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Chapter Seventeenth: The First Wedding

You and me,

we put that fairytale kind of love to shame!






Our future children won't be cute.

Bitch no.









After school

He had just told his best friend that he was getting married and—

"Do you know what you're getting yourself into?" his best friend hissed, eyes still wide from his earlier confession. "And don't you think this is going a little too fast?"

—well, yeah, things weren't going so well.

It was a good thing Sasuke decided to tell Naruto on their way home from school that day, because with all his loudness and ridiculous spasm movements, the attention would certainly be all on them. And there was no way in hell that Sasuke would permit the whole world to know of their young engagement.

"I thought you'd be happy for us," Sasuke flatly said, narrowing his eyes a bit.

"I am!" the blonde growled, cerulean blue flashing fiercely. "Really, I am. But there's a saner part of me that says that you shouldn't be doing this now!" The tone of his voice went down a bit, noticing how his best friend seemed somewhat... sad that he didn't have his approval. "For Kami's sake, teme, you guys are so young…!"

Sasuke stopped walking, and Naruto did the same as he turned to look at him with disapproving and worried features. He couldn't possibly agree to their wedding at their age, no matter how perfect they were together! So much could happen with time!

"I've felt this way longer than I can remember," the other man reasoned, crossing his arms over his chest. "I've had years to think about it."

"People change, Sasuke!" the blond cried out. "What happens if you marry and find someone else that you like, and that either you divorce or you find yourself cheating on each other?"

A sharp hit to his jaw nearly knocked him out of consciousness, then, and Naruto was far too baffled to really understand what had just happened. His hand came to rub the sore, aching part where he had been punched, and his features scrunched to form a wince.

"Don't you ever say something like that again. Ever," Sasuke seethed, eyes still flashing in fury while his bloody fist shook, as if he urged to hit him again.

"Sasuke..." Naruto murmured, his eyes wide with surprise as he took in his best friend's infuriated posture. "...I'm sorry."

The raven haired man gritted his teeth at the fury that fueled his blood, and his fist still urged to hit him again, but he kept himself at bay. Taking a deep breath, his shaking subsided, but his heated glare still remained active.

Silence reigned, for a moment, and Naruto was glad no one was around to witness. Those kind of tense silences filled with negative feelings were so much worse than public verbal fights, in his opinion. They always bickered, and that would never change, but when a silence like this one came along every rare once in a while, it really made him scared that he would lose his best friend's friendship.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly again, taking a step back before bowing his head lightly in apology. "I didn't mean it. I know you would never do that to her…"

No answer met the boy, and he cringed, guilt filling his being.

"The sad thing is, Naruto…" his best friend started after a long moment, voice filled with anguish, "…it's that I know you meant it."

The blond boy only had the time to raise his head, for their eyes to meet, and for him to notice the pain in those black pools, until the darker haired man turned and walked away from him.

"I'm sorry!" Naruto shouted back at him, feeling genuinely culpable. His eyes burned, and he grimaced in sorrow, gritting his teeth before he turned to walk his own way.

He really was sorry (…even if he meant that things could change, and that they could stop loving each other.)

Just because you accept help from someone, doesn't mean you have failed.

It just means you're not in it alone.

Ino froze.

Had she just heard what she thought she heard? Had her best friend just announced that she was—

"You are what?" the blonde asked, disbelief clear in her tone.

Her pink haired best friend paused, warmth and utter joy filling her being, and she flashed Ino a big, toothy smile full of complete and utter happiness. "Engaged," she repeated, lifting her hand to show off the shining diamond on her ring finger.

Ino gaped.

"Engaged... as in having a wedding?"

Sakura's eyebrows pulled up in confusion, but light amusement evidently sparkled in her eyes. "Ino, is there any other type of engaged?" she asked, putting a hand at her hip. Ino screeched in disbelief in response, and she lounged forward to grab her best friend's hand to inspect the beautiful ring wrapped delicately, yet so perfectly, around Sakura's finger.

