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Shadow-Kissed – Rose

DragomirSpirit – Lissa

BurningUp4u- Christian

AboveTheRulez – Adrian

Guardian-EazyE- Eddie

FlirtatiousMase- Mason

GuardianBelikov- Dimitri

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Shadow-kissed: hey Lissa. Christian.

DragomirSpirit: hey Rosie, nice name. Hey Chris

BuringUp4U: Hey.

Shadow-kissed: Thx Love yours too but Lissa what did I tell you about calling me Rosie?

DragomirSpirit: but it's a very cute nickname

BuringUp4U: Yeah, Rosie

Shadow-Kissed: Bite me

AboveTheRulez has just signed in

DragomirSpirit: ADRIAN!

BuringUp4U: Why didn't you show that much emotion for me?

Shadow-Kissed: Great the stalker is on and Christian stop being jealous.

AboveTheRulez: Cousins! Little Dhampire ;).

DragomirSpirit: Because I show a lot of emotions for you Christian =D

Shadow-Kissed: Omg not in here

AboveTheRulez: So how my favorite gang doing?

DragomirSpirit: Good :D

BuringUp4U: had worse

DragomirSpirit: CHRISTIAN!

BuringUp4U: what?

DragomirSpirit: Never mind

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Shadow-Kissed: Omg Lissa have you been drinking coffee?

DragomirSpirit: maybe……..

Shadow-Kissed: what an original name Dimitri

GuardianBelikov: what? You don't like?

Shadow-Kissed: Hell ya! Let me change it

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DragomirSpirit: So…awkward. Anyways what are you guys doing?

BuringUp4u: Listening to Music

AboveTheRulez: Practicing magic

DragomirSpirit: OMG! Without me!

AboveTheRulez: well we can't do much since your still on you meds

Shadow-Kissed has signed back in

AboveTheRulez: ROSE!

DragomirSpirit: ROSE! Dammit Adrian I wanted to say it first

AboveTheRulez: Too bad =D

Shadow-Kissed: so what did I miss

BuringUp4U: Nothing important

DragomirSpirit: CHIRSTIAN!

BuringUp4U: You love saying my name don't you?

DragomirSpirit: *Blushes*

Shadow-Kissed: Ok Stop with the PDA

AboveTheRulez: PDA?

BuringUp4U: Public Display of Affection

AboveTheRulez: Oo

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DragomirSpirit: OMFG rose what did you do to Dimitri's screen name?

Shadow-Kissed: I sexed it up a little

AboveTheRulez: You Can Sex me up anytime

Shadow-Kissed: -gags-

SmexxiRussian101: rose is this necessary?

Shadow-Kissed: Hell Ya!

FlirtatiousMase has just signed in

DragomirSpirit: MASON!

SmexxiRussian101: Lissa are you ok?

DragomirSpirit: Perfectly fine :D

FlirtatiousMase: hey rose ;) , was up Lissa. Christian. Guardian Belikov. Adrian….

SmexxiRussian101: call me Dimitri

FlirtatiousMase: cool

DragomirSpirit: Nuttin much Mase, my home skillet and biscuits

BuringUp4U: ?

AboveTheRulez: Wdf?

Shadow-Kissed: Lissa…

FlirtatiousMase: Cool Lissa, My Sista from another Mista :D

Shadow-Kissed: Oh great not you too

DragomirSpirit: So I was like nuh un and she was all like uh huh and I was all like nuh un and she was like uh huh

FlirtatiousMase: No way

BurningUp4U: Is it me or am I the only one who doesn't get this

AboveTheRulez: I feel your pain

Shadow-Kissed: Don't encourage her Mase.

DragomirSpirit: and I was like Oh No You Didn't and she was all like Oh Yes I Did

FlirtatiousMase: OMG then what?

DragomirSpirit: I was like what you know bout me?

SmexxiRussian: You're the last Dragomir?

AboveTheRulez: you specialized in spirit

BuringUp4U: you're taken

Shadow-Kissed: you have the most badass soon to be guardians :D

DragomirSpirit: I wasn't asking. Anyways so she was like oh yeah and I was like yeah my lip gloss be poppin

All(expect Lissa): It's poppin?

DragomirSpirit: It's poppin! And like my lip gloss is poppin, my lip gloss is cool, all the boy keep jockin, they chase me after school

BuringUp4U: wait what guy are chasing you after school

SmexxiRussian101: yeah.. I think I am on duty in a few minutes. Talk to you guys later

Shadow-Kissed: yeah and umm.. I have to go find this book in the um.. library bye!

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AboveTheRulez: Yeah my cigarettes are calling me

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DragomirSpirit: LIKE OMG! OH HELL NO!

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BuringUp4U: LISSA!!

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FlirtatiousMase: Doesn't anyone say good bye anymore?

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