Title: Everyday Moments

Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!/Reborn!

Rating: K+, might change to T later for mentioned sex

Pairings: HibaI-Pin

Warnings: This is a pairing most people don't like/understand. No spoilers unless you don't know I-Pin is in love with Hibari yet in which case you shouldn't be here.

Summary: These were just everyday moments that she could never get used to.

Timeline: 11 years in the future.

Genre: Friendship/General

Author's note: 'Kay, whenever I do this, it's referring to the chapter I'm writing about okay? Forgive any OOC-ness, I haven't had much dose of HibaI-Pin, Hibari, or I-Pin lately. Well I have been writing about a girl similar to I-Pin but nothing much other than that. Too obsessed with other people 3


Cold… I-Pin thought miserably, staring out the window at the rain from the school library. It had been raining since morning but she had hoped it would stop before home time. Apparently not.

She thought about asking him for a lift home but she thought he had enough on his plate already without her too. She was still wondering what he had been thinking when he took up teaching.

Me perhaps I-Pin fancied with a quiet giggle to herself. It probably wasn't true but a girl could dream right?

But she'd really get home before Maman took to worrying then scolding her when she finally arrived home. She had already lingered long enough to study with her friends and then had lingered even longer hoping she'd get to wish her class teacher good night (with no luck), so she hurriedly went to get her umbrella.

Just as she'd gotten her umbrella from her class and had opened it, bracing herself to face the rain which was now practically a storm, a voice called behind her. 'I-Pin?'

The girl's heart instantly skipped a beat, stuttered, then restarted at three times its normal speed. The entire school was empty, being very late, leaving only two souls: herself and…

'Hibari-san?' I-Pin slowly turned around to face her long- time mentor and friend, Hibari Kyouya. The heat immediately rushed to her face as he swept towards her.

'Why aren't you home yet?' Hibari asked, sureying her closely like he often did when he suspected something was wrong. I-Pin's face grew even warmer as he leaned in, peering at her face. He soon pulled back though, his expression as undreadable as ever.

'I was studying with some friends after school,' I-Pin explained. 'I was hoping the rain would let down soon but apparently not so I decided I might as well just go home in the rain.' I-Pin looked gloomily out the window, at the same time revelling happily in her long-time crush's presence.

When they'd both began to acquaint with each other, they had been rather awkward with each other but after 11 years, they were soon quite close and I-Pin was very comfortable with pouring out her heart to him... Well, except for the part of her heart that was in love with him that is but I-Pin was quite positive he already knew. One couldn't really say he returned the favour but the two were still very close.

'...Would you like a lift home?' he offered, making I-Pin's heart skip several beats.

It was a tempting offer; one I-Pin would love to accept but... 'I wouldn't want to be a burden.'

'I've already finished my work and my street is the one behind yours, you know that,' he said in a rather brosque manner, but with a faint smile. I-Pin knew (no matter how much she tried to deny it in front of her friends) that the smile was reserved especially for her, and I-Pin returned it shyly.

These were just everyday moments between the two, but everyday moments I-Pin could never get used to.


*Mutters darkly* I mixed up Hibari's character with Edgeworth's a bit didn't I? D: