LbN: Luna Cooks? Yes indeed!

"Ummm, what smells good?" Harry asked, hugging Luna.

"I cooked spaghetti!" she said proudly.

"You cooked???" Harry asked, panicked slightly. Luna had been known to throw in ingredients that would:

Prevent Dragonpox

Ward off Flesh Eating Wackspurtles

Give good luck

All of which tasted bad…

"Don't worry," she smiled, catching his expression, "Regular noodles and sauce; nothing extra."

Harry let out a relieved breath. They were, after all, having people over. It wouldn't do to make Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Tonks sick.

"Except for the Spanish artichokes. They kept Addeneti Demons away."


"Just kidding," Luna grinned.

"Don't do that to me, Luna!" Harry said, shaking his head. "When are the friends getting here?"

"Well, Tonks and Ginny will be here in about 45 minutes. Ron and Hermione will be a little late."

"How come?" Harry asked, stealing an olive off the salad.

"According to Hermione, Ron was playing with one of the twins' new inventions and…er…'has some interesting colors in some interesting places' was how she put it."

"Did she elaborate?" Harry grinned at his wife.

"It's some kind of painting set; don't ask me how it works. Well, he'd just gotten out of the shower and decided to mess with it. At least, that's Hermione's story."

Harry laughed, though disturbing images of the other ways Ron could've gotten colorful flashed across his mind. "I'll get the table set up, shall I?"

A little while later, there was a knock on the door. Harry opened it to find two witches, one with neon green hair, smiling at him.

"Wotcher, Harry!" Tonks said as she and Ginny entered the flat. "Did you hear Ron's got a purple dick?"

Harry spit out the butterbeer he'd been drinking, laughing. Luckily, most of it went onto the Ficus. "Whoa! Luna didn't tell me that."

"That's why I don't quite believe Hermione's shower story," Luna said, smirking. She tossed a dish towel to Harry so he could clean up his mess.

"Tonks, be good," Ginny said, trying not to laugh. "We went by there to pick them up. You know Hermione hates Apparating here since it's so populated. Anyway, he didn't know we were there and…er…well, he was looking for some kind of skin cleanser. Cursing Fred and George's existence, of course. They got a pretty forceful letter about making the paint washable."

"What's this thing supposed to do?" Harry asked as the three of them sat down in the living room.

"You're supposed to be able to tap it with your wand and it'll paint different designs on you. You know, for kids' parties and stuff."

"Could that be them now?" Harry asked, getting up to answer the door. Sure enough, it was a very red Ron and a very amused Hermione. "Normal colors now, mate?"

"Piss off, Harry." When Hermione went to hug Tonks and Ginny, Ron pulled Harry closer. "That's the last time I let her get kinky with me before we have to be somewhere."

"You really should know better than to try anything kinky with the twins' inventions."


"Oi, Ron, do you still look like Lockhart's robes down there?" Tonks teased.

"As I told Harry, piss off," Ron said, smiling anyway.

"Dinner's ready everyone!" Luna said, coming to stand in the doorway. She beckoned them to follow and turned to walk to the dining room.

The others threw panicked looks at Harry. Tonks mouthed, "She cooked?"

Harry grinned and mouthed, "It's okay," and followed his wife to the table.