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Chapter Six: Taken in the Daylight

Dante sighed softly as he stretched out on the couch in the main office area. He finally allowed himself to relax, the weight of the younger devil hunter dying when he could save him disappearing now that he knew Nero was alright. He stretched again, like a cat, before closing his eyes and leaning his head back on the arm of the leather couch. The experienced devil slayer closed his eyes and was about to fall asleep when he heard a door open upstairs. He listened closely in case it was the wounded young hunter looking for him but didn't hear anything, not even footsteps.

When Dante was about to open his eyes to see if one of the incubus broke into the Devil May Cry, he felt something crawl on top of him and nuzzle his chest. He did not recall owning a cat, especially one almost as big as a tiger. Still he did not open his eyes as he wondered why the hell Nero would come down stairs to- Dante had to stop himself from jumping in surprise as he felt the young man on top of him slowly lick the column of his throat, letting out an almost demonic purr. That's not good…

The elder pretended to be asleep, hoping that the younger man would get bored and leave him alone but Nero only continued. The younger hunter licked down Dante's bare chest, growling like he was a demon in heat. The older devil slayer was starting to get worried about him, hoping that it was not anything the incubi had done to the kid. Despite his attempts to get the other bored of him, his body was starting to react to the younger part demon's touches. His devil side was also whispering in the back of his head to take what the boy was offering him. The older hunter almost lost it when Nero slid his body down and nuzzled the growing bulge straining against his leather pants.

"Kid, wake up." Dante said as he opened his eyes and sat up, thinking that the poison in the other's system was messing up his hormones. The younger man wrapped his arms around his neck and licked at his lips, his eyes seeming to glow neon blue in color. His breath was coming in short gasps as he silently pleaded for the older hunter's touch. Dante's breath caught in his throat at the purely fuckable expression on Nero's face, control crumbling slowly as the young hunter rubbed his body against his. "Come on, Nero. Stop before I fuck you through the couch." He whispered into the begging slayer's ear as he was lying him down on the leather piece of furniture.

"Shut up, old man." Nero muttered softly before moaning submissively under the other. No matter what he did he could not get back to sleep with the elder's scent all around him and in his attempts to block it out of his mind, he only succeeded in arousing himself to the point of wanting to climb down the stairs and rape the older man. Unfortunately, he could not stop himself from going down to the main office area and doing just that. The fact that the elder devil slayer did not resist heavily against his need only made him groan in anticipation.

Dante felt somewhat relieved when he heard the kid's usual cocky voice by his ear. He was still confused as to why the younger hunter was trying to seduce him, and succeeding, when he had almost been fucked to shreds by the incubi. The elder was not complaining though, this was a pleasurable surprise but he was worried that if they continued, he would hurt Nero the way the sex hungry demons had.

"Take me before I kick your ass for doing this to me, moron." The man under him threatened as a glare burned through the older slayer's head. Dante almost wanted to laugh at the comment but choked on the chuckle as the young part demon grabbed the bulge under his tightening leather pants with his devil bringer. The heat radiating off the demonic flesh sunk through his pants and tore a moan out of his throat as the other man started rubbing his cloth covered erection.

Again, his half demon side told him to give the younger slayer what he was clearly desperate for and this time Dante had to agree to what it was trying to reason. He grabbed Nero's hand and pulled it away from his groin, diving down and brushing his lips against the younger man's. Deepening it slightly, he heard a smothered blissful moan escape the other's soft lips as he opened his mouth willingly. The more experienced half devil took the chance and slipped his tongue into his new lover's mouth, getting his first taste of the kid.

They both moaned as they savored each others movements and unique taste within their kiss, but Nero was growing anxious and angry as he realized that the older demon hunter was taking it slow in order for him to have a chance to back out. He growled and pushed the hunter on top of him off, sitting up. Dante stood up from the couch and looked at him in confusion for a moment before opening his mouth to say something. Nothing was able to come out as Nero lunged at him, tackling him to the wooden floor and kissing him deeper than before. He grabbed the elder's wrists and pinned them together above his head, making sure the older man couldn't escape.

The older devil slayer's breath caught in his throat at how determined the younger hunter was to make him take him. He still did not want to take advantage of Nero if the way he was acting was a effect of the poison. Dante would not hurt the young man even if the other and his demon side wanted to. But damn, it was getting hard to even think of resisting the sexy younger devil hunter as the kid started grinding his bare ass against his clothed arousal.

"Nero…" He groaned as the other slayer pulled away from his lips and smirked sexily from his place straddling the older hunter's hips. Tired of taking it slow, the younger man quickly unzipped Dante's shirt and licked at his chest before moving lower to the zipper of the elder's pants.

The man under him groaned softly at the desperation of his new found lover, moaning loudly when Nero's hand pulled his erection from the confines of it's prison. His head slammed back into the wooden flooring as the younger slayer started stroking him roughly as if he wanted him to cum right then and there. He struggled in the hold of the other's devil bringer, managing to get a hand free to grab the young hunter's wrist before he came.

