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Fear what may come…

Chapter 1: The First Meeting

& embrace what never will.

I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on Uchiha Sasuke.

I was but a mere girl of seven years old.

But I can still remember every single detail of that day.

Every colour, every feeling, every word, every single clothing garment…


In his 7 year old and a half Uchiha glory, he was already a god in my childish eyes.

And back then, I promise myself I was going to marry him someday.



I'm still holding on to that promise.



Ten years


½ earlier

The sky was disruptive and unfriendly with its dark and threatening hazes, frightening a young pink pelted girl sitting against an old oak tree. Terrified emerald watched as the wind thrashed through the oak tree violently, whipping against the firm branches and cutting through the thin twigs. Salty liquid started to sting her eyes and the young girl shut her lids quickly, burying her head in her small and fragile knees.

The wind started to lash more heavily, startling the young cherry blossom girl. She buried her small nose in her sleeves, crying out softly in fear as rain suddenly started to pour down. Squealing and yelping in helplessness, she hadn't noticed a figure approaching her.

"What are you doing?"

Raising her head to face the newly arrived individual, she wiped her eyes with her soaked sleeves, both to wipe away the tears and to check if this person was real. A soft hiccup left her lips, her emerald pools widening in shock as she took in the young person's appearance.

Dark coal orbs. Raven hair. Healthy body. Taller than her. Neat and long blue yukata. Black umbrella in hand.

The boy ran his hand that wasn't holding the umbrella through his silky raven mane, sighing as she didn't respond. "What are you doing here?" He repeated, his previously soft tone now switching to an annoyed one.

The emerald eyed girl blushed, running a hand through her soft pink tresses shyly and she parted her mouth to speak – only for nothing to come out. Her blush turned a shade darker as she looked down, playing lightly with her pink and white flower patterned kimono.

The rain was still pouring hard, crashing ruthlessly on the pink haired child, and the young boy took sympathy for her. He walked towards her, his blue sandals squelching on the muddy and soggy ground, his curiosity picked as the young girl squeaked very lightly in surprise.

He was standing less then two feet away, looking down at her while he made sure that the umbrella was over her head as well. "You should go home." He stated, frowning at her quivering form.

"I don't know how." She quietly replied, wrapping her arms around her knees. "…I got lost…"

A sudden blinding light flash momentarily, followed by a loud crack roaring through the murky atmosphere. Sasuke's features formed a frown as he scrutinized the area, eyebrows creasing in unease as he calculated the time it would take for him to bring her to the police station, and the time it would take him to come back home. He knew that he wouldn't have enough time to return home safely, or even worse, he knew the storm would already be dangerous during the time they would be heading towards the police station.

He looked down at the girl again, his dark pools observing the way she seemed so lonely, confused and cold. Without so much as a warning, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her up, startling the girl so much that she yelped.

"Come on." He growled, tugging at her wrist forcefully a few times.

"Where are you taking me?" She questioned, pulling her wrist away from his grip.

The young boy groaned in annoyance, snatching her wrist and tugging desperately. "You're coming at my house. The storm is going to get bad."

"But I don't even know your name!" She worriedly bleated, stumbling back a few steps and out of the shelter of his umbrella.

Giving her a blank stare, he shook his head in frustration. "Uchiha Sasuke." He muttered, taking a step towards her so she could be sheltered from the thick droplets once again.

But the girl stepped back in fright, looking doubtful and worried.

He sighed, gripping her wrist lightly and pulling her under the umbrella. "I'm not going to rape you if that's what you're scared about."

The strong tug caused her to stumble forward, crashing into him and yelping out in surprise. Tripping over a root or a rock (she wasn't sure), the boy who name himself Sasuke stumbled backwards, falling on the damp ground on his back with the young girl on top of him.

She let out a small gasp, looking down in utter shock as Sasuke stared up at her, unblinking and surprised. She hadn't noticed the blush creeping on his neck to soon engulf his entire face, and she hadn't noticed that his hands were placed on her small waist.

She was still in complete shock from his previous move that the present just didn't register.


Immediately recognizing the voice of the male who had spoken, Sasuke tore his hands away from her waist and attempted to stand up, completely forgetting the girl was on top of him. The movement made her scream, but he managed to catch her one of her hands while the other gripped her waist tightly.

