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Chapter 10: Supernatural(Sam/OC, Dean/OC)

"Which one of you is Dean?"

Sam and Dean both turned to see two young women staring at the two of them. One of them was dressed in a white button-down, French cuffed shirt, a black corset, dark blue denim jeans, black motorcycle boots, and a black motorcycle jacket with red stripes on the shoulders; the other was wearing work clothes that consisted of the same shirt as the first woman, but it was red, a black pencil skirt and red stiletto pumps. The one with the motorcycle jacket was a bit shorter than her companion, with vibrant hazel brown eyes that was underneath shoulder-length, layered dark brown hair with red highlights to match the stripe on her jacket. Her companion had aurburn hair that came to a little below her shoulders and had green eyes that would rival Dean's own.

Before Sam and Dean could reply, the aurburn went over to Dean and slapped him across his face.

"Owww…what the fuck was that for?" Dean asked as he rubbed his cheek.

"You! You ignorant, pigheaded, red necked moron! Calling up Zoe and hitting on her! The nerve of you, Dean Winchester…" the aurburn brunette said angrily at Dean.

Sam and the shorter woman were astonished and confused as to what really was going on between the two. Taking the momentary distraction, the shorter woman asked if she could share the side of the booth with him.

"Err, sure…erm, I'll scoot over then," Sam said.

"If I had known that you would turn on your womanizing charms on the Chrisanti kid, I would have beaten your sorry ass down so far that your very bones would burn by the core of the Earth," the aurburn said, her temper just rising gradually.

"What the fuck did I do? All I did was talk to her about what Dad said about her work in New York," Dean replied back, his temper trying to match with hers.

"Do you have any idea what's going on?" Sam asked.

"Your guess is as good as mine. Though, I'm kind of concerned as to how Stephanie knows of the Chrisanti family," the brunette replied back, wanting some answers pretty soon.

"Well, sorry if I happen to offend you in any way, PRINCESS—"

"Don't even go there, mister. I have known guys to be ones that seek out two things in women: a good fuck and someone to order around," the aurburn interrupted as she got into the booth on Dean's side.

This kept on for another two minutes before a lithe-looking waitress walked over to the group.

"What can I get for you folks?" the waitress asked, worried that the arguing might turn ugly at any moment.

"Yes, I'll have a number 12, medium well…and a Bud Light, if you have any," Sam said to the waitress, not wanting to be there because of his stupid older brother arguing with a complete stranger.

"Make that two, ma'am," Dean added before getting right back to the arguing.

"A number 3, medium and a Coors Light, please," the aurburn ordered, not once looking at the waitress at all.

When the waitress got to the point of panicking, Sam's seating companion got her attention. The waitress turned her attention to the red-streaked brunette, who smiled apologetically to her as she placed her order.

"I'll have the number 8, with a side order of fries, and a Smirnoff Ice…actually, could you make that two Smirnoff Ice, along with three glasses of water."

"Anything else?" the waitress asked, a little nervous about the party's little 'distraction' by the aurburn and Dean.

"Nothing else for now, Grace. I am so sorry for my friends' behavior…they can get so caught up that they forget their manners so easily," the brunette said as she kicked the two arguing couple from under the table.

Both winced at the sudden pain, but that got them to stop arguing at least. Once Grace was out of the way, the brunette's friend turned her attention to her, who didn't look like she had any part of the interruption. Dean, on the other hand, beat her to asking about the sudden impulse.

"Hey…what the hell are you kicking us for?" Dean asked as he rubbed his shin.

"You two argue like a married couple would. For fifteen minutes, can't we just sit down and eat in a peaceful matter?" the brunette asked in a cold, deadpan voice to Dean.

The aurburn brunette knew better than to provoke her friend, so she just nodded her head. Dean didn't respond right away.

"Don't think that I'm letting you off the hook, Steph. As pigheaded as you two are, I'm surprised that you two haven't gone and had make-up sex or whatever comes to mind right now…for Pete's sake, will you knock it off with staring daggers at me, Butch?" the brunette said as she turned her glance over at Dean, who had been glaring at her. "If you two want to continue your little cat fight, by all means, do it outside or when we aren't around," she added as she pinched her nose and closed her eyes.