"Oh, my gosh!" she yelped, her lips pulling into a bright, cheeky grin. "Oh my freaking gosh!" Her hand gripped Sakura's wrist in an almost painful grasp, but Sakura was far too excited and happy to really care. After a moment, Ino released her hand and gripped her shoulders tightly, screaming: "You lucky bitch!"

And Sakura smiled, and laughed, and smiled, and laughed again… because her best friend wasn't disapproving, and she got accepted to her wanted university, and Sasuke-kun asked her to marry him, and graduation was coming up in two days, and they would make babies and—oh my god, life was good.

Life was great, actually.

"Wait, wait, waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!" Ino wailed as she backed away and waved her arms around frantically. "When, where, and how did he propose?"

"Take a seat, my dearest Ino-pig, because it will be my pleasure to spill all the details."

Her best friend gladly took a seat in front of her, putting her chin in the palm of her hand, looking impatient but gleeful all the same, as though she were a child waiting for her favorite fairytale to be told. But just as Sakura opened her mouth to start, Ino gasped and grabbed her shoulders roughly, her gaze narrowing in a playfully mean look. "Bitch, I better be your maid of honor."

Sakura nearly smirked.

"You know it, whore."



"Omigosh," the blonde girl breathed, putting a delicate hand in front of her mouth. "That is so cute!"

A grin spread herself on Sakura's lips, and she couldn't help but to feel more than a little proud of her boyfriend and his kawaii proposal that almost popped out of nowhere. Granted, it could have been so much more special than he had made it out to be, but she thought the gesture was pretty grandiose anyway given the situation.

He had thought he lost her, after all. It was so romantic in Sakura's point of view, to have him propose after being so afraid of never being with her again. It was his own little way of saying be mine forever, and I'll never have to be afraid of losing you again.

"It's like he just wanted to start being with you forever the very day that you woke up from a coma that almost brought you death," Ino sighed, looking at her pink haired best friend dreamily. "It is so romantic!"

Sakura smiled and blushed lightly, happier than ever to have her best friend on her side.

"So... you're not mad? Or… you know… disapproving of it all?" she asked, somewhat mutely.

Ino stared blankly, eyes widening, before she barked a laugh and took Sakura's fiddling hands with her firm ones. "Forehead, I've never been happier for you! It doesn't matter that you're young, you guys are so meant to be together for like, ever!"

She pulled the girl into her arms and smiled. "People are stupid if they disapprove! There's no love like the one you and Sasuke share. And if people can't see that," she paused to smirk a bit, "well then they need glasses pronto."

The young medic to be laughed softly and hugged her best friend tightly. "God, you have no idea how happy I am hearing you say that!"

When you meet the right person they'll take your breath away...

& you won't want it back.

"Sasuke," his father called out to him upon seeing his arrival through the kitchen door.

"Not in the mood, Dad," the young raven haired man bit out irritably, treading heavily towards the mansion's hallway. "Some other time."

Fugaku frowned, slightly taken aback by his son's temperamental behavior, because he knew that Sasuke wasn't the type to freely show his anger, especially when he was with his family. He was more likely to keep it inside and deal with it on his own, or with Sakura's help.

Sasuke steps quickened, almost as if he felt that he knew of his situation and wanted to get away from him. But his father was much too quick for him, as he had always been, and he blocked off his path with a hand. Sensing the boy's movements to evade, Fugaku gripped a shoulder tightly and gave his son a firm stare.

"Sit down," he said none too gently, whilst gesturing towards the kitchen table. His black eyes dug into an identical pair, pressuring to obey. "Now."

Too pissed off to care, Sasuke gave his father a death glare, but he dared not disobey him. Tensely, he turned and trudged back from where he came from, before unceremoniously taking a seat in a chair, eyes set tightly onto Fugaku. Pleased that his son still put family respect above his issues, Fugaku joined him at the table and slowly folded his hands under his chin—a classic pose Sasuke had inherited from him.

"Now, do tell why Uzumaki called to announce this engagement of yours."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed in livid shock, and he sneered. "That idiot wasn't allowed to open his trap about—"

"That's not what I asked," Fugaku calmly interrupted. He fixed his son with a strict gaze. "Care to answer correctly, this time?"

