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I wanted to impress him tonight, I wanted to look amazing, sexy, touchable. Yet as I looked through my closet, I could find nothing that screamed "sexy" to me. I made a mental note to tag along with Rosalie the next time she went shopping. Tonight was a night to celebrate, Edward had just finished his residency at Seattle Memorial Hospital, the long wait had finally paid off, and our closest friends and family members were all coming over to celebrate the high achievement.

I sat down on the king sized bed contemplating what I should do, when the only available option came to mind. And it was an option I really would have rather not chosen.

Alice's door was slightly ajar when I approached and I could see her laying in bed watching TV. I knocked lightly, and entered when she gave me permission.

I had forgotten just how different Alice's room was from mine and Edward's, our room contained neutral colors, and was, in a way, pretty plain. Yet Alice's room was decorated a girly pink, her queen sized bed was covered in pinks and purples, and her dresser was lined with picture frames and different lotions and perfumes.

"What's up Bella!" She asked taking me out of my thoughts. At that moment, I really regretted having made the decision to do this.

"Alice, I um, I need your help...I, I don't have anything to wear for tonight" I grumbled slightly not daring to look her in the face, I didn't have to though to know how excited she was by my request. I could hear her squeal and clap her hands together.

"Oh Bella, this is SO exciting!! Can I please, please do your hair and make up??" She begged.

"Alice, please, don't take this too far, I just want something simple to throw together" I explained. She lifted her eyebrows at my comment and I knew that she had read my mind and knew 'simple' was exactly what I didn't want. I wanted him to take one look at me and have to excuse himself to the bathroom. And Alice knew that.

"Damnit Alice, I hate that I can't ever keep anything secret from you" I moaned.

"Bella, do you really think I care what you and my brother do in private? You guys have been married for 2 years, everyone assumes you've had sex at least a few times, there's no need to be embarrassed." She joked. I laughed nervously, even though I still was not comfortable that Alice knew the thoughts about her brother that ran through my mind daily.

"Now, I don't really own anything that screams "Sex me senseless", Jasper and I are kinda through the honeymoon period by now, I guess thats bound to happen when you've been married over 100 years. No, I don't have something, but I bet you Rosalie does!" She squealed. Before I even had the chance to protest that Rose would not be comfortable wearing something of hers, she grabbed my wrist and dragged me into Rosalie and Emmett's room.

"Rosalie, Bella needs an outfit to wear for tonight. Something Edward would like, so preferably something blue that shows of her chest." Alice demanded the second we walked into the room. Rosalie glared at me, I mine as well have turned around right that second, I knew there was no way she would help me out.

"Bella?" She questioned as she looked over at me

"Rosalie, really this was all Alice's idea, I just realized last minute that I don't have anything special for the party tonight, and Alice swears that nothing she owns is worthy enough to be worn by me tonight" I explained. Rosalie continued to stare at me, and I could not for the life of me understand what she was thinking. Our relationship was complicated at best. Depending on her mood, Rose either loved having me around as a sister in law, or remembered just how truly jealous she was of me and completely ignored me. I was praying today was a good day for her.

"Well Bella, because I am in a good mood, and I still hope for an off chance that you will be able to get pregnant, I think I should be able to help you out" She stated with a smile. I sighed a deep breath of relief and followed her and Alice to the large walk in closet. At first glance, I saw it, I saw the dress that I knew could get a response out of him.

"That one" I said pointing to the darkest blue dress hanging. Rosalie picked it up of the pole and brought it down. It was even more beautiful when she held it up.

The dress was simple, but just what I needed. It was a dark blue near sapphire color haltered dress with a stretchy material to it. I quickly threw it on and fell in love. The dress clung to all the right parts of my body. My butt was larger that it usually was and it clung to my hips and curves. A good push up bra would thrust my chest upward, completing the outfit.

I looked up to ask for my sister in laws opinions, and found them both with shocked expressions on their faces.

"Good God Bella, you are HOTT!" Alice stated.

"Sweetie, if this dress doesn't get him on you tonight, I don't know what else will" Rosalie added. She was right too, I couldn't see anything else making him want me more unless I came to the party naked, and that certainly was not an option.

"Well, it wouldn't hurt for me to do your make up, it will only make him want you more!" Alice begged, hoping I would cave and let her do my make up. I did, only because I knew she was right.

By 7 o'clock that evening, I was all set to go. I had the beautiful blue dress on, complete with black strappy high heels, my make up had been finished, and Alice even curled my hair. As much as I hated to admit it, I had actually had fun and enjoyed the day. I looked down at my watch and realized I was right on time, the party would just be getting started, not that I had to factor in any sort of driving, considering Edward and I were living together---still with his parents. Though I certainly was not complaining. I loved living with the Cullen's and wouldn't have it any other way.

As I left our bedroom and made my way to the stairs, I suddenly felt nervous. There were butterflies in my stomach and I could feel myself blushing. It was like I was 17 all over again. I took a deep breath and walked out anyway, leaving my nerves behind.

I stood at the top of the stairs and watched him as he mingled with the guests. I smiled lightly as all the older women of our community swooned over him and congratulated him on his achievement. It wasn't long before his eyes met my gaze, and when they did, my goodness I thought he would have a heart attack.

I made me way down the stairs and walked slowly towards him finding his strong arms to wrap myself around.

"Congratulations Mr. Cullen" I whispered into his ear as my hands rested on his waist.

"Bella, I swear you are going to be the death of me" He reminded me. I smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Maybe, if you're really good tonight, and play nicely with the humans, then just maybe, you can have a touch" I told him seductively, I could tell it was working as I felt his groin stiffen against my leg. Just to tease him that much more, I walked off to go socialize with the guests of the evening. I looked back to see his lust filled eyes yearning for me. He would just have to wait.


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