There was an impeccable silence that followed for a few moments before Dean cleared his throat.

"Well…at least someone has an appetite for food and alcohol…am I right?"

Opening one hazel eye to glance at the older Winchester brother before sighing and opening the other eye, the brunette just looked at Dean.

"Trust me: when you've had a hard day at work AND not sleeping well on top of that, you'll tell me that you don't develop a mean streak for food and something to drink off the thirst," she said, pulling out a pack of smokes and pound at the pack before drawing a cigarette with her teeth.

"Zoe…" Steph said under her breath; only Zoe caught the words.

"What? Mac knows that I smoke in here when I come by…" Zoe said as she pulled out a Zippo from her jacket pocket and lit the Zippo.

"Not while we're in company," Steph said as she snatched the cancer stick from Zoe's lips and put it in her suit pocket.






"I am not!"

"Sure…that's what you say. But, that changes when you see a guy that's good-looking AND has a six-pack, Steph," Zoe said as she pulled out another cigarette and lit that one.

Dean and Sam just watch in silent amusement as the two women fought like the Winchester brothers would to each other.

"Put that out," Steph warned Zoe.

"Or what? You'll call my guardian and tell him that I'm smoking again? He already knows…he was the one that bought me this pack in the first place," Zoe said as she blew a smoke ring easily.

Before long, the waitress was coming back with the food and drinks.

"Here you are…will that be all?" Grace asked, feeling a little better from before.

"That's all for now, thanks Grace," Zoe said as she smiled at the waitress again.

"You're welcome, sweetie. Oh, Mac said that you have to put out your cigarette," Grace said as she walked away from the group.

Zoe sighed as she put out her cigarette in a way that she could relight it again at a later time. She reached for her first bottle of the clear Russian vodka and took a good gulp of it before she started on her chicken tenders and fries.

Everyone else just shrugged their shoulders as they too started to eat their food and enjoy their beers.

"So…you two are the Winchester brothers, am I right?" Zoe asked after a while.

"That's right. The dumb one that's sitting next to you, sweetheart, is my younger brother, Sam," Dean replied, not noticing Steph's eyes flash dangerously at Dean's flirting with Zoe, or Sam glaring at him for the name-calling.

Zoe glanced at Sam from the corner of her eye and murmured a 'Hi' at him. Sam did the same.

"And, that, Mr. Winchester, is Zoe Chrisanti," Steph said as she took a gulp of her Coors Light.

Both Dean and Sam did a double take at Zoe. Zoe didn't know of this till she was looking up from popping a fry into her mouth.

"What?" she asked as her eyebrows knitted into a frown.

"You're Zoe Chrisanti?" Sam asked. "THE Zoe Chrisanti that's a whiz at hacking into computer databases and whatnot while hunting demons?"

"Yeah...what about it?" Zoe replied as she gulped down a mouthful of her Smirnoff.

"And, the same one that's a legend in credit-card scams?" Dean asked, a little surprised to be in front of a legend. "But, you're young..."

"Hate to break it to you, Deano, but being 22 isn't exactly young..."

"You sound a bit different than you did on the phone yesterday, I'll have to admit…" Dean added as he took a bite of his cheeseburger.

"I spoke to you on the phone yesterday? And, may I ask what time did you decide to grace me with your voice over the phone?"

"If I had to pick a time frame…12:30 seems fair enough, don't you think, Sammy?" Dean said as he looked over at Sam, who nodded his head at the time of the call made.

"'Cause…if memory serves me right, wasn't I on my lunch break at that time, Steph? I mean, that's when you were answering my phone…" Zoe said as she thought about it.

Dean's face turned pale as the realization of what Steph was talking about and why she had slapped his face came at him like a brick wall. Almost immediately, he began to apologize to Steph, who would not have it at all.

"Oh, c'mon, Lorelei baby…I swear, if I had known that you were here, I would have called you myself days ago…" Dean said, not feigning a hint of sarcasm in his tone or in his face.

