Hello, well I have to admit I was a little intimidated to try to write a Twilight fanfic. There are alot of great writers on here so I can only hope that this will still be up to Twilight standard. Also I haven't read all the stories on here so hopefully this isn't to close to anyone elses story. I can guarantee you though that this story will definitely have some twists in it. It definitely isn't your average fluff story. Unfortunately I don't own Twilight. This is an All-Human story.

September 24, 2006


"So, how are the tryouts going?" I asked as I plunked myself down next to Emmett on the couch.

"How do you think?" Edward sighed. He was sitting in an armchair with his feet propped up on an old milk crate skimming through a pile of papers.

I slowly drug my eyes away from Edwards perfect figure and skimmed over the rest of the people in the garage stopping to rest on Emmett. Even with his football player build he was still having trouble pulling the top off of the root beer bottle he was holding.

"God just give it here already" Jasper said holding his hand out for the bottle.

"What, are you saying I'm to stupid to open this by myself!"

"Well you are the one who's been sitting there trying to pull off a twist cap for the past half an hour now." A slight smirk was slowly appearing across Jasper's lips as he said this.

"Guys this is useless! We are never going to find a guitarist at this rate." Edward threw the pile of papers down and started pacing the length of the garage.

"Edward calm down we still have two weeks to find one"

"Jasper, our audition is in two weeks we need to find a new guitarist now so they can learn our songs."

"Why don't you let me audition?" The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them. Jasper, Edward and Emmett all turned to face me with shocked expressions on their face. It was Emmett who regained control of his body first.

"Bella, you never keep secrets from us why didn't you tell us you could play the guitar."

"I was afraid of what you guys would say" I looked down at the floor as I managed to mumble out the words. I could already feel the heat creeping up my cheeks.

I've been friends with Emmett, Jasper and Edward ever since the third grade. I was walking over to my favorite tree during recess with a book clutched safely in my hands when I heard Mike Newton screaming at some kid who ran into him. I wandered over with the other kids who were all trying to anxiously find out what was going on. The new kid was standing in front of Mike apologizing profusely but Mike wasn't even listening to him. "You idiot, why don't you just go back to where you came from." At this I punched Mike right in the nose. He narrowed his eyes and glared at me for a second wiping the blood away with his left hand before muttering "freak" under his breath. He turned on his heel and strutted away the group of kids following in his wake.

The new kid turned to me and stuck out his head giving me a breathtaking crooked smile.

"I'm Edward."

"Isabella but please call me Bella."

His smile only grew larger at this and we walked back to school eagerly discussing our science lab for the day. Eventually Edward introduced me to his brother Emmet and I introduced him to my friend Jasper and soon it became the four of us surviving our way through middle school and now high school.

In 9th grade Edward, Jasper and Emmett started a band, Crimson. Emmett was on drums, Jasper on bass and Edward sang. They held auditions for a main guitarist and a guy named Ryan made the cut. The guys become so obsessed with the band that I started to feel left out. I begged Charlie to let me take guitar lessons. Over the last two years I had become pretty good but I never told the guys because I still felt like I wasn't a good enough player for them. Crimson became so popular around Forks and Port Angeles that they got an audition with a record company in Seattle for two weeks from now. Of course this is when Ryan had the perfect timing of telling the guys he was moving and couldn't stay in the band. So now they had two weeks to find a guitarist.

"Bella, why would you be afraid of what we would say?" I snapped my eyes up from the spot on the floor I was currently examining to be met by a pair of deep green eyes staring back at me.

"I was just scared Edward."

"Well this is great" Emmett boomed "Bella already knows all our songs. Grab a guitar Bella and lets see what you got."

I laughed glad the serious atmosphere was gone. I stood up and grabbed Ryan's old guitar from the couch and started playing the very first song the guys wrote. I examined their expressions as I played getting a little ego boost as I saw giant smiles start to break out on their faces.

"This is so awesome! You're in Bella"

"Thanks Jasper"

"Alright you guys lets start practicing we only have two weeks you know" Edward tried to look serious but it wasn't working as the four of us were all sitting there with big goofy smiles on our faces.

I couldn't help but think this was how it was suppose to be the four amigos back together again.

Two weeks later we were sitting in front of Carlisle Cullen, CEO of Cullen Records. We played a quick set for him and then held our breaths while we waited for him to talk. He stared us down for a second and then smiled.

"I haven't seen a group of kids with as much raw talent as you guys in years. You guys are unique and not only can you sing and play but you have the looks and personality to match it. Lets get you signed so you can start recording."

And that was the start of the rest of lives. We signed our names and off we went to start our future.

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