As her eyes drew shut, and the images of Dawson calling her a child invaded her mind, a new set of tears fell down Joey's face.

I wont let him effect me like this. I didn't do anything wrong, and it was his fault, not mine.

"But that doesn't mean it still doesn't hurt."

Sniffling as a new batch of tears streamed down her face, Joey fought back the images once again, and after a couple more minutes she sighed with slight relief as the images went away..even though the pain still stayed the same.

"Poodle, are you up?"

Not bothering to turn around to face Audrey, who was at the moment peering inside their dorm room, Joey gave a slight affirmative moan; telling her friend without words that she was indeed up.

As Audrey's footsteps came closer towards her bed, Joey knew what the next words out of her roommate's mouth would be.

"I was planning on staying the night at Pacey's, but if you want, I can stay here."

Sighing, while wiping the remaining tears from her face, Joey shook her head. "Thanks for the offer, but no, that's okay, Audrey. I'll be fine, I'm just tired. You know, a stressful day makes for a very sleepy Joey."

The slight chuckle from Audrey's mouth told Joey that the blond didn't find that particular comment very funny. But neither did she.

"All right, Joey, but get some sleep and call me if you change your mind. I mean it, okay?"

Nodding, Joey waited for Audrey to finish packing an over night bag, and say her goodnight, before snuggling closer into her pillow and letting the unshed tears, she was crying, fall onto her hands.


Three am

It had been exactly four hours since Audrey had left to go over to Pacey's, and a part of Joey was wishing she'd come back; if only for Joey to use her shoulder as something to cry on.

I need to stop thinking about this and do something. Lord knows I'm not going to be sleeping anytime soon.

Sitting up on her bed, Joey wiped away the slight dampness from her face before standing up; figuring that she could use this time to start on the research paper she had for Professor Hetson, that was due in five weeks.

I guess whoever said: "Desperate times call for desperate measures" had this case in mind when making up that quote.

With that thought in mind, Joey reluctantly closed the distance between her and her computer. And after taking a second to get the height of the chair where she wanted it, (Damn Audrey!) she quickly booted up her computer and signed onto AOL, as an afterthought.

"You have mail!"

Probably from Mr-Joey never knows what she wants so we can use that as an excuse to sleep with her while we already have a girlfriend-Leery.

Without bothering to wipe away the new tears, that her previous thought had caused, Joey ignored the yellow envelope which was sticking out of the small mailbox on the top left hand side of her computer, and instead started pulling up information on Amy Lowell; the historically famous poet who Professor Hetson had said Joey reminded him of.

I can't wait to find out his reason for that one.

With that thought in mind, Joey spent the next hour clicking on and visiting random web pages devoted to her assigned writer. And as the clock on her night stand silently told her that it was going on four am, Joey realized that not only was she upset with Dawson, and confused over her Professors words, but now she was tired and ready to go to sleep. Finally!

Unfortunately though, just as Joey was about to sign off of AOL and go to bed, a PM box flashed across her screen; telling her she had an instant message...from Andie.

Putting her fatigue on the back burner, for the moment anyway, Joey smirked slightly before hitting okay, causing Andie's message to pop up on the screen.

AMcphee: And I thought I was the crazy one out of the group

After raising an eyebrow in questioning at this comment, Joey typed back:

JPotter: Ummm...huh?

AMcphee: Time difference. Usually when I get online after my afternoon power nap, it's around three-thirty in the morning, your time. So, since you, Miss. Joey Potter, are online at the moment..I now take back my title of the crazy one :P

While rolling her eyes at the comment, Joey was surprised to find herself laughing as well.

JPotter: *LOL* Thanks, I needed that.

AMcphee: I figured as much...So, what's up? What's got you online at...four ten AM?

Biting the inner part of her cheek, Joey wondered if she should tell Andie.

AMcphee: Hello?

What the hell, it couldn't hurt matters.

JPotter: I got in a fight with Dawson. A major one.

AMcphee: Uh-oh. What did he do this time?

While smiling slightly, Joey wrote back

JPotter: Since I rather not go over every single thing he did, I'll give you the complete abridged version: We finally threw all the analyzation b.s out the window and slept together. Not once, mind you. And after our little fairy-tale get together, he snuck out at the crack of dawn, to call his girlfriend, who he forgot to mention that he had.

AMcphee: Oh my god! Are you serious? What a...why do I get the feeling that theirs more to the story than just that?

Because, when dealing with Dawson and Joey, there always is.

JPotter: After finding out accidentally I confronted him about it, and after a few verbal retorts, he told me that I was just a child who was throwing away a perfectly good relationship because I was stuck in a fairy tale fantasy that everyone else, besides me, knew would never come true.

AMcphee: Well, if that isn't the kettle calling the pot black. No offense, Joey, but I swear sometimes that best friend of yours has to be the most oblivious/hypocritical guy that I've ever met.

You don't have to tell me that. Joey bitterly thought to herself.

AMcphee: But anyway, I wish I knew of something to tell you to try and make you feel better. But as of right now, the only thing I can tell you is not to blame yourself. Someday, soon hopefully, Dawson will turn around and see how stupid he was and come crawling back on his knees....then you can send him to me and I'll punch him for you.

With that thought in mind, Joey couldn't help but laugh slightly.

JPotter: I'll keep that in mind..but, um, not that this conversation isn't fun but I have an eight o'clock class in the morning and really need to get some sleep if I don't want to scare my roommate when she sneaks in tomorrow afternoon.

AMcphee: That's Pacey's girlfriend, Audrey, right?

AMcphee: Never mind, don't tell me. Then I can keep pretending that, after Pacey and you broke up, he decided to become a monk.

Raising an eyebrow at this, Joey couldn't help but laugh before typing.

JPotter: I think I'm going to take that as my cue to leave. Good night Andie, I'll email you in the morning.

AMcphee: You better. And tell Jack to do the same, okay? Night-Night.

After typing one more last good-bye to Andie, Joey finally signed off her computer and made her way towards her bed.

This time instead of tears, the thought of Andie knocking Dawson's lights out, and Pacey joining a convent, putting her fast to sleep.