Because I care about you…

Character Profiles


Sakari Riku-

14. She is in the 8th grade and has 3 guardian charas. She is usually shy as her outer personality but when she gets to know someone she opens up. Though she doesn't know it she is Tadase's cousin. She really cares about her brother and would do anything for him because of something horrible that happened in their past

Sakari Daichi-

14. He is in the 8th grade just like his sister and has one chara. He is really outgoing and is somewhat of a pyromaniac. He likes anything about fire or his sister. Is really possessive of her and will never let her leave him. His chara usually calms him down when he sees fire. Is Tadase's cousin.

Riku and Daichi's friends-

There are about 4 of them and they all have mixed personalities. They will be mentioned through out the story, and I might even put in some of them in the story. Their names are Kokoro, Kate, Kana, and Stephanie. They all of Charas as well.