The Gryffindor Legacy

A man with golden robes and a white beard walked down the hall, stopping at a large wooden door encrusted with emerald jewels. This man was, unmistakably, a wizard. The pointy hat was a dead giveaway. He knocked twice and waited as he heard footsteps approaching. The silver handle turned and another wizard appeared in the doorway.

"Godric," Salazar Slytherin smiled, "To what do I owe this late pleasure?"

"I've had an idea, old friend," Gryffindor said, walking into Slytherin's apartment "I wanted to hear your thoughts on it."

"Well, I'm honored," Slytherin chuckled, "And this idea of yours?"

"You know we are all growing older," Gryffindor started, setting his hat to the side of him on the couch, "And all of us have outlined specific qualities that we value in our students. We cannot, of course, trust this sorting to the headmasters that will come after us. They will not choose the way we would."

"Of course," Slytherin agreed, "Am I correct in thinking that you have devised a solution to this conundrum?"

"You are correct," Gryffindor smiled, "You, my clever friend, will be familiar with conservation magic—"

"The theory behind the pensive, of course."

"Yes, well, that theory can be applied to other objects. If all of us were to store our…house preferences, in the fabric of the hat, it could be animated and used to sort the students."

"An interesting proposition, friend," Slytherin thought aloud, stoking his beard, "One that will, I believe, work well."

"I thought you would like it," Gryffindor chuckled, "I think I shall wait until morning to tell the ladies."

"Fearful of the curses they would undoubtedly throw your way if you were to wake them?" Slytherin grinned.

"Had to share it with at least one person before I went to sleep," Gryffindor laughed. Picking up his hat, he began to make his way to the door, "And yes, I don't think they would appreciate a visit as much as you did."

"Good night friend," Slytherin said, closing the door after him.


"I've sectioned off the hat," Gryffindor told the other three founders, pointing to the silver lines that quartered the hat "Simply extract the memories of your preferences for your house's students and touch your wand to one of the sections of hat. Make sure to touch the fabric."

Rowena Ravenclaw went first, touching her wand to her temple, extracting a blue strand of something that was something between gas and liquid. She touched the hat, and the memory etched itself on the fabric, with the word "Intelligence" under it. Slytherin went next, the words "Pureblood" and "Ambition" sketched on the hat. The others frowned, but did not say anything. Helga Hufflepuff followed, emblazoning "Loyalty" into the hat. Gryffindor was last in taking his wand, which had been resting on his sword, and putting his memory in; the word "Bravery" glowing on the hat momentarily, before it faded with the other memories.

"We'll try this upcoming year," he said, putting the Sorting Hat on a shelf and selected another one to wear.

"Well! That's settled then," Slytherin smiled and offered his arm to Hufflepuff, "Shall we adjourn for lunch?"

The two walked out of the room, but Ravenclaw held Gryffindor back.

"I saw that," she said.

"Saw what?" he asked innocently.

"You connected the sword with the hat. Any particular reason?"

"In case it is ever lost," the older man began, "a true Gryffindor will be able to recover it. Provided, of course, that they have the Hat."

"Clever," Ravenclaw smiled, "But I noticed you began the connection right after Salazar put his…thoughts, I guess they are, into the hat."

"Just in case one of his ambitious purebloods uses said ambition in a way he didn't intend. I've seen enough of his students to know that once he is gone, the things he prizes could get out of control, in the hands and minds of the wrong people."

"Wars won't be fought with swords forever, Godric," Ravenclaw said gently, as they made their way out of the hall."

"Maybe not," Gryffindor smiled, "But they will always be won with them."