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The cage would only contain him for so long, Anakin was determined about that. Grasping his hands on the bars he glared daggers at Vader. The Sith that bore his face, inhabited his body. "If you harm her..." he seethed.

The sith offered him one of the cruelest smiles. "And what will you do locked up in there?" he challenged.

"This cage won't keep me forever," Anakin told him.

"You're defenseless Jedi," Vader sneered. "You can't get out."

"I will," Anakin seethed. "And I'll kill you first..."

"You would only be killing yourself," Vader sneered.

Anakin raged against the bars. "I'll get out of here! My family needs me!"

"They're mine now, Jedi," Vader told him walking away.

"They'll never be yours!" Anakin raged. "Padmé! Don't listen to him! Padmé! Angel!"


Padmé woke, noting that it was early morning though still dark. She also noticed that she was curled into the chest of the man who had taken the place of her husband, in spirit if not in body. That scared her more than anything else that had recently happened. She felt him wake as she stiffened against his embrace before she could move to extract herself from him.

"Angel," he breathed quietly, not anywhere near fully awake, and he moved to kiss her. She turned her head away, and he caught her hair in his mouth, which was enough to wake him fully.

She turned over out of his embrace, and huddled on the edge of the bed again. "I didn't mean to wake you up," she said quietly, "I was just turning over."

Vader looked at her sensing her unease had been intensified. He noticed that she had once again scooted toward the edge of the bed. He said nothing, choosing to ignore her as he stood to get get up out of bed and walked past her into the refresher.

Padmé watched him retreat to the refresher, trying not to notice his powerful naked form and trying not to remember what it had once felt like being worshiped by that body.


Obi-Wan sighed, hating this duty, but knowing it was necessary. Deception wasn't truly part of his nature, but he'd had to learn it as well as anything else he knew in the last six years. He dialed a comm number he knew by heart now. "Obi-Wan, I hope you have good news," came the familiar voice of Shmi Skywalker-Lars

"I do, Mrs. Lars. Leia is responding very well to the treatments. She's getting better and the doctors expect her to be fully recovered in a few weeks."

"Thank the Force," she sighed in relief. "Can I speak with her?"

"It's late, the twins are asleep," he deflected, "I'll make sure that they are available the next time I speak with you if it's possible."

"I understand, Obi-Wan. I hope you haven't had trouble with him."

"No trouble at all. We should be releasing him soon."

"I'm sure he would have agreed if you had asked, but I know what price that would have held as well."

He glanced up at Bail as he walked in. "I know. I will speak with you as soon as I have more news. I must go now."

"Take care," she said, and he dropped the transmission.

Obi-Wan sighed heavily. "I hate having to deceive that woman, she's suffered enough with what Anakin became," he said to Bail.

"It is reasonable to deceive her if you wish not to cause her pain, Obi-Wan," Bail told him.

"Anakin wouldn't lie to her as I just did," Obi-Wan sighed.

Bail looked at him, knowing how much pain the jedi was in. "You must stop thinking of him as Anakin. Anakin Skywalker is gone," Bail told him worriedly.

"I know that," Obi-Wan said peevishly. "I knew that the moment he attacked his pregnant wife. Anakin Skywalker would have never done something so heinous. How is your wife and daughter?"

He switched topics so swiftly that Bail got the hint. "They're safe enough. I've increased security, now that Vader knows that I had a hand in hiding Padmé and her twins there is no telling what he might do to me. I must make precautions for my family," He told him.

"He'll find some way to get to you, I'm not sure if it would be through your family. Planetary royalty is in a way off-limits legally," Obi-Wan told him.

"Since when has that stopped Vader?" Bail asked.

Obi-Wan nodded in agreement. "We must figure out a way to get Padmé and the twins to safety again," he said determinedly. "Now that he knows they're alive hiding her will be an even bigger challenge."

Bail sighed. "I'll figure something out," he assured him.

Obi-Wan looked at him. "You've sacrificed enough, Senator. You should worry more about your family," he told him.

"I consider Padmé and her twins family," Bail told him sternly. "I will help them no matter what," he vowed.

Obi-Wan turned to the empty bed in the room he was in where Luke's stuffed shaak rested. Once he knew where Padmé was, he would use that as a symbol to let her know that he was going to rescue them.


Breakfast was a tense affair, Vader and Padmé not speaking to each other, but the twins, not understanding the tension, chattering to fill the silence, revealing their nervousness in their own way. They never had both of their parents together before so it was a new experience for them. They had examples of what married couples acted like. Like their grandparents and Uncle Owen and aunt Beru as well as Senator Organa and Queen Breha. They expected for their parents to act in love, however that was. Their mother constantly told them how she had loved their father and how he loved her in turn, but they weren't acting like it.

"Mommy, why did you say Daddy was dead?" Leia asked.

Padmé looked at her daughter. Not sure how to answer that question with Vader sitting to her left from her. "I..."

"Yes, do explain that," Vader said scornfully.

"Just eat your breakfast, we'll talk about this later," Padmé said, looking at each of the twins.

