The Hufflepuff Legacy

Cedric clapped Harry on the back and walked away. It was unfair, but he couldn't figure out who it was more unfair to- him or Potter. As he walked up to the entrance to his common room, he decided on Potter. He wasn't sure he agreed with Melodramatic Moody; it was probably just an older Slytherin playing a joke. As the painting swung open, Cedric was met with a blast of noise so ferocious that he stumbled backward a little. His friends grabbed him by the arms and pulled him in. Tired though he was, he couldn't bring himself to extinguish the happiness that ran through the circular room.

"Way to go Ced!"

"Don't worry about Potter, Ced. You'll beat him!"

"Yeah! Beat him once already mate!"

And on it went until around two in the morning when, finally, people started drifting off to bed. As people left the room, a strange feeling came over Cedric. He wanted to see the wall. He had the story memorized, of course; all Hufflepuffs did, but he still wanted to look at it. Getting up, he walked across the common room and started down the tunnel that led to the first and second year boys' dorms. In between the circular door to the first years' room and the second year's room, a large gold cased painting hung. It had been said that this particular painting had been left by Hufflepuff herself, to encourage the students that made it into her house. Well, he wanted encouragement now…He tapped it twice with his wand, and the story began scrolling in between the pictures:

Mother Badger walked peacefully down the road one morning. As she was walking, she came across her friend, Father Lion, who was going through his exercises.

"Father Lion!" said she, "Good morning! And what are you doing today?"

"There's a wolf down in the valley, terrorizing the sheep! I'm going to go put a stop to it."

"Well, you certainly are brave! But wouldn't it be better to let the shepherd handle it? That is his job, after all."

"Don't be silly Mother Badger!" laughed the Lion, "I can take care of it."

"Good luck then, Father Lion!"

Mother Badger continued on her way, watching Father Lion run down to the valley. After another few minutes, she spied a raven in the air. The bird was flying around her nest in circles with string in her beak.

"Hello Sister Raven!" Mother Badger called, "What are you doing today?"

"I am making my nest stronger."

"Would you like my help?"

"Of course not! I need to figure this out on my own!"

Mother Badger nodded and smiled and continued down the path. It didn't take long before she found one more friend.

"Hello Brother Serpent!" she said cheerfully, "What are you doing today?"

"I'm making a trap, so I'll know when someone is coming into my domain," he hissed softly.

"Won't that hurt someone?" she asked him, alarmed.

"Yes, but I'll know that they're there. Now go; I've work to do."

Mother Badger shook her head and kept walking home. When she got there, she shook her head, thinking about her friends and wondering what exactly she would do with her day…

"What's it mean?" Cedric heard from one side of him. It was Kevin Whitby, a first year.

"It shows the good and bad of each house. Father Lion is Gryffindor. He's brave, and stands up for the weak; but he's arrogant as well. He won't let anyone else save the day. Ravenclaw is smart, and she knows it. She doesn't think anyone else is smart enough to help her. Slytherin hardworking and ambitious; but he doesn't care about the feelings of others. These are all exaggerations, of course; in most cases, at least…" Cedric smiled at the eleven year old.

"What about us?" Kevin asked.

"We're loyal, and helpful; but we give in too easily. We let people push us around sometimes. We're easy to cast aside like that."

"But you're going to change that, right Cedric?" Kevin grinned, "They won't be able to ignore us when you win!"

Cedric laughed and patted the boy on the back.

"Night Kevin," he chuckled, turning to walk out of the tunnel and wondering if his young friend was right…