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Chapter One: Decisions

I still find the way that my life turned out as something of a shock. In the twelve years since Isabella Swan, now Cullen, re-entered my life it has become more and more surreal. Since then I have become accustomed to the fact that I am an undeniable part of a very supernatural saga that surrounds everyone I have come to call family over the last decade. When I think about the events that have transpired, it is mind boggling to think of them as a reality.

I mean, what twenty seven year old male expects to be a shape shifter, who is well over six foot seven and looks like he could be the poster child for Native American body builders, but still looks like he is in his early twenties. Even though my size and build are more than imposing to a majority of the people in my life, my face has barely aged a bit.

I do not have the tell tale creases in my brow, or the small smile lines along my cheeks, and my skin is still as soft and firm as it ever has been. The only way that anyone could ever tell how much I have really aged would be to look into my eyes.

The changes to my human form are only one of the many things that have changed about me though. Thankfully, the last eight years or so of my life have been relatively normal, if you would call living near a coven of "vegetarian" vampires normal. Shortly after our terrifying confrontation with the Volturi, the Cullen family decided to go through with their plans to move to New Hampshire so Bella could attend Dartmouth the next fall.

They wanted to leave as early as possible so they could use the time to build a comfortable new life on the outskirts of the small town of Hanover. Esme and Carlisle left several months before the rest of the family to search the area for adequate land to acquire, and to find a hospital where Carlisle would work during our years there.

The rest of the family decided that they would wait until the late spring to join them so we could tie up loose ends with the community and family left behind in Forks and possibly La Push. Charlie was reluctant to let us go, but he decided that Bella's happiness was more important, and we had promised to come back to the Pacific Northwest once her time at Dartmouth was over.

It was at that point that I had to make a decision at to which direction my life would go.

I could either join them and leave the only place that I had ever called home, or I could let them go, taking my heart along with them. I knew from the minute that she was born that I would never be able to leave Renesmee, but leaving my father and the pack was another story altogether. Leaving them would be torturous to me, but I had no idea if I would be able to stand being away from Nessie for long periods of time, as I had spent everyday with her since September when she was born.

I decided to leave the decision up to Sam, because if I left, then my small pack would again join his, as I did not wish for them to follow me. Although Seth would jump at the chance for a new adventure, I knew that Leah would refuse to follow the Cullens.

Quil was never going to go anywhere without Claire, and Embry was still weary at the fact that I socialized so closely with vampires. At first, Sam was adamant that I regain the pack and find a way to keep the Cullen family closer to Washington, but I could never ask Bella to give up that experience. After he realized what his decision would do to my well being, he decided that my small pack would dissolve, and rejoin his, and that I would be free to go wherever I felt the need.

The decision was then made, I would go with the Cullen family, assimilate with them into the community of Hanover, and fly back to visit my father during school breaks and holidays. I could tell that Billy was distraught over my decision, but I also knew that he respected my decision. Rachael and Paul were there to support him and make sure that he was well taken care of, and I would send money if needed.

The Cullen family had been very generous towards me since I had shown my allegiance to them by saving Bella and Renesmee from Sam and the rest of the pack. Although a truce had been called and the treaty had been restored long since then, I knew that Sam was still weary of having me so closely involved with such a large group of vampires. However peaceful and different they were from the rest of their kind, they were still a natural enemy of our kind, and Sam was only looking out for the best interests of our tribe.

My relationship with the Cullens was one that I never thought possible, but Renesmee changed that. I was now a beloved member of the family, and they treated me as such.

Bella was still like a best friend, but she had taken a more motherly affection towards me, and no longer wished to murder me for imprinting on her infant daughter. She truly understood that my love for Nessie was pure, and she was happy that I had finally found someone I wanted to share my life with, no matter how bizarrely it had happened.

Edward had also become more paternal towards me, and I knew that even though we still had many differences in opinion, he still loved me deeply. He was initially skeptical of my interactions with Nessie, fearing that they were perverse, but he knew through my thoughts that my feelings about her were deep and pure.

Rosalie was still weary of my interaction with the family, but she had grown use to my presence, and I truly believed that she enjoyed our banter and somewhat hostile relationship. Emmett, well, he never was one to hold any true dislike for me, he found that I was a kindred spirit and often shared his humor.

Alice was nervous about me joining the family, because it clouded her vision, but we had remedied that by learning how closely my distance to the family affected her visions. As long as she learned to look for things when I was away for short periods of time, she was able to see a majority of their immediate future. Jasper was skeptical as well, because much like Bella's human interactions with the family, he acknowledged the fact that I was still human, and therefore posed a small threat to their lifestyle. The only reason that we formed any kind of bond was because I was genuinely a happy and lighthearted person, and he found that my emotions were able to keep him and the rest of the family at ease.

Carlisle was very accepting of my addition to the family, however impractical, because he was truly a kind and loving soul who knew that I would always be loyal to his family, at any cost. Esme was probably the most loving person that I had ever met, and if I didn't know better, I would think that she would find a way to be gracious and hospitable to Lucifer himself. It was her nature to be a mother figure, and she treated my like I was her own, and she was truly excited at the thought that I could one day be her grandson.

After my separation anxiety over my family had been resolved, I was genuinely excited to get to travel to a new place, and with the Cullen clan as my family I knew that life would never be boring.

So off we went to Hanover to build our new life.

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