"That was an order," Vader said looking at his wife pointedly.

Padmé glared at him. "Do not give me an order," she told him, not liking being ordered about.

Vader looked at the twins. "Leave," he told them.

Luke and Leia looked between their parents, sensing that something was going on between them. From within the room, Elana's daughter, Anastasia, walked in. "Come along you two, lets go play," she said, offering a hand to the twins. Not ones to resist playing with their wizard new toys, Luke and Leia got up and left with their nanny, eager to play.

When they were gone, Vader grabbed his wife's wrist when she went to continue to eat. "I will tell you to do whatever I please," he told her.

Padmé yanked her wrist free, looking at him. "I told them what was better than telling them that their father was a homicidal maniac," she told him.

This didn't seem to please Vader one bit as he stood and yanked her to her feet by her wrists. "You're going to learn your place," he told her. "Insults have no place here," he shouted, shoving her away.

Padmé stumbled and she regained her balance just before she would have landed against the table, looking at Vader in shock. She backed away from him, hitting the table as he advanced, pinning her to the table, both hands pressed to it on either side of her. "I only speak the truth," she told him, her voice faltering slightly.

"Your version of the truth has been warped by that traitorous Jedi Kenobi," Vader seethed. He reached one hand up and brushed his knuckles against her cheek and watched as she turned her face away. "Did he tell you these lies to worm his way into your bed?" he demanded coldly.

Padmé looked at him at the accusation. "Your version of the truth has been warped, not mine," she told him, her voice becoming stronger.

At this point Elana entered the room. "My Lord, the Emperor wishes that you join him in the throne room, he seems displeased," she told him.

Vader didn't say anything as he moved away from his wife and without so much as looking at her, he left the room and the apartment all together.


Palpatine sat on his throne alone in the throne room when Vader entered. Vader had learned to shield his mind years ago and kept his mental barriers up. He walked up the the throne and bent to one knee. "What is thy bidding, my master?" he greeted.

Palpatine frowned at him. "Rise," he commanded and watched with a critical eye as Vader rose. "You disappeared during a critical announcement. What is your excuse?" he demanded coldly.

"I was attacked. That traitorous Jedi Kenobi brought friends with him. I tried track him when I broke free but he disappeared again," Vader told him.

Palpatine frowned. "Cowardice it seems to be a part of the Jedi's way," he said.

"I have faith that he will try again and I will be ready the next time," Vader told him.

"Make sure you kill him next time, Vader," Palpatine commanded coldly.

"It will be my pleasure my master," Vader told him.

Palpatine glared at him. "In the mean time, I had to put my announcement on hold," he said. "Should you miss it again..."

"I wouldn't dream of it, Master," Vader interrupted him.

"See that you don't," Palpatine told him coldly.

"Yes, master," he said, bowing low. While his face was down, the proper position for the bow, Palpatine struck him with sith lightning and he fell to the floor, withering in pain. He refused to cry out, caring only that this was distracting Palpatine from his family.

Palpatine was displeased with Vader's lack of reaction to the normal punishment, and finally said,"You are dismissed."

Vader bowed before his master before he took his leave. When he was gone Palpatine signaled to a guard. "Have someone follow him," he ordered. The guard silently nodded before retreating.


Vader wasn't sure what was going on as he entered his apartment, but seeing his wife in close proximity to another man at his dining room table made his blood boil. "What is going on here?"

"My Lord," Franz, a man he'd trusted for six years looked up at the tone. "We are going over the house plans and making accommodations for your children. I don't have any children myself, and your wife was kind enough to explain to me the needs of children so young."

It sounded reasonable. Unfortunately, Vader was so far beyond reason that nothing that either of them said would have been helpful. "Get out," he said to Franz.

"My Lord, I was entrusted to fix the place up to suit the children's needs. Elana approved of it," Franz protested.

"I said get out!" Vader snapped louder, his voice holding a dangerous note to it and the man complied, fearing for his life, leaving the floor plans to be picked up later.

"You need to learn to be polite to your people," Padmé said collecting the floor plans.

"And you need to learn to start acting like my wife," he said, towering over her, pulling her up by the arm.

"Let go of me!" Padmé snapped, yanking her arm free.

Vader pulled the floor plans from her hands and threw them down. "There won't be any changes here," he told her, his face inches from hers, causing her to back up into the wall.

"If you are insistent on having Luke and Leia here, it needs to be suitable for them," Padmé insisted.

"They already have their every need taken care of," Vader told her.

"What about Leia?" Padmé challenged, looking him in the eye challengingly, aware of the cold look in them. "She just had major surgery, she should still be in the medical facility..."

"I have my personal physician looking after her, that is enough," Vader told her.

"It isn't enough! You obviously don't care about her health since you insist on keeping us in here like prisoners!" Padmé accused and winced when he punched the wall beside her head and leaned his face inches before her, his eyes flashing yellow momentarily.

"I'm not the one who endangered her health. You did that because of your selfish pride kept them from me. I'm not about to let that happen again and it is time that you realized that. I make the decisions now, remember that," he told her.