The man who had arrived on the scene a few second ago blinked a few times, his onyx orbs flickering with the slightest tinge of surprise.

His little brother sitting upright, holding a strangely pink haired girl's waist with one hand while the other held her wrists, and their young faces half a foot away, was not something he did every day.

In fact, Sasuke preferred avoiding girls.

They thought they were too "annoying" and "stupid".

Noticing the blushing creeping on his little brother's neck, the eldest Uchiha smiled lightly. A crooked kind of smile.

The girl let out a high pitched squeal, stumbling off of his poor brother and accidentally hiting him in the jaw, which sent him flying back down on the muddy ground.

"I—oh! I'm sorry! I-I didn't mean to!" She exclaimed worriedly, running over to the poor young boy rubbing his aching jaw.

"I'm fine, I'm fine…" Sasuke grumbled, wincing lightly at his throbbing injury.

"Sasuke." The older man called again, his voice a little more firm.

The boy turned towards his brother, looking a little surprised, like he had just remembered he was there, and he frowned. "What do you want, Itachi?"

The man whom he called Itachi smiled his tiny smile, dark obsidian containing some sort of sparkle of amusement. "It's getting dangerous outside. Mother wants your inside." He paused, glancing at the girl. "…and bring your little girlfriend with you." He finished, a smirk grazing his lips as the boy started to blush furiously.

"SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" Sasuke shouted back to him, a cute blush present on his cheeks as he growled as the eldest Uchiha. But Itachi simply turned around and started walking away, waving a hand lightly in response.

Grumbling incoherent things, Sasuke gripped the little girl's wrist and pulled her up, picking up the umbrella and sighing before he started to walk towards the road that led to his house, once again.

The young cherry blossom look-alike girl let herself be dragged along, looking at the boy with dumbfounded eyes. "Who was it?" She asked softly, trotting to catch up to him.

Sasuke glanced at her, shrugging half heartedly before releasing his grip on her wrist and shoving his small hand in his pocket. "My brother." He grumbled.

(I'm falling—)

& I'll catch you when you fall


(—in love with you)

A small gasp escaped her lips as her gaze fell upon the edifice where he lived and she stopped abruptly, taking in the amazing view of the mansion.

"This is where you live?" She whispered disbelievingly, pointing unsubtly to the mansion.

Sasuke, who had stopped when he realise she had, raised a brow and nodded curtly, "Come on. We don't have much time."

"But this is huge!" She exclaimed, ignoring what Sasuke had just told her.

Young Sasuke was annoyed, yet again, and so he proceeded to grip her wrist, pulling her along with him. "Come on you idiot." He growled, shutting his eyes tightly as she struggled against his grip. "You're so annoying!" He sighed, grumbling lightly under his breath.

"Sasuke! Finally, you're home sweetie!" A soft voice called.

He gripped the girl's wrist again and forcefully pulled her with him, ignoring her whining and he complaints.

"Oh? Who's this?" The same voice called. "Is—Sasuke! Let the poor girl go! You aren't kidnapping her are you?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and snorted. "Like I'd want to kidnap the likes of her. She's annoying."

The young woman smiled, brushing away his wet locks from his face. "Now, now, come in darling. And you too, little girl."

"Sakura, actually." The young girl said softly, narrowing her eyes to the ground shyly. "Haruno Sakura."

The young woman smiled. "Sakura. What a beautiful name." The black haired woman reached out and brushed Sakura's wet pink tresses. "The name suits." She commented, smiling gently.

Sasuke gripped the pink haired girl's wrist, pulling her in. "You're getting soaked, you idiot." He mumbled, waiting until she put away her shoes before he tugged at her wrist and starting pulling her to somewhere.

"Sasuke! Don't forgot to change clothes! And give some spare clothes to that lovely young lady, will you?" His mother called, shaking her head lightly. "Ah, young love." She giggled, shutting the door of the mansion.


Can this be love…?




His every word and his every touch.

His every glance and his every sigh.

I remember them all.

My life took a sharp turn that ominous day.



It was the day I met Sasuke Uchiha.


There are hopeless loves…

On that dark day, a stranger came.

Took me to his house without knowing my name.

He waited 'til the dark clouds faded away

And to my home, he led the way


And as I watched him disappear

I realised he was someone dear

For something beautiful, this was the start

This stranger had stolen my heart

& there are wonderful loves

(How do you want to be happy?)

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