The small fight scene in here is enough to get him off strike this time! And if your wondering, no I have no idea how I'm going to end this story... yay me.


Ch. 5

All Darkrai wanted was some peace and quiet. Some peace and quiet away from the other Legendaries, in his room. Was that too much to ask for?

Apparently, it was, because floating right in front of him was Mew. Mew was wearing… a bed sheet? "Mew, what in the world are doing?" He asked.

"I am not Mew, I am the Ghost of Christmas Paaaaaaaast…" Mew said, trying to sound like a ghost.

"What do you know about my past…" Darkrai said, then shook his head. "No, don't answer that. Just get out of my room. Now."

"I can't leave, I'm the Ghost of Christmas Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaast…"

"You just said that. Now get out of my room before I make you get out."

"I can't leave, I'm the Ghost-"


At that point, Darkrai was close to yelling. It was only made worse when Manaphy opened the door. She was wearing what looked like a halo made out of leaves and flowers. "Is it time for the Ghost of Christmas Present?" she asked.

Darkrai finally snapped. "Get. Out. Now." He charged a dark void attack, and pointed at Mew.

"Hey, the Scrooge isn't supposed to attack the ghosts!" Mew yelled, barely dodging the attack. The dark void hit against the wall, making a small explosion sound.

"I said get out!" Darkrai yelled again, waking up some nearby Legendaries. Manaphy got the message, and hovered away as fast as she could.

Mew, however, was a bit more dense. "But I'm here to make you love the holidays!" he complained, dodging yet another attack.

"Well your doing a lousy job of it!"

"I'm not doing a lousy job, you're just a rock head!"

"And unless you leave now, I'm going to choke you with your own tail!"

"ENOUGH!" Both Darkrai and Mew turned to look at the new Pokemon who had entered the room. It was Mewtwo. "I swear, your bickering is enough to wake the dead! Not to mention every other Legendary in the building!" And sure enough, past Mewtwo and through the doorway they could see the shapes of other Pokemon trying to catch a glimpse of the fight.

Darkrai shot Mew a death stare, but Mew wasn't even looking at him. "Mewtwo, what perfect timing! Manaphy and I need someone to play the Ghost of Christmas Future… hey wait, where'd she go?"

"So that's why you broke into Darkrai's room, so you could play 'The Christmas Carol'?"

"Yup, pretty much."

"Your even stupider than I thought."

Darkrai smirked (in his mind). He was about to say something else, when Arceus poked her head into the room. The room was way too small for her, so that was all she could get in. "Mew, I'm disappointed." she said, frowning. "You should know better, you woke us all up!" Darkrai smirked more, and Arceus sharply turned her head (slightly bonking the ceiling) and said "You too."

"What?" Darkrai asked, surprised.

"That's right. It was your yelling that woke us all up, and besides, we have a strict 'No attacking' rule."

"I thought that only applied to killing."

"It doesn't matter!" Sighing, Arceus said, "Listen, it's 2 in the morning Christmas day, so let's just all go back to bed and forget this ever happened." There were murmurs of agreement behind her, and without waiting, she said, "Good. Now everyone GO BACK TO SLEEP!"

All the Pokemon left, until only Mesprit, Mewtwo, and Darkrai were left. "Mesprit told me about your day. You must be one of the unluckiest Pokemon in the world." Mewtwo said. Darkrai only grunted.

It was Mesprit's turn to talk now. "With a day like today, how can tomorrow possibly get worse! …That didn't come out like I wanted it too…." Darkrai grunted again, and Mesprit said, "Just give the holidays a chance. Now get some sleep, we're all tired. Mewtwo's proving the point right now by stifling that yawn." It was Mewtwo's turn to give a death glare, and both Pokemon left.

"Give the holidays a chance. Yeah right." Darkrai said, before laying down and shutting his eyes.