"Then he announced that he and Gretchen were getting married and that he wanted Tommy and Sam to be in it with them."

"Ouch. So, what happened next?"

Shrugging a little, Joey took another dish out of the sink, and rinsed the soap off of it completely before cradling the cordless phone deeper into the nook of her neck; afterwords replying: "Nothing. I said fine, then came back inside to find Sam and Tommy passed out on the living room floor. Dawson left shortly afterwords."

"Fortunately enough." Jen quipped, causing Joey to mentally nod to herself; having thought exactly the same thing as her friend had. "But are you really going to let the kids go? I mean, if I was you I wouldn't even let them go to the creep's funeral, let alone his wedding."

"True." Joey replied, "But no matter how much of a creep we think he is, I can't just say no to him. I mean, he is their father and they have a right be in his wedding....if they want to be, that is."

"Also true. But how are you going to tell them that? Or better yet, when is Dawson going to tell me about the wedding? I want to be ready to turn down his invitation and laugh right in his face."

She knew it was wrong, but Joey couldn't help but laugh at Jen's statement. If anyone ever overheard Jen's thoughts on Dawson they would've thought that Jen hated him...but really it was just the opposite.

Jen loved Dawson, she really did, she just hated what he had done to Joey and figured that a few wisecracks about the blonde was small in comparison to the months that the man had cheated on his, now, ex wife; the mother of his children.

A fact which still confused everyone till this day.

"Well, I don't know when Dawson will get around to telling you of his upcoming nuptials, and I really don't know how I'm going to bring up the subject of marriage to the kids, but I do know one thing and that is if I don't hang up with you soon, I'll be paying for Andrew's next phone bill. Something that I am not even in the mood to think about right now."

As a male voice was heard through the phone, and Jen's slight giggle was heard as well, Joey figured that Jen was being told the exact same thing from someone else. "I see how it is. Anyway Jo, I'll call you back sometime next week when my slave of a husband isn't breathing over my shoulder. Just keep me updated on the wedding from hell?"

Smiling a little, Joey nodded to herself, "Will do. Kiss Andrew for me."

"Will do. Bye Jo."

After saying her good-bye, Joey waited for Jen to hang up the phone before she took both hands out of the soapy sink, draining it in the process, and hung up the cordless; feeling slightly better than she had before the conversation.

Jen always knew how to cheer me up.

Turning off the light beside her, Joey made her way out of the kitchen and down the hallway towards her guest bedroom; only stopping once to check in Alexander's room, where she had placed her angels, making sure they both were still sleeping.

They were.

It was six o'clock the next morning when she felt, rather than saw, someone come into her room and turn the bedside light on beside her.

"Jo. Wake up."

"Bessie, I just went to sleep a few hours ago and will no doubt be having to play Nice Ladie with the guest downstairs, so unless this is an emergency I am not opening my eyes for anything."

Bessie sighed. "This is an emergency. One of our new employees caught a redeye and I was supposed to wake up an hour ago to pick him up from the airport, but I overslept and the truck isn't working."

"So take my car." Joey said, tiredly, trying to snuggle further under the covers; knowing the sooner Bess left, the sooner she'd get back to sleep, "The keys are on the dresser."

"Okay." Bessie said, even though Joey could tell, with her eyes shut, that she wasn't moving any closer in the direction of her night stand. "But I just thought you might want to pick Pacey up from the airport yourself. You know, maybe reminisce a little before he has to start helping out around here."

It took her a couple seconds, but when Joey finally registered in her head what Bessie had said, she opened her eyes and threw the comforter off of her face, "Wait a minute, Pacey Witter's going to be working here?"

Smiling at the change in Joey's demeanor, Bessie nodded, "He's coming here and working till New Year's Eve. Then he said something about a wedding, although he promised me he wasn't going to be the one getting hitched, after that it's up in the air as to whether or not he's staying in Capeside."

Letting it all sink in, Joey cringed at the word wedding; remembering she still hadn't told her sister about Dawson.

Weighing the pro's and con's, she wondered to herself if she really should tell her sister about Dawson and their earlier conversation, but knowing if she told her sister now she'd have to put up with hours and hours of babying, she figured she'd wait until later.

That way stopping the oncoming advice before it could get there.

"So, what airport is Pacey flying into?"


Joey noticed her sister was taking a step backwards and immediately raised an eyebrow at it, "Bessie..."

"Logan International."

"In boston?" Bessie moved closer to the door in mock shock as Joey's eyes widened and she snatched the covers off of her body. "Shit, that's going to take me practically two hours to get to."

"One if you hurry." Bessie encouraged, but at the angry glare Joey was throwing her, she realized it was best to just shut up. "On that note, I'll let you go and don't worry about the kids, I'll watch them until you and Pace get back."

"Thanks Bess..thanks a lot." Joey said sarcastically, but knew it was all in vain as she let out the small smile, that wanted to come over her face, at the thought of meeting up with her old friend again.

He always did have a way of getting her to smile. Bessie thought to herself as she exited the room; leaving Joey to her frantic changing.

Rushing through the security checkpoint, Joey scanned the hallway in front of her; hoping to immediately see the familiar lanky body she'd grown up with.

"Where is he? I hope he didn't already catch a cab."

Having been so lost in thought, Joey didn't realize someone was trying to get her attention until he was literally standing next to her.


Hearing the familiar voice behind her, Joey jumped a little before turning around and practically letting her jaw drop towards the ground, "Pacey?"


Next part soon. (I'm so evil)