"I'm their mother, I raised them," Padmé told him, her voice less sure than it had been a minute before.

"And I'm their father and you told them that I was dead while keeping them from me. I can easily do the same to you," he reminded her before moving away and leaving the room.

Padmé waited for her heart to stop pounding against her chest before she pushed herself away from the wall shakily. She didn't doubt his threat. Somehow she had to find a way to get away, to take the twins to safety. Until then she would have to live in fear of his making good on his threat. He could take them anywhere. Until she could get away with her children, she had to endure it.


Obi-Wan met Bail in his office and bowed respectfully to the senator. "You wished to see me?" he said.

"I received a codded message from Padmé, she gave us a location," Bail informed him.

"This is good," Obi-Wan said.

"She said that we need to come alone and that Vader will be watching," Bail told him.

"What is she thinking? We need back up if we are to get her and the twins safely away from Vader," Obi-Wan replied.

Bail didn't like being driven into a corner. "She is such a stubborn woman."

"She's well-matched. He's just as stubborn as she is."

"Why did she go?" Bail asked peevishly.

"Because she doesn't trust Vader to care for them properly and not to harm them. She thinks she can protect them if she is there," Obi-Wan reasoned.

"If she would have listened, we could have found a way to get them out of there."

"Vader knows her. He knows her weaknesses. She will not let him stand in the way of seeing her children safe, and if he can't keep her from them, how are we to make her stay here?" Obi-Wan asked.

Bail sighed deeply. "We leave tonight. The sooner we get them out of there, the better," he decided.

"I agree," Obi-Wan told him.

Bail looked at him. "You will need to keep a low profile," he said.

Obi-Wan smiled. "I can disguise myself well," he assured him.

"You'll have to," Bail said as he stood.

Obi-Wan nodded to him as they exited the office together to prepare their departure.


Padmé wasn't happy as Vader watched her undress that evening as they prepared for bed. "You were out of line this evening," she said to him, giving him a hard look in the mirror as she brushed her hair out.

"Seeing you with another man drives me out of my mind with jealousy."

"Standing with another man drives you into such a jealous rage that you damage your hand?" she asked, watching him make a few additional adjustments to it.

"How many men have you been with since you left me? Since the galaxy was informed of your death?"

She was so incensed by his accusation that she sputtered for a moment, unable to form words. "None," she told him finally, and she hoped he was able to read the truth of that from her mind.

"I don't believe you. Even now your mind is shielded from me, even more than before we were married."

"I can't help that. I don't feel that I can trust you, so until you can prove that you deserve such trust, I won't feel comfortable being that vulnerable to you."

She stood up, and he stood with her, coming up behind her, putting his hands on her hips, pulling her to him and she could feel his arousal, "You seemed that comfortable last night," he said low in his throat, and he nuzzled her neck.

"Stop," she said.

"If you haven't felt the touch of a man in six years, you must be lonely," he reasoned, "Unless you were lying to me."

"No. I'm not lying," she insisted.

He flipped her onto the bed, pinning her with his larger frame. His hands held her wrists tightly, pinning her to the bed. "As I remember it you couldn't get enough. I noticed the way you watched me this morning," he told her. He lowered himself onto her, pressing his face into her shoulder, then decided he wanted to try to raise her desire for him, and turned his head to kiss a specific spot on her neck that drove her wild, but she twisted out of reach. He growled in frustration, held her to him more firmly. "You know what you do to me."

"You do that to yourself," she said as she tried to get away but he held her firmly in place, his face nuzzled against her next, inhaling the scent of the creams she used. "Please, stop."

He moved to look at her. "Who is it that you desire instead? Kenobi? Organa?" he demanded, a little more hostile.

"I desire no one, least of all you after what you did," Padmé told him.

Her denial was on deaf ears as he grabbed her upper arms, holding on tight and painfully. "If you so much as speak to another man I will kill him on sight," he threatened.

"Then you had better remove all of your male staff now," Padmé told him and his grip tightened on her even more.

"Is that a threat?"

"Let me go, you're hurting me," Padmé told him.

"If I see you with another man I will take Luke and Leia far away from here, and tell them that you are dead. You will never see your children again," Vader told her letting her go and rolling away.

Padmé rolled onto her side at the edge of the bed. She believed his threats, she believed what he was capable of. She had told herself that this wasn't Anakin before she arrived. This was further evidence. He may have had Anakin's body, Anakin's face, he wasn't Anakin. Anakin wouldn't hurt her like this. She resisted the urge to cry, she didn't want to show him an ounce of weakness. When she felt him move off of the bed and heard the door to the bedroom open and close, she gave into her tears, rubbing her arms and wincing in pain.

A/N: I know some of you have a romantic view of a Vader/Padmé dynamic, but I don't believe that Vader wouldn't hurt her. I will not write that he hits her or anything like it. But I do believe that his temper would take over. Just look at Mustafar. Further more, having family members who suffered from domestic abuse, I do not support it and I support the other team against it.