Sasuke remained silent. He didn't know what to expect of his father if he told him that it was true, especially since he'd already half admitted that it was only moments ago. But he also didn't think that his father would be much happier if he denied everything, because after all his father cherished the trust and the honesty that their family shared together and it would deeply wound him to have his son lie to him, in his face no less.

So Sasuke settled for the former.

"It's true," he murmured, his body tensing as he prepared himself for an ugly outcome.

His father stayed soundless, however, his gaze only slightly changing with minor shock. It was unnerving for Sasuke to be waiting in apprehension for his father's response, waiting for him to yell, to growl, to throw an object, to do something. And when he wasn't getting any type of response nearly thirty seconds after he'd confirmed the news, Sasuke couldn't handle it anymore.

"But it's my choice and you have no right—"

He saw Fugaku's eyes narrow immediately in warning and irritation.

"I am your father—"

"That doesn't mean shit when it comes to who I want to marry!" Sasuke snarled interrupting his dad while he slammed his fist against the table. "I don't care what anyone says, Sakura is an amazing person and I want to spend my life with her!" He was raging, ranting. So angry at the world. Why couldn't they fucking understand? "I want to wake up every morning to her face, I want to share every amazing moment I have with her, I want to be the father of her children, I want—"

"Her hand in marriage," his father finished. "I know."

Sasuke gritted his teeth out of desperation, eyes clearly showing the hopelessness that he felt. "I'm—"

"In love with her." And for the first time in a very long while, Sasuke witnessed his father smile. "I know that too," Fugaku said quite kindly.

It was not in his father's character to be this way, to act as if he was okay with this and that he didn't think his son was risking his life's success. It was not like his father to be this soft and understanding. Sasuke couldn't comprehend the change. He was growing far too weary of this unusual behavior to be able to grasp their situation.


Fugaku's smile faded as he stood from his seat, but there was no mistaking the way he remained calm and almost thoughtful looking. He stood in front of Sasuke and put a hand on his shoulder, making the boy look up to him. "I don't disapprove. I only wondered why you told Uzumaki before us."

Sasuke's eyes widened inconsiderably. "…!"

"Always know, Sasuke, that your mother, Itachi and I will always support you. Especially when it comes to marrying someone as…" He struggled with his words. "…matchless as Sakura. She's a good sort." He smiled lightly once again and took his hand off his shoulder before he walked away, his usually strict posture now freed of any sort of tension.

"What your father means to say is that we're thrilled you've chosen her."

Sasuke's head snapped to the direction of this new voice, finding himself utterly surprised as he found himself looking at—

"…Mother!" he said, unmistakably surprised. His cheeks were beginning to flush red as well, because he had just realized his own mother had heard their entire conversation and was aware of the big news. He swallowed tightly and almost timidly avoided her gaze, but stood up nonetheless to greet her with a respectful bow.

"You may be young, Sasuke, but we trust you with your decision," she softly said, stepping forward so she could approach her eighteen year old boy. She gave him a gigantic but sweet smile that spoke of how proud she was of him, before she took him into her arms and hugged him. "If it's what you really want, then we are happy for you."

Sasuke's eyes softened, and he hugged his mother back, feeling his heart swell with deep fondness for his parents.

"…thank you."

Family means putting your arms around each other and being there.

"Beautiful," Sakura murmurs, surveying the ring on her hand.

She flips her hand to look at the palm side, a tender smile finding her lips when she sees the initials of their first names linked together and engraved in gold. She traces the silver band, before turning her hand over again to look at the lone but shiny diamond sitting on top. It was the perfect size: not too big for her to feel overwhelmed, but not too small to go unnoticed either. Her lips widen in a bigger smile, and she feels her heart nearly explode with affection for her newfound fiancé.

"Glad you like it," she hears someone say gently.

Sasuke-kun, she thinks, her smiling growing even bigger.

"You showed up," the pinkette points out brightly, standing up so she could greet him properly.

He immediately opens his arms a little as an invitation, and she giggles a bit before stepping into his hold and embracing him, her face burying itself in his neck when he wraps his arms around her tightly.

"Of course I did," he snorts, kissing the side of her head. "I wouldn't leave my girlfriend hanging."

