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"Gill-y! I need you!" Akari called with a sing-song voice. She was stationed next to a Christmas tree, the main centerpiece in a home that glowed with seasonal cheer.

"Akari!" The mayor's son popped up next to his girlfriend, "What did we say about calling me that?"

"You said that I could make that your nickname as long as I don't mention it in public. There isn't anybody else here, so I thought it would be cool." She turned to face Gill, her 'puppy dog eyes' ready to weaken the man she loved.

"Uh…I guess it's ok." He mumbled, desperately trying to avoid eye contact by looking down at his shoes and fixing the sleeve on his sweater, "Just don't say it…when anybody's listening."

"That's my Gill-y!" She yelped, piquing up onto her tip-toes in order to kiss him – but just barely. She really didn't need much extra height, for he was only a few centimeters taller than her.

The official dude blushed a deep crimson at the contact, before stuttering out "I need to go check on the cookies…" and quickly escaping to the kitchen.

On the other hand, Akari simply grinned and returned to her decorating. A few of their friends – ok, scratch that, practically everybody they knew – were coming over soon, and she needed to finish up and make sure the house was ready for the party. Gill was in charge of food, after the 'fish incident' ruined more than a wall, courtesy of Akari.

As the star was placed, a knock rang through the house, which the brunette promptly answered.

"Akari!" Luke called, high-fiving the farmer, while Kathy, who was holding his hand, smiled brightly at her friend. After the two had entered, everyone else filed in – Anissa, Candace, Julius, Selena, Renee, Toby, Bo, Luna, heck, even Jin came. Nobody was going to miss this.

The blonde pulled Akari over, "So, are you going to do it?"

"What are you talking about?" Akari hissed in response.

"You know." Kathy replied, "Getting down on one knee, pulling out a soft velvet box…"

"I don't know. I mean, I have the ring and all, but shouldn't the guy propose?"

"It's the 21st century, Akari, you can do this! Gill is a little snobby and acts like he's brave, but trust me – if you don't propose to him now, you're not going to get married for a few more years."

"Fine." The waitress smirked at the slightly reluctant response, "But when should I?"

"I say that when you're giving the toast would be the best."

"You think?"

"I'm positive. Now, go girl, you have some guests to greet! Luke and I will be watching!" Kathy pushed Akari off towards the partygoers, winking, before heading over to her boyfriend.

Akari, meanwhile, cursed at her, angry that she was about to go propose to her long-time boyfriend. What if he rejected her? That would be downright embarrassing.

Gill was over on the opposite side of the house, mildly talking with Luke. Well, it was more like a one-sided conversation between Luke and his imaginary advice-giving self, but, alas, Gill had been sucked in.

"So, dude, you just have to go and say, 'Akari, marry me!' Scream it! Tell the world! Let everyone know that you love her! And don't do that weird Gill-y thing where you get all embarrassed and chicken out."

"I have no idea what you're talking about. And since when did you call me Gill-y too?" He retorted, his face slightly flushed.

"See? You're doing it now. Oh, and the Gill-y nickname? I heard Akari call you that once and I thought it was funny so…you get it! But man, if you have the ring, give it to her and let her wear it! Now, I have to go talk to a certain someone. Don't forget though! At the toast! Ask her at the toast!" With that, the carpenter apprentice left to go 'talk' to Kathy, ignoring Gill's protests of "Why haven't you proposed to Kathy then?"

After another twenty minutes of urges to propose, the two gathered in front of the Christmas tree, each one being nervous beyond belief. Akari quietly tapped a glass, gathering all of no one's attention, except for Kathy and Anissa, who coughed extremely loudly, making everyone else fall silent.

"Ok then!" Akari said, "I just want to thank you all for coming here! You guys are amazing and I am so happy to have friends like you to share the holidays with…but, before I go one, there's something I want to ask."

"Actually, there is something that I wish to ask too." Gill replied.

"Err…ok. Who should go first?"

The females shrieked 'Akari!'

The males screamed 'Gill!'

"Seems like an even split."

"Ok. How about we both say it at the same time and decide whoever's question is more important?"

"That sound good."

"Ok then!" Luke yelled from the crowd, "On three! One…"

"Two!" A few more people joined in.

"Three!" Everyone was shouting now, all eagerly awaiting the reactions from the two.

"Would you marry me?" They both asked in unison, and the 'getting down on their knees at the same time' caused a bizarre collision.



"Happy Holidays to our new favorite couple!" Kathy and Luke replied.

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