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Kathy Stabler had seen her husband in all sorts of weird situation with his partner, but this had to be one of the strangest. He and Olivia were at their desks, staring each other down. Each had two cups of coffee and two cups of water in front of them, and all of the cops around them were arguing with each other about something. Kathy paused in the hall, frowning. Elliot hadn't sounded upset when he'd called, asking for beignets. In fact, he'd been laughing and yelling at Munch about something. What had happened in the past thirty minutes that was making El and Liv stare at each other like that?

As she stood frozen in the hall, silently wondering, a voice next to her said, "Don't worry. Nothin's wrong."

"Hi Fin. What's going on?"

"This delivery of yours is the culmination of a week long debate. They're going to settle who's the bigger eater."

"So I just spent fifteen dollars on his favorite breakfast, just so the two of them can see who throws up first?"

"That's the idea of it." He followed her into the squad room, taking the clear take-out containers full of food.

"Elliot Stabler, I don't want to hear any complaining when you're sick…." Kathy told him. "How are you, Liv?"

"Just fine. About to shut Elliot up," Olivia said, smiling at her.

"Does Alex know about this little stunt? Should I expect a phone call tonight, asking me why I didn't try to stop you both?"

"Nah, she doesn't know. But you should be safe anyway. Alex knows that El and I usually bring agony upon ourselves."

Kathy laughed and gave her husband a hug before exiting.

After she'd left, Elliot smiled evilly at his partner. "Ready for the beat down?" he asked.

"Dream on, Stabler."

"Last bets!" Munch yelled. The arguing group of cops and detectives rushed over. Nothing had been settled, and there was a lot of trash talking as Munch explained the rules. "Okay, now you guys have a minute and a half. You each have your own cartons of beignets, so no stealing. The rest of you," he addressed the spectators, "no making them laugh." He looked down at his watch. "Ready? Go!"

The two detectives got to work on the doughnut-like snacks. Elliot was shoving as many as he could into his mouth, and then taking a sip of water or coffee. He kept gagging and having to chug for a moment.

Liv was using this time to catch up. She was taking her time, dunking the beignets into her coffee and chewing them properly. While her partner was rushing ahead for a moment or two, she would catch up when he started choking.

"Stop! Time's up," Munch said. He pulled both boxes to him and counted the remaining items. "Elliot ate twelve…and Liv ate sixteen!" He smirked at Fin. "Pay up," he held his hand out.

"Damn it, El," Fin grumbled, fishing a ten out of his wallet.

"Uhhhhg," Elliot moaned.

He stood up and waddled over to the bathroom. Olivia just smiled as she leaned back in her chair. Cragen chose that minute to walk in. He saw his group of star detectives and quirked an eyebrow.

"Anyone feel like explaining why Benson's face is covered in powdered sugar?"

"Beignet eating contest," Munch said, "Elliot's around here puking somewhere."

"Liv won," Fin said.

"Saw that coming," the Captain mumbled, shaking his head.