"Fiancée," she corrects him, pulling back to look at him with a teasing gaze.

He pulls her closer and leans down to kiss her softly on the mouth, fingers brushing her back in affection while she leans her head into him a bit to kiss him better. Her arms come to wrap around his neck when he pushes her body to his so they could be completely flushed together, but it isn't long before he pulls back and touches his nose to hers tenderly. "Right. Fiancée," he confirms quietly, only barely refraining himself from smiling a bit.

She pulls him in a short but light kiss, giggling a bit out of the blue before she sits back down on the bench behind her and tugs at his hand so he can join her. He does so without a second thought, but he also takes great care into finding her hand so he can join his with hers. When he does, he interlocks their fingers, and she smiles up at him affectionately.

"By the way, I love it," she tells him, leaning her head back to look at the sky. "The ring, I mean."

Silence meets her for a moment, but she feels the way his mood lightens with delight.

"Good," he says, squeezing her hand calmly.

They bask silently but comfortably in each other's presence, appreciating the company of each other without having to speak, but Sakura knows that something is on her lover's mind. She waits for him to tell her, because she knows if he isn't telling her it's for good reason. She knows he always eventually reveals his thoughts when he wants to share them to her. And when he doesn't, she knows it isn't because he doesn't trust her, or doesn't open up to her, but it's because he doesn't feel the need for her to know of something so useless or that could potentially make her worry for nothing.

"I'm sorry I made you wait," he says suddenly, turning his head to look at her. She shifts her gaze to him as well, but instead of telling him it was okay, she smiles and shakes her head as a sign that it was nothing. "I went…" He pauses, focusing his mind on working the right words, before he speaks again. "My father intercepted me when I came home. Naruto told him about the wedding." He stops again, carefully searching her face when she flinches in shock. "My mother knows too. And I suppose Itachi does as well."

"Are they—"

"No," he softly interrupts. "They—approve of you. Or—well, of this."

The way he nearly stutters makes her want to smile, but she's too in shock to react to anything else. He knows she's a bit scared, a bit weary, but he doesn't blame her because what kind of parents are totally okay with their kids marrying at the age of eighteen?

He puts a hand at the base of her neck and leans towards her, his lips brushing her forehead gently. "I know it's hard to process. But they do feel this way. They trust us."

"You told Naruto?" she suddenly asks, as if having suddenly registered the fact. She pulls away and gives him a mildly curious look. "When?"

He scoffs, but she knows it isn't directed at her. "Today, actually," he replies, frowning. "On the way back to school."

She knows he regrets having told him by the way his eyes harden in anger. "He didn't like it," she states. "He… he tried to talk you out of it, didn't he?"

She was hoping she was wrong, but the way Sasuke's eyes darkened told her that wasn't the case.

"Indirectly, I guess he did," he mutters.

Sakura remains silent in return, because she sees the way his eyes softens into sadness and understands that he was deeply hurt that he did not have his best friend's approval. It was important to him, for the people he cared for to feel happy for them both, especially people like his family and closest friend. Alas, not everything could be perfect.

"He'll come around," she tells him softly. "He always does."

Sasuke sighs and releases her hand, and the pinkette thinks for moment that he is closing himself off, but when she feels his arm wrapping itself around her shoulder, she is relieved. After all, Sasuke knew better than to be an antisocial ice cube around her. She leans her head on him and smiles softly, putting a hand on his knee to show she was supporting him. He brushes his lips on the crown of her head as a silent thank.

"Let's hope so," he murmurs.

They stay like this for a while, finding comfort into each other on this dark, chilly night. And when, after a while, Sakura starts shivering, Sasuke looks at her and frowns, taking in the sight of her skin covered in goosebumps. "I told you it was going to be cold. Why didn't you bring a coat?" he scolds, taking his arm off her. He stands and starts slipping his jacket off, but Sakura trots to him and presses on his shoulders, keeping the warm coat on him.

"It's my fault," she says. "Don't make yourself the one who gets cold."

