The mother was lead out of the office in handcuffs; Lily could catch a glimpse of the woman that she had once been the fun loving woman that her children had all worshipped. That had been a good time for them all but they knew that the pain was all over at last.

Lily watched as Dale and Hattie saw Lydia being taken out, Hattie let out a strangled cry and Dale just started swearing because he was angry at what his mother-in-law had done. He'd always loved Lydia because of everything she'd done for him. Together they held onto each other, tears falling down their cheeks as they tried to find something to say that would comfort the other.

Restraints gone, Jake Oakley stood up and wrapped his arms around the two children. Dale stiffened against him before throwing his arms around him, Hattie being pushed out of the way but she didn't actually mind because that meant she could hold onto Lorenzo. Her daughter latching onto her hands.

Lily couldn't help but stand back and wonder what would have gone differently if the two younger siblings had lived. Would Lucy have allowed Hattie to marry the creep that had stalked her all her teenage years? Would Dale be an alcoholic still or would his life be too perfect? Would Benjamin have escaped his drugs and lived a normal life with a woman he loved and children?

Even more importantly, would their parents have been reunited?

She watched as Jake moved over and took hold of Lydia's hands in his. Something in his eyes made Lydia look away before smiling gently. "I love you." She mouthed before being taken away. Dale and Hattie both took hold of the crumbling man's hands and smiled at him. At last they could be a family.


Jake knelt down at the graves of his two children, his hand rubbing off some dirt that had landed on Lucy's gravestone before being helped back up by Lorenzo. He wrapped his arms around her daughter and kissed her temple, "I am so happy to be back here with you." He whispered before turning round to look at John Stillman.

"I can't believe you would do this for your wife..." Stillman muttered before sighing as he looked over at Hattie, his hand stroking her cheek. "I'm glad it's finally solved though."

"Me too..." Hattie stopped. "Just not the results I wanted to find out though. I didn't want it to be a family member."

"I know." He whispered before looking over at Lily. "Not everything goes our way, Hattie." He finished off before leaving freezing as he noticed Benjamin and Lucy stood together, holding hands in their wedding finery. They smiled brightly at him before looking over his shoulder at the way Jake was tickling Lucy as he carried her out of the graveyard.

Satisfied with what they saw the two kids turned and started to walk away before vanishing.

Lily squeezed his arm. "I'm glad we solved this one. Just for Hattie."

"Me too."

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