"Lorelei…?" Zoe asked, a little confused by the new name thrown into the mix. "Don't you mean Stephanie?"

That was when Sam and Dean felt the silent awkwardness that usually follows someone finding out something they were not meant to have found out. However, Lorelei felt like she was the one getting hit by a brick wall when Zoe spoke up.

"Ummm..." Dean said, breaking the awkward silence.

"You know, if you're going to lie to me, at least have the nerve to let me know before I did my research, Lora. Besides, it's not easy to just keep calling you by your alias name..." Zoe said before she went back to eating her meal. "Though…I have to say, you didn't tell me that Dean was a womanizing butch," Zoe added just as Grace came back to the group with the check.

Sam shook his head to clear off the dizziness that he felt as he shakily rose to his feet. He risked a glance around to find Dean doing the same thing that he was doing and Lorelei was swaying a bit from being tossed around like a ragdoll. The only one that wasn't there with them was Zoe...speaking of Zoe...

A lone scream rang in the air as Sam was quick to follow the origin of the scream. He ignored the cries of his older brother to wait as he ran, not caring if he was walking into a trap. Once he got to where he thought he heard the scream, his heart just stopped. Lying in the pool of blood, with her head facing away from the door, was Zoe. Falling to his knees, Sam scrambled to feel a pulse on the non-breathing body. His hands shook from the mere shock as he tried to locate one. He didn't want to believe that Zoe was, it couldn't be. It had been just an hour ago that Zoe was just laughing with Lorelei and the boys as they were on their way to their latest hunt. There was no way--

Dean and Lorelei stopped at the doorframe to see Sam on his knees, cradling a lifeless Zoe. Both of them stepped into the room, not sure of what to say to Sam. They watched as he cradled Zoe's head to his chest and his body shook from the tearless sobs that racked Sam's entire body.

'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome

And I don't feel right when you're gone away

After a few minutes of the silent sobbing, Sam placed Zoe's head back down and got to his feet. Just as he was about to join Dean and Lorelei, his heart stopped again for the second time in an hour: standing at the doorframe with a gun aimed at him was Zoe...who looked as though she was beaten up to a bloody pulp. The young Chrisanti merely mouthed out 'Move' before she pulled the trigger. Sam moved to duck just as the imposter Zoe was about to bite into Sam's neck. The bullet hit the imposter straight between its eyes before the imposter fell to the ground dead. Dean and Lorelei both turned to see Zoe, who limped into the room as she put her .45mm Desert Eagle away.

"We thought that you--and you--please explain, for this is VERY confusing to me," Dean said as he tried to figure out what had just happened.

"Well...if you're confused as fuck, I have NO say to it, since I was the one that was being dragged by my arm, which is now displaced," Zoe said as she limped; her left arm was clearly hanging lifelessly. "And then I had to sprain my ankle again in order to kick the other demon that was dragging me into a steel pipe that was hanging out from the yeah, that's what happened."

Without so much as a warning to Zoe, Sam just took Zoe into his arms and hugged her; he was just glad that she wasn't dead on the floor like he had saw when he came into the room. Zoe just rested her head on Sam's chest, sighing in relief.

Sam woke up to find himself alone in the bed that he and Zoe were sharing the next morning. He looked around and didn't spot the young Chrisanti anywhere. He then came across a note that was right where Zoe's head would have been. He lifted the white paper and read the words left on there.

If you're reading this, I'm probably already gone. Don't come after me, Sam. I'm sorry for lying to you and Dean about what I'm about to tell you. I have the blood of a vampire demon in me and I can't risk having you, your brother, or Lorelei to get anymore hurt than what happened last night. Last night, those demons would have killed me and you guys if I hadn't done so already. I'm so sorry Sam...I never meant to hurt you in any way that would leave you aching. I already saw that when I first met you that you had suffered a lot as is. Please Sam...don't find me. Even if you tried, you won't be able to.

I love you, Sam...the time we spent together will always stay my mind. I hope that you do get to avenge your father's death.


And from that day forward, Sam never forgot Zoe's words to move on...

'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonesome

And I don't feel right when you're gone away

You've gone away

You don't feel me here anymore

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