Yes, another Edward turns human story, but this time it's during Bella's zombie period! Woohoo. I don't know if I'm going to depends on how many people like this story. So...enjoy!


It's been three months, three long months. Each day seemed less and less valuable. It was like waking up each morning and doing anything was just such a waste of time. None of it really mattered. I had to pretend to care to make Charlie happy, so that she wouldn't tell my mom, so that he would think that I was happy. I couldn't leave Forks.

I just couldn't. Everything reminded me of Edward, and I didn't want to forget. I didn't want to forget anything. And, I almost felt like a little kid at Christmas time. If he ever came back…how would he be able to find me?

Not that he would ever come back…I was alone. I was alone in this world that I have to live in until I die. I would never find someone else, I wouldn't never forget. No matter how much he wanted me to. Without him I was a zombie, just a bootless zombie.

I sat in my bed when I wasn't in school. I did homework just to keep my mind off of everything. I didn't read, I didn't listen to music, I just sat and stared out the window.

Charlie was out fishing today. He felt bad, and I could tell. But I couldn't find myself to care. Because when you can't be with the one you love, it's like nothing even matters anymore.

I looked out the foggy window, snow. Hideous white snow. The house was freezing, but I didn't care, I just sat in my sweatpants and t-shirt. No sweater, no blanket, no nothing.

I spent a month looking for the pictures, for the music, for anything that would bring him back to me, but nothing. Nothing would keep me to him. I promised myself that I would never forget. Never forget what it was like to be in love. Truly in love, something that I could never fall out of.

I put a smile on my face for my mother and Charlie, just so that they weren't depressed. I try hard to be happier, I really do. But it's hard. Is he even happier? Does he even remember me? Probably not. I was probably just a thing to him, something that he got bored with.

I heard the door bell ring…Charlie would get it. No wait, Charlie's fishing. Maybe if I just sat here, whoever it was would go away.


Ten minutes later and they were still there. They only rang the bell every other minute. They stayed, and I had a feeling they would stay there all night.

Slowly I waked out of my room and headed down the stairs. I tripped once, but the pain was minimal. I couldn't feel anything anymore. If someone killed me I would never feel it. The pain of my heart took that over too much.

The doorbell rung once again and I turned the doorknob to greet the person. I don't know what happened after that. I only remember seeing a beautiful pair of emerald eyes looking directly at me.

Don't know if I'm going to continue...