Rating: K+

Pairings: DinoBianchi and the usual HibaI-Pin

Warnings: I'm sure, not a lot of people like DinoBianchi.

Summary: While at the wedding I-Pin could only continuously kick herself as the image of her and - she kicked herself.

Genre: Finally some romance with the usual gen and friendship

Author's note: Updating a little later than promised, sorry darlings but the Internet connection has been terrible. Plus, my dad's in Japan right now and I've been busy compiling a list of the things he should buy there XD


'Oh I-Pin!' Maman cried as soon as I-Pin came back home from school. 'A card came addressed to us this afternoon! Do look at it! It's all so exciting!' Maman turned around to continue cooking in a frenzy of excitement.

I-Pin glanced at the dining table and saw a yellow card gilded with gold on the sides. She discarded her bag somewhat carelessly next to her shoes and walked into the kitchen in a hurry. She drew back a chair and patiently waited for dinner and picked up the card. What it said on the front made her jaw drop.

In a big heart drawn in black ink were the names 'Dino' and 'Bianchi'.

She opened the card and quickly skimmed over the details. Vongola mansion. Morning. Bring present if you don't want poison cooking in your digestive system.

'Isn't it wonderful?' cried Maman, laying out the dishes for dinner. 'It's next week! I wonder what I should wear? The black dress or…'

Maman's voice faded into the background as I-Pin's eyes glazed over the invitation card and dreamt quietly.

'I-Pin!' a voice cried, hitting her lightly on the back of her head. 'Stop dreaming I want to eat already.'

I-Pin got up and quickly dispelled the image that arose to her mind as she got up to help Maman with the food.


The next day, Language was the first lesson again. I-Pin cheerfully collected everyone's homework from the day before to give to Hibari when he came in. She was seized into a corner by a group of boys who often behaved badly in class and begged to ask Hibari to be easy on them. I-Pin smirked. She knew she shouldn't use him like that, but the prospect of exercising power over her classmates pleased her. She promised to do her best and collected their homework too.

When Hibari came in and the class settled down, I-Pin handed him the exercise books and said 'Did you get a copy of Dino and Bianchi's wedding invitation Hibari-san?'

'Yes' while looking through the exercise books to make sure everyone had sent theirs in.

'Are you going?' she asked with restraint curiosity.

He glanced up so briefly I-Pin couldn't be sure it happened but said 'No'.

I-Pin felt disappointed inside but dismissed it for the moment to say 'Oh I see… Th-'

'Do you want me to come?'

'E-eh? N-No it's fine if you don't want to; anyway, please don't be too harsh on the kids and get mad at them for everything they take it out on me later.' She said it so fast she wasn't sure she wasn't sounding rude and rushed away while just being able to catch him nodding. Everyone gave her what she thought to be meek smiles as she returned to her seat.

Hibari kept his word and didn't get mad at the literal drop of a pen or when the someone upset the dustbin spilling some stuff out, but he did mind the idiot who decided the window could use opening with the wind blowing hard and everyone's things flying over and the person who made some major grammar mistakes but those were things other teachers would mind too and no one else had as many complaints as the day before.


I-Pin woke up early the day of the wedding. She was excited because it was the first wedding she would go to with someone who she really cared about. She kept bursting into giggle fits as she had a shower and slipped into a western style dress Haru had bought for her during a holiday she and Kyoko went to in England.

I-Pin paid as much attention as she could to the wedding. Dino looked very handsome and Bianchi dazzling in her dress if she wasn't spoiling her flowers.

But that wasn't the reason her concentration was spoilt. It was because she felt sure if she was up there, Bianchi would force her into that dress whether she liked it or not and Dino would force –

She always stopped there and tried to shake herself.

The post-party wedding excited Maman and Lambo very much. The former had cooked some of the dishes herself and was eager to hear what other people would say about it and was ready to make more if they ran out (which was unlikely to I-Pin; she felt Maman had rather over done it) and the latter loved sweets as he always did.

But I-Pin's favourite part was when she was eating dessert by herself in a corner and was startled into dropping a spoon when a cat came streaking by, after some chicken bones someone had carelessly discarded when a hand shot out to catch the falling spoon.

And of course, it was Hibari.

And after that, the wedding became much more enjoyable.

'You came?' asked I-Pin, attempting to restrain the brightening of her face but failing… joyously…

'You wanted me to come,' he replied matter of factly.

I-Pin smirked. 'Did Dino-san make you?'


I-Pin grinned. 'I'm glad you came anyway.' The corner of his mouth twitched as he attempted to hide a smile. I-Pin opened her mouth to say something else when a voice behind Hibari said 'Hye Kyouya! So you came after all!'

I-Pin was always jealous of how casually Dino could call Hibari 'Kyouya' without Hibari beating him up (anymore). But now she was very glad of Dino.

'You owe me,' was Hibari's answer. He didn't seem in a very good mood to be around.

'Of course, of course! And when will you be having one?'

I-Pin just grinned as she watched Dino be beat up.


That night, I-Pin slipped out of her dress and hung it in her wardrobe and grinned at it. She hoped someday it would be her turn and Hibari –

She kicked herself again.


I messed up. Again. D: But I was writing another fic with totally different characters so I guess I got a bit messed up…?