The Ultimate Mission

"Fear is not a weakness. No. Fear is a good thing. To fear something is to respect it. Without fear, there would be no caution."

Bella's POV

"Oof!" I grunted as I blocked Emmett's powerful scissor kick that was headed for my chest.

Emmett laughed as he flipped back and away from me. He was taking this too lightly. I needed him to focus and quickly.

"Em, if you don't shut up, I'll kill you." I growled at him.

Emmett smiled at me even though he knew my threat was serious.

"Oh, your heart won't let you do it." Emmett chuckled again at me.

I rolled my eyes at him.

"What heart are you talking about Emmett?"

I didn't turn to acknowledge the voice. I knew I wouldn't be able to not punch her if I saw her evil face.

Emmett grinned though and ran over to her.

"Hey!" I protested. I wasn't done with him!

"Oh c'mon Bella. You two have been at this for hours. Let him rest." Rosalie scolded me playfully.

I scoffed and stomped away from the two lovebirds. For some reason, my brother liked this witch a lot. I hated her. She always got in the way and was so freaking fake! I wish it was just me and Em, us against the world. But then Rosalie came along and Em was gone. It was like she had some type of hold on him. And as hard as I tried, I couldn't get along with her. We were too different, which was fine with me.

"I'll be back in a bit, B. Don't worry." Emmett's voice faded away as he and his girlfriend walked to her car.

Grr. I was so not going to go easy on him.

I sighed and plopped myself on the couch. I grabbed a towel and bottle of water and relaxed. But I couldn't sit still for long. Not with this huge job coming up. The chief had finally recognized my talents and wanted to put me in the latest mission. It was top secret and I wasn't even allowed in on the case until they were sure I could handle it. But I had my ways to find out exactly what I might do.

That's why I was training my ass off here.

My brother Emmett wanted to help me and he did. He was the best sparring partner I could ask for.

Until that vampire came along and stole him. Ooh I hated her!

I flipped open my phone and sent an angry text to him. I hoped that would make him hurry up his stupid date. I had business to take care of.

I knew that wouldn't hurry him. It was a useless attempt.

"I better do something before I die of boredom." I muttered.

I got to my feet and walked out of the gym briskly. I ignored the catcalls and whistles and rushed out the door. OK, so I was wearing less than desirable clothes right now, thanks to my cousin Alice. It couldn't be helped. They were actually comfortable, to my surprise. I just hated the reaction I got from the guys. Nothing but cavemen and sick bastards all around here.

Sliding into my nice ride, I gunned the engine on my Porsche Turbo 911. My cousin had one just like it, only it was yellow. Mine was blue. I loved my baby.

Peeling out of the parking garage, I grinned as the wind blew through my brown hair. It dried the sweat off my face and calmed down my flushed face.

My name is Isabella Swan and I live in Chicago working for the police force and sometimes the FBI. I'm only assigned to the hardest missions. I take my job very seriously and always come out on top. No criminal was going to escape with me on their tail. I was way too good to allow for a silly mistake like that.

And I was headed straight for my biggest mission yet.

Someone, someone impossibly smart and cunning, had stolen the key to the safe of the city. It was unheard of for someone to do that. This person had to be someone on the inside. Everyone was a suspect and no one would get off easy.

I had to interview each of the employees and narrow the list down quickly.

Little stuff, really. That's what my confidant had told me.

Then, I had to guard the safe and see if the prick was going to come back for the monies in the most important safe in the city.

Mission Impossible? You may like to think so.

I liked to think of it as a delightful challenge.

I hadn't had a good workout in a while.

No offense, Emmett.

Turning up the radio, I sang along at the top of my lungs. Everyone had told me I had a great voice. I always shrugged it off. I only sang for fun. My passion was for my job. Singing was only second to that, and maybe not even that far up.

Coming to the red light, the dude in the car next to me rolled down his window and stared. I rolled my eyes as I took in his car. It was a lousy Volvo compared to my baby. I glanced at the driver.

He grinned at me with a crooked smile.

My heart skipped a beat.

Then I frowned. What was that? I was so not some loony nut headed girl who fell for guys like a sap. Plus, I had a boyfriend. He was great and we got along well.

I didn't know who this joker was but I rolled up my window and looked away.

I could feel his eyes still staring at me.

Tapping my fingers on the steering wheel, the stoplight seemed to take its stupid time in changing. But change it did to a bright green.

I left it and the dumb Volvo driver in my dust.

'Bite Me' was on my license plate. I hoped he got an eyeful of it. No one messed with me, damn it.

I know when Rosalie first saw my car, she wanted to get her hands all over it. She loved cars and I respected her for that. But she wasn't touching my baby. She realized that after she noticed my glare and my license plate. Her face was hilarious and I wanted to snap a pic.

Emmett was just plain mad at me for the rest of that day.

But I hadn't done anything....

Not really.

My eyes widened with surprise as I glanced at my mirrors.

The creep was following me! And he was really trying to catch up.

I narrowed my eyes, rolled down the window, and angrily shot him the bird. What was his deal?

And more importantly, what was mine? Something about this guy dug under my skin. I didn't like it.

But my obscene gestures did nothing to deter him. He just kept coming. His Volvo seemed to speed up easily.

Finally the guy was right next to me, keeping pace like a pro.

"Hey! Slow down!" He called over his empty passenger seat.

I shook my head 'no' and ignored him.

"C'mon babe. I just want to holler at you a second."

My brown eyes angrily flashed. Babe? Hell no.

"Fuck you. Get the hell away from me before I arrest your ass for annoying me." I shot at him acidly.

His eyebrows went up and we both stopped at another stoplight again. I could tell he wasn't expecting that at all. Freak.

Then he smiled and his green eyes seemed to brighten.

"I like a spicy girl. Why don't we go to my place with that dirty mouth of yours?"

"Oh!" I squeaked indignantly. What a perv! And what the fuck?

The dude just kept smiling. He tossed a white card into my car and sped away.

I was so not going to follow.

But I couldn't help glancing at the card that had floated onto my lap.

'EDWARD MASEN. 911-997-2547. Call me if you want a good time.'

I snorted and tossed the card onto the floor so I could throw it away later. As if. I was so not going to call you Mr. Masen.

I had business that just could not wait.

Plus, I have a man. Masen can go find another girl that was willing. Or, he could just fuck off to himself, the prick.

I frowned. OK, so my thoughts were unnecessarily harsh. Masen just rubbed me the wrong way. There was something about him...

I wasn't sure if I liked it or not.