Sasuke snorts and takes it off nonetheless, ignoring her protests when he puts it on her. Then he pointedly fingers his black long sleeved shirt and gives her a look that makes her smile and giggle a bit. She pulls the jacket closer to herself before standing on her tip toes to peck him lightly.

"Thank you, Sasuke-kun."

"Hn," he grunts, facing the path that led to a flower park. "Are we going to get started on our date, now?"

Sakura laughs and nods, letting him wrap his arm around her waist while she leans into him in puts a hand on his chest. They share a soft kiss before making their way on the path.

"How's your day been anyway?" she asks him as they walk away.

Their date begins.

It is not uncommon for your best friend

to also be your lover.

(Three months later.)



"How did you guys do it?" Ino asked softly.

Sakura, a bit shocked by the question that came out of the blue, stared silently at her best friend with raised eyebrows, her hands frozen on the bouquet of flowers she held in her hands. She blinked once; twice.

"…do what?" she finally replied, pure confusion crossing her features.

"End up here. I mean, without having to go through all the school's bullshit." She paused, seemed pensive for a moment, before she smiled and took the bouquet from her hands to rearrange it. "And going through graduation, no less. Wasn't it hard?" Her eyes were fixed on the flowers in her hands as she examined them with care to no doubt evaluate how well they fit together, but Sakura knew that she was intently listening to her for an answer.

She smiled softly to herself, tucking a lock of pink hair behind her ear, and straightened out the wrinkles on her dress. "When they first found out, it was really hard," she admitted.

"Sasuke-kun, I don't like this."


"This. Being the center of attention of everyone in the school."

(Frown. Squeeze around waist.) "It was bound to come out…"

"Yeah but…"

(Whisperings. "Can you believe this? As if they think it's going to last!" "She's probably just in it for the money." "Heh. I bet it won't even last a month!")

"I remember thinking it was one of the hardest things I'd ever had to go through, save for my parent's death. Hearing all those things they said about us, seeing the disgusted looks on their faces…" Her eyes saddened, and she turned to look at herself in the mirror, her sad look fading when she took notice of the picture of Sasuke and herself on their graduation night. The picture held a happy Sakura in a dress that matched the color of her eyes, with a just as happy Sasuke, even though his happiness was more subtle than hers was, in a tux with a tie that matched her dress.

Ino watched her best friend touch the photo lightly, and her eyes softened.

"We still don't know how it got out," she sighed. "Sasuke thought it was Naruto but…"

(Frown.) "…I didn't think it would be out so soon."

(Squeeze of her hand.) "I know. Me neither."

(More whispers. "Stupid." "Idiots!" "They're hopeless." "Tche. What a waste…")


(Gasps. Shocked stares. More whispers.)

"Sasuke-kun it's—"

"Get on with it you losers!"

(Soft look.) "Naruto…"


(The crowd scampers.)


(Grin.) "Don't, Sasuke. It's my fault for ever doubting you guys."

She turned to look at her best friend and smiled. "Naruto was the one to stand up for us the first. He shouted at everyone to 'piss off' and snarled at anyone who dared speak a single bad word about us. After that, he got Kiba and Lee to join him, and… well, they just caused so much ruckus and sent just enough threats to get everyone scared." She giggled a bit at the memory.

"It's not the way I would have chosen to make everyone back off and accept the fact," she went on, "but I can't say I complained because Sasuke and I finally had peace." She sighed, but Ino noticed that this one seemed much more relaxed and content. "No one bothered us about it anymore."

"But on graduation night I remember there was a—"

A month ago

on graduation night.


People turned to see where the shout came from, eyes widening at the sight of a red haired girl slapping Konoha High's engaged pinkette. The slap held so much force in it that Sakura's head snapped sideways, a red print of a hand already staining her cheek. Her fiancé caught her by the arms when she took a step back, the wind literally knocked out of her.

With furious eyes, Sasuke looked up and growled, "what the—"

"YOU STOLE HIM FROM ME!" the attacker screamed at Sakura, tears staining her cheeks. "HE WAS MINE!"

The young medic student was far too bewildered and in shock from everything that had just taken place that she could respond. She gripped her fiancé's arm for support, mind still reeling with dizziness.


