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King of the Beach

(a title courtesy of Queentigris)

Gaara was beginning to seriously have second thoughts about his siblings' idea of 'fun'. So far, this afternoon at the beach had been nothing but trouble.

"I'll use my sand armour." He growled, batting his sister's greasy fingers away.

"Don't be silly, you won't be able to keep it up for that long!" Temari answered flippantly. "There, just a bit on your face. You don't want to have sunburn on your nose now, do you?"

Gaara tightened his lips in displeasure, but nodded. Suna Leaders DID NOT have a peeling nose.

But his sister sneakily used the opportunity of having him docile under her hands –and most importantly, with his eyes closed – to squirt some sun lotion on his shoulders and torso as well. He did not squeak at the sudden coldness, but that was only because Suna Leaders DID NOT squeak either.

He retreated under the parasol when she finally released him to bother Kankuro, who was chatting up some girls not far away. Once settled on his towel, he tried to communicate his irritation by glowering at the Konohan boys that had insisted to tag along them, but they were too engrossed in an impromptu Beach Volley match to pay attention to the 'killing intent' waves he sent their way. He then tried to glaring to submission the Konohan girls, but they were far too little dressed for his taste. He tore his gaze away with a shudder. Ew, tits.

He finally managed to relax enough to enter a half-meditating state. After all, the place has loads of Sand, and Gaara had always found Sand comforting. Of course, there were also vast amounts of Wet, and Gaara disliked Wet a lot, but it was far away enough at the moment.

So it was something of a shock when there was suddenly a lot of –cold!- wet dumped on him. Gaara startled at once, gaping like a fish. Furious green eyes focused on blue ones.

"Uzumaki…" He growled.

The blonde shinobi gulped, and tried to hide his vibrant orange pail behind his back, suddenly not so sure about why it has seemed a good idea to play a trick on Gaara of all people.

"Hai, hai," he laughed nervously. "Just a stupid joke, Gaara… please don't kill me!"

Gaara advanced on him, a Shukaku smile on his lips.

"You know how I am called, and yet, you choose to attack me here, how foolish of you…"

Naruto frowned. How he was called… Suna no G… oh, shit.

He looked around him. Freakin' sand everywhere.

Gaara raised a hand and sand immediately cocooned a flailing blond.



Some time later, Gaara was happily patting the sand with his hands to create two mounds, cheating a bit and using chakra so it would stay upward.

"Gaara!" Temari's voice floated toward him. "Come here take some water, you're going to be dehydrated!"

"In a minute!" he bellowed. He observed his handiwork with satisfaction. Now, that was a satisfying way to spend time on the beach.

"What do you think?" he asked to the blond.

Naruto glared at him from his spot. He couldn't speak, because Gaara had silenced him using a lump of sand over his mouth. And he couldn't claw it away because Gaara had buried him up to the neck in sand.

'Hmmpff!' He said.

Gaara smirked. "You're right, it misses some accessories!"

He carefully arranged the shellfish over the two sandy mounds next to Naruto's head, and dumped some tangled seaweed between the 'legs'.

He smiled as he made his way toward his siblings. Temari handed him a bottle of water and Gaara took a grateful sip. Kankuro looked over at Uzumaki, whose head was nearly disappearing behind the woman body Gaara had created out of sand.

"I must admit your grasp at female anatomy is quite surprising considering your tastes, otouto. Where did you get all that inspiration?"

Gaara followed his brother's gaze and noticed with some satisfaction that Inuzuka was taking photos.

"Not from the stream of girls you DON'T bring home." He scoffed.

"Gaara, using seaweed as pubic hair was totally uncalled for! There are children on that beach." Temari said reprovingly.

Kankuro smiled. "Yeah, not to mention, Uzumaki is blonde, it doesn't match."

"Even in real, it doesn't match anyway." The red head answered absent-mindedly. Ignoring his siblings shocked stares, he watched toward the place he had buried Uzumaki. Now his Konohan friends were all taking pictures and making poses next to him. Gaara released the sand on his mouth and the blonde's indignant screeches wafted towards him.

Gaara smiled, as Tenten topped the blonde's head with his orange pail and gives a thumb up at Kiba. As funny as it was, he was soon going to release Uzumaki.

After all, he had come all this way only to ogle at his barely clad body, hadn't he?


Yes, that was unbeta'ed. Too short to bother my beta who is having important exams at the moment! (GO eternity-chou! *waves pompoms*)

After the Beach, the snow! Next to come: "Snowball"