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Prompt: Friends

Word Count: 150


It was the beginning of the first week of kindergarten in Albuquerque Elementary, and four-year-old Ryan Evans was situated at the crayon table in Mrs. Shriver's room. He listened disinterestedly as Sharpay bragged about life in Rhode Island to some girls and a group of boys his age bounced a ball around. Sighing, he reached for an orange crayon to finish coloring his picture, but came into contact with… another hand?

"Hi!" he chirped. Mommy had always said the best way to meet new people was to be nice.

The girl blushed and squeaked a "hello" back. Ryan grinned and thought with childish naïveté that they were going to be friends—his very first one besides Sharpay—and would be for ever and ever, even when they were Mommy and Daddy's age.

But he was in kindergarten, and he didn't know then that friends weren't always for ever and ever.