Sweet Dream to Sour Nightmare

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Mario, who was wearing his blue-colored pajamas instead of his usual blue overalls and red shirt, was taking a nice little nap in his bed, dreaming of flying through the clear blue sky, passing by the pieces of desert below him. Sugary treats, cookies, waffles, cakes... all were right below him, and the red-capped Italian American plumber flew underneath it, swooping right back into the air. As he continued flying across, he accidentally collided into a gigantic metallic spoon, falling down onto one of the pieces of cake. The cake was rather brownish chocolate, and Mario grabbed a piece of it, munching down. He smacked his lips together as he started munching down on the cake. After a few minutes, Mario sighed with relief as he rubbed his slightly fatter stomach, full of the delicious chocolate cake. Suddenly, the clear blue skies were replaced with dark thunder clouds, and lightning glared through the air as thunder boomed loudly, rain pouring down on the sugary area.

"Mamma mia!" Mario stated as he held his cap down to prevent his head from getting wet. However, it continued pouring as Mario tried getting up, but he could barely move. He then heard some cackling coming out of nowhere, making him curious as he looked around, to spot a yellowish Goomba nearby, laughing at Mario.

"Ha ha ha! Have you eaten too much for your own weight?" The Goomba cackled as he stuck out his tongue at Mario, "You seem to be rather full there. How about I roll you off this cake and into the black hole below?"

Mario fumed, struggling to get up as he was angered by the Goomba. Mario then formed a red fireball in his right palm, and he chucked it at the Goomba, but it fell short. Mario's moustache fell down as he frowned, the Goomba shaking his head.

"Poor plumber. You're too fat to even damage me with a little fireball," The Goomba taunted as he ran up to Mario and gave him a head butt to the head, knocking the plumber out. The arrogant Goomba laughed, looking over Mario and stating, "You're just a sad excuse of a hero. You can't even grab me! HA HA HA HA-"

POW!!! Mario managed to punch the Goomba with his right fist, sending the mutant mushroom soaring into the dark, stormy sky. Mario once more tried getting up, but he was blasted by the blue lightning, which, much to his dismay, sent him into the red black hole below him. Mario screamed as he was sucked in, and he then woke up, gasping as sweat came down from both sides of his head, his eyes widened.

"Mamma mia, that was too close," He stated as he wiped his forehead, letting out a sigh of relief. "Maybe I shouldn't chow down on chocolate for a while..." Yawning, he dropped back onto his bed, snoring as he had another, hopefully pleasant dream.