"If you keep doing that, I'll be too tired to finish you." Dante whispered huskily as he took control, pushing Nero off of him and onto the floor. He kissed along the younger's neck and licked teasingly across the pulse of the other slayer's neck.

"I'd make you finish me." Nero panted, his eyes glazed over with lust as he moaned. The older man felt control crumble as the other continued his moans of pleasure. He ran his hands along the young devil hunter's body, memorizing every curve of the part demon's body incase Nero chose this to be a one night stand. The more Dante felt his body around the bandages, the more he hoped that it was not all a trick of the incubi's poison. The kid was all silk skin stretched over raw muscle. Even the younger hunter's ass was toned to the older man's view of perfection. His erection became almost painfully hard as he slowly grinded into the slender hips of the young slayer, imagining how the man's ass would feel around his cock and almost losing it. He need the other now and was glad that Nero need him as well.

"Kid, I can't hold on much longer." He said as he panted heavily, pulling away from licking the younger demon slayer's nipples and receiving an arousing response of needy yells of his name with hands tangling into his silver hair. Nero spread his bandaged legs open and wrapped them around the elder's waist, panting as he looked up at the more experienced devil hunter with a pleading seductive face.

"Then fuck me." The breathless response with the most arousing face the older man had seen in a while made him want to slam into the younger man's body but he held off on the instinct.

"I should prepare you-"

"Fuck that. After what the incubi did to me, I wouldn't be surprised if I could take your sword." Nero joked but the jest seemed to fly over the devil hunter's head as he looked worriedly down at the other. Dante pulled away slightly, wanting to suggest that they wait until the younger man was healed before they did any of this and go to his room to finish himself off. Before he could get the chance to, Nero grabbed his unclasped shirt and yanked him back. "If you dare leave now, I will go to that warehouse and bring back one of those demons to fuck you to hell and back." The younger devil slayer pulled him into another kiss, pulling the older man closer to him with his legs.

Giving in with a little guilt, Dante pushed into Nero's entrance slowly. The hunter under him moaned and ran the claws of his devil bringer across the older half devil's upper left arm. The elder felt control disappear at the overwhelming sounds of pleasure coming from the other's lips, unable to stop himself from slamming all the way into the young man's ass. A scream broke through Nero's lips as he bucked his hips onto the cock buried inside him.

"Fuck! More…" He said in almost a plea, lost in the pleasure of Dante's erection pressing against his prostate. The older man lifted one of his legs and put it onto his shoulder before pulling almost all the way out before thrusting back inside roughly. The tightness of the young part demon's ass surprised the elder as he slammed into the heated entrance, feeling like he was going to fall over the edge already. Blood dripped from his arm as Nero's claws sunk into the flesh there in ecstasy. "Harder…F-faster…"

Dante grabbed his new lover's hips and complied to the other's wishes, going so hard that blood started to slick the tight entrance. Each thrust forced a pleased gasp or sound from the younger devil slayer's lips, heightening in volume as the older man started fucking him deeper. Dante had to push away his devil side as it threatened to trigger on him and tear the kid to shreds in the best sex the elder had ever had.

Nero screamed Dante's name as he came heavily onto his chest, struggling to keep consciousness as his mind was flooded with pleasure he never knew was possible to feel. The elder half demon did not stop thrusting into him, lost in the irresistible euphoria of thrusting into the young hunter's delicious body. Nero felt his arousal slowly come back to life as the other came inside him but did not allow himself to slow his pace.

The more experienced devil hunter did not care if Lady or Trish walked into Devil May Cry and saw them together, he would still fuck his younger lover's brains out in front of them. He moaned at the thought of them being caught rutting like animals and let himself thrust a little harder into the body beneath him. Nero grabbed his arousal and started stroking himself as fast as the other man was slamming into him. He felt his release approach quickly even though he had just come.

"Dante! F-fuck!" The younger devil slayer came hard again, his release going as far as to hit his lower jaw. Dante watched him and thrust into him a few more times, licking off the young man's jaw before pulling away to yell out Nero's name as he came inside again. The two devil hunter's collapsed, completely exhausted. Dante wrapped his arms around the other man, burying his face into his soft silver locks and breathing in the scent of white cherries mixed with sex. He pulled away only to kiss the young slayer softly, feeling a bit guilty for making him bleed more.

"Sorry. I got a little carried away." He said as he pulled himself from the younger's lips and out of his body. Nero curled up to the devil hunter, hiding his face in the other's neck. "I didn't mean to make you blee-" Dante jumped as he felt the younger slayer's teeth sink into his pulse, drawing a fair amount of blood before letting go.

"There. Now we're even, old man, so stop apologizing." Nero said, pissed that the elder thought he had to apologize for every small scratch he gave him. Dante looked over him, his eyes starting to fog over again.

"Kid, you almost started another round of me tearing up your ass." He said, trying to stop himself from finding everything about the part demon a complete turn on. Nero smirked suggestively.

"Aw, only almost?" The younger man said, rubbing his body against the elder's. Dante smirked back as he slammed back into Nero. Man, I love this brat…


The End for now

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