Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or any of the beloved characters in Stephanie Meyer's books (which includes my beloved Jasper *cries*)

Also this is my first fanfic so be very nice cause im sensitive….

Now with that said and over with its time to be on with the story!:


I laid there on my bed starring at the ceiling, unmoving, my breathing shallow, thinking about nothing. It has been two long agonizing months without him, a little more than 10 weeks since he left me in the edge of the forest running after him; crying in the rain for him.

At first I was in pain, extreme pain that can not even be put into words. I wanted for the pain to go away so badly and by the end of the first month I got my wish. I no longer felt pain, but nothing, I felt absolutely nothing, I was numb. Nothing with the exception of the hole in my chest that he carved in me after he left and every time I thought about him or heard his name the hole ripped open little by little.

Charlie didn't bother to comfort me anymore seeing that his efforts were wasted. As did my friends, they stopped calling, everybody gave up on me even my own father. I couldn't blame them though without Edward *flinch* I was nothing, no one can help me now…

Or so I thought, little did I know (at the time) that maybe it wasn't a someone that could help but a thing…..a little pill marked with an X.

Sorry its so short its because its only the prologue so please KEEP READING!