families and perfect lawns.

You'd think they'd have the perfect murder. And they sure came close.

The body of Kurt Bissette was found in a roasting pit. Apparently there was a neighborhood luau going on. The victim was a newcomer to the neighborhood and quite a bit of drama was stirred up because of him. He was a bit of an outcast.

I mentioned during this case that neighborhoods like this were like one dysfunctional personality. And believe me, this neighborhood was certainly dysfunctional. Everyone was a suspect. Including the neighborhood gardener and the suspicious next-door neighbor who was a therapist. She and Brennan butted heads. In the end, it turned out that three people contributed to the death of Kurt. Elliot Lindberg, James Perry, and Mary Kay Sayles all helped murder Kurt. Mary Sayles (the wife of the suspicious neighbor) was having an affair with Kurt. One of the other two wanted revenge for their dog being poisoned, and the other wasn't too happy with the windmill Kurt had in his front yard. THAT was the final straw. Oh, there was blackmail thrown in there somewhere.

In other news, Arastoo…he's not exactly who he said he was. I mean, he was faking his accent. It showed when he was upset or angry (Brennan said that she thought something was fishy when he said he was Iranian yet spoke with a Jordanian accent -- or the other way around). Cam was the first to find out, and she was a bit freaked out.

When confronted about it, Arastoo said that it was easier for people to see him praying 5 times a day after hearing the accent; it made more sense to them that way. When he had an American accent people questioned his beliefs.

It makes complete sense to me.

Either way, Arastoo is not a terrorist and his beliefs and differences are accepted here.

On another note, Parker was worried that Booth wasn't um…getting any, if you know what I mean. Booth came to me with this problem, and I told him that Parker just needed to see him interacting with women more, like having dinner or something. Of course, he went to Brennan. And they had dinner. And then they figured out that the only reason Parker wanted him to meet someone was that his friend's dad got remarried and they got a house with a pool. And he wanted a pool. Amazing how a child's mind works. But, Brennan solved that problem by giving them a key to her apartment's pool.

And Booth told Parker that it wouldn't be appropriate for him to date Brennan because they worked together. What. A load. Of crap.

Curious and curiouser they say, ~Sweets

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