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The Escape

Angela Vidal was alone. In the dark. In the emptiness. She was terrified.

Scott had just been killed, and she'd lost the camera when an infected resident had grabbed her by the feet, and brutally dragged her across the apartment. She'd narrowly escaped without being bitten.

After finding a door frame, and getting a firm grip on it, she was able to stop herself from sliding so abruptly that the zombie's grip on her slipped, and she ran into more and more darkness, not knowing where she was.

Not knowing where it was.

After feeling around, she found what she thought was a closet, and she went inside. When she closed the door, all was silent.

There had to be a way for her to get out! And Angela knew that way out was on the ground floor. She was upstairs, in the penthouse apartment.

The stairways were covered with infected people.

But the vet resident had said that the disease was rabies, and it would kill them! He had also said that signs of rabies normally took months to show, and the infected residents had shown signs in minutes!

So, if that was the case, Angela hoped the fatal part would also kick in super quickly. It was her only way out.

But how would she know when they were dead? See couldn't find her way out of this apartment without a camera to see with, a light, or any knowledge of the apartments layout. Maybe she could find the camera.

So, Angela got down on her hands and knees, and started crawling around, while sliding her hands all over the dusty floor, searching for the closet door.

Just then, she heard the doorknob twisting rapidly, but the door didn't open. Did it lock from the outside when Angela shut the door? Well, anyways, something was trying to get in!

Angela backed away from the sound, until she felt her back hit the wall. She sank down to floor.

She quickly searched for something, anything, that she could use to help herself.

The banging on the door stopped.

Angela paused, and then continued her search. One of her hands hit something. She picked it up. It was about 2 pounds, metal, and round. She felt around it, and her finger brushed something soft, like a bump. She pushed it. A small click! Was heard, and suddenly the room was illuminated.

Angela had just found herself a flashlight.