"I was never yours!" Sasuke snapped viciously, tightening his arms around his lover. "I never even remotely felt anything for you!"

Feeling her heart break, Karin's words died in her throat.

"I only dated you because you were going to blackmail Sakura," the raven haired man went on, pure disgust in his voice. "I have only ever been sickened by you," he spat.

"Sasuke-kun…" Sakura whispered, pushing away from him gently. "Stop it." Her green eyes looked into his pair of coal ones, and she pleaded him, "I don't want to see you break a girl's heart, Sasuke-kun. It's not her fault she felt that way about you."

Sasuke seethed. "But she hurt you—"

"She loves you, Sasuke-kun. And she's about to watch you marry someone that's not her," the young medic-to-be softly explained. "She has the right to be angry with me."

With her gazed filled with pity and sadness, she turned to look at the red haired girl who was crying her pain out as she was down on her knees. Rubbing her stinging cheek, Sakura whispered that she was sorry before she turned and lead Sasuke away.


to present

"—fight with Karin."

Sakura smiled sadly. "Yes, but I can't blame her, Ino," she said softly. "She's been in love with Sasuke for so long. She's not like all those other fangirls. Karin really did know the real Sasuke at some point. When we were children she…"

Sakura trailed out.

Ino seemed to click pieces together in her mind, and she gasped. "Is she that girl that you used to be really good friends with until she moved away? The one that confessed to Sasuke and—"

"—got rejected in front of me," Sakura finished. "Yes, she is."

Poor girl, Ino thought. Sakura always used to tell me how the rejection had been pretty rough.

"That's why she hates you now."

Sakura laughed, and much to her surprise, she shook her head. Ino gaped in wonder.

"I'm sure she just… hates the fact he loves me," the bride-to-be said. "But not so much me in particular."

"Sakura?" a new voice piped in through the door. "You've got five minutes!"

A huge smile broke on her lips, one so beautiful that Ino couldn't help but to feel utter joy rise in her.

"Break a leg, Forehead," she cheered, launching her arms around her. "Gambatte!"

Sakura closed her eyes and hugged her back tightly.

"Thank you, Ino."

It comes and goes in waves.

Karin was at her wedding.

That was the first thing she noticed when she began walking down the aisle.

Even though Karin was sitting in the last row of benches, she was there, dressed up and looking sad. Her hair was up in a pretty ponytail, cute little white barrettes adorned her hair, and to match those she wore an innocent simple white dress that lay at a surprisingly respectable length on her body. She was taken aback, because of all colors and styles she could have chosen to worn, she chose something that suited the child version of her that she knew better, instead of the direct, forward, cruel girl she had become when she moved back.

But what warmed her heart to her very soul was the small, tentative smile Karin offered her when she caught her gaze. The smile was sad, yes, but held all the apologies that she could never say in words. It was a smile that told her that although she still harbored feelings for Sasuke, Sakura had her complete blessing, and she was going to let him go after this was all over.

She didn't know what caused the sudden change of heart, but it made her so happy that she nearly began crying.

It was even harder to hold back all those tears when she advanced forward towards her future husband, seeing all those smiles and proud eyes, the acceptance of everybody. It was overwhelming.

And so of course, it was of no wonder that when Sasuke pushed away the veil, he saw tear tracks on her cheeks and an irresistibly bright smile on her lips.

It never disappeared while the priest began his marital speech, or when they exchanged their vows. It was always there, always so true and shining. It made him smile back at her, even if it was just a little.

When those anticipated words came along, he was not surprised to see her smile grow even more.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Finally, he thought to himself, grabbing her waist lovingly and sweeping his head down to touch his lips to hers as a completion of their union. Finally, you've become my wife. He poured into the kiss all of his love for her, and he knew that she knew when he pulled away and she opened up her green, green eyes filled with utter love and devotion.

Uchiha Sakura, he thought fondly, taking her hand in his as he turned towards the aisle. He only had eyes for her when they walked, and she for him in return. He squeezed her hand tightly and gave a smile, shy but true all the same. You're mine forever.




Smile. "Thanks, Naruto."

Smirk. "Stop sucking it up, dobe."





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