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Dear My Chicken Ass Haired Boyfriend,

Why?Why the hell would you this to me?

Am I not making you happy?Is there somebody else?I'm asking these questions because I don't believe you about going to Orochimau.

But,if it's true,why can't you forget about Itachi.

I know he killed your family but don't you get it,Sasuke?

He is keeping you away from can make the new generation of the Uchiha Clan when we get older.

Plus,when you love someone you would want to make them that to 're not;you're hurting me right now.

What's wrong with Kakashi Sensai?He taught you the can make you more stronger.

Orochimaru is a killed the 3rd Hokage,almost killed Lady Tsunade,was apart of the Akatsuki,and most importantly, he almost killed you with that curse mark on your neck.

Please come back to me.

I promise I will do anything for you if you come back.

You were my first love and I want you to be my 't make me seddle for Naruto.

And I will become stronger,no matter what.

No more will I be known as a more will I be a follower and depend on my teamates to save me from danger.

That is not the way of the ninja.

I will hut you down,hurt you,and drag back to Konoha if I have to.

Until then,good